During a busy business day, sometimes it seems impossible to keep up with emails coming in. Today we take a look at a utility from Office Labs which let’s you pause incoming mail and easily sort them by priority.

When experiencing a hectic day at work, nothing is more annoying than receiving tons of email while you’re trying to get things done. Email Prioritizer is a handy plug in that will let you put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your inbox by pausing new incoming messages.  It also lets you prioritize email through a 0-3 star rating system that you can customize. It requires Outlook 2007 running on an Exchange Server so is perfect for use at the office and not intended for home users.

Using Email Prioritizer

It will first install Visual Studio 2005 Tool for Office.

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Then to continue you will have to agree to participate in Office Labs Metrics and Auto Update.

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However, if you’re concerned about privacy, after it’s installed you can uncheck it in Options after installed.

To activate the Do Not Disturb feature just click on the button, you can select different times to leave it running from 10 minutes to 4 hours.  It will stop incoming mail for that time so you can concentrate on other work and not be distracted.  Messages that are flagged as Important will still be delivered however.

It allows you to sort through your email based on different priorities.

To set up new priorities click on Options and Edit priority rules.

Here you can customize priority rules for incoming mail.

Keep in mind that this is a prototype still in development and you will probably want to talk with your IT staff before installing. If you are tired of dealing with needless emails while trying to get real work done, the Email Prioritizer plug in might be exactly what you need.

Download Email Prioritizer