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Troubleshoot and Manage Addons in Internet Explorer 8

A good way to get more functionality out of Internet Explorer is to install Add-ons.  Today we take a look at how to manage them and also determine if they are causing Internet Explorer 8 to launch slowly. 

Managing Add-ons

To start managing your IE Add-ons click on Tools and go to Manage Add-ons.


The Manage Add-on screen opens and from here you can do several things like view the Add-ons installed, their status, version, load time and more.


Narrow down the information about different Add-ons based on their type.


There the ability to search for more information about each Add-on.


To make navigation easier they can be easily sorted according do different criteria.


On the lower left side of the Manage Add-ons window click on the link which takes you to the IE 8 Add-ons Gallery.


Troubleshoot Slow Load Times

If Internet Explorer 8 starts to load more slowly than normal this is a good place to determine why. You can view how much time is taking to load under the Load time column.


If you find one is taking more than an appropriate amount of time to load you can disable it. 


Sometimes other Add-on features won’t work if it one is disabled and you and can cancel the operation if you want.


Disabling an Add-on is only temporary and you can easily re-enable one by going back into the list and Right-click Enable.


If you haven’t upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 yet, it is included with Windows 7 and this should help you out in managing its Add-ons feature.

Find IE 8 Add-ons

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  • Published 09/8/09

Comments (8)

  1. Phil

    What if I want to completely uninstall browser add-ins? Can I only disable them, or is there a way to completely remove them? I hate to think they just keep collecting in there, taking up valuable space.

  2. David

    In IE 7 there is an option to uninstall an Add-on but I can’t seem to find such an option in IE 8, Do you know if there is a way to uninstall an Add-on in IE 8?

  3. Mysticgeek


    Disabling an Add-on is only temporary and you can easily re-enable one by going back into the list and Right-click Enable.

  4. FrustratedUser

    how do i stop ie8 ad on manager window from opening every time I open the IE8 browser. Its driving me nuts!

  5. potenz

    I have recent clean install XP SP3 and initially had no problems with IE8 + updates. I now have identical problem but as yet, no solution.

  6. MS

    boy is this add-on manager a piece of $3%@3
    Not only does Microsoft make using a computer confusing it makes it down right annoying.
    Can’t imagine telling anyone to use IE8 on XP.
    Maybe that’s the idea..

  7. LorRae Crubaugh

    Thank you! I don’t know how to do stuff like this. I couldn’t have figured it out on my own!

  8. Jo Ann Sexton

    I had already reset IE8. The addons should help. I hate Bing. It drives me crazy. Now I can disable it. Thanks for the pics to walk me through.

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