Wanting to add some wonderful extension-style functionality to your Opera Browser? Now you can with a little bit of user script magic.

Note: When looking at user scripts, check to make certain that they are compatible with Opera.

Set Up the User Scripts Folder

For this tutorial we are using Opera 10.00.1750 running on Windows Vista (32-bit). The best place to start is with the new home for your user scripts. Using your favorite file manager app, access the Opera Browser Folder in Program Files as shown below.

You will need to add a new folder with a name that best suits your needs. Here we have named ours User Scripts…

Once you have finished creating the new folder, add your new user scripts to the folder as shown below. For reference purposes you may choose to rename the files to make it easy to identify which one is which later (user script files have a numeric designation when you download them).

Note: If you choose to rename the user scripts, it is recommended to leave the “.user” part of the name intact.

Set Up Access to Your New User Scripts

Now that you have your user scripts in their new home, it is time to modify Opera’s settings so that your browser can access them. Go to the “Tools Menu” and click on “Preferences…”.

Once you click on “Preferences…”, it will open up this window. Open the “Advanced Tab” and select “Content” on the left side. Once you have the “Content Section” displayed click on “JavaScript options…”.

Clicking on “JavaScript options…” opens this window. At the bottom you will need to click on “Choose…” and browse for the new folder that you created for your user scripts.

Once you have located and selected your user scripts folder, the “Target Path” will be displayed as shown below. Click “OK” to finish and close the window.

Once you have closed the JavaScript Options Window, you will be returned to the Preferences Window. To completely finish things up click on “OK”.

Now your browser is ready to go and you can start having fun with all of that extra functionality!


User scripts provide a wonderful way to add those special little tweaks and functions into Opera or any other browser. Have fun!


Get User Scripts at Userscripts.org

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