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Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Kills Viruses Dead. Download It Now.


Microsoft’s Security Essentials has been our favorite anti-malware application for a while—it’s free, unobtrusive, and it doesn’t slow your PC down, but now it’s even better with the new 2.0 release, which adds network filtering, heuristic protection, and more.

Just to be clear and direct with you: we absolutely recommend Microsoft Security Essentials as your anti-malware / anti-virus utility over any other option—and how can you argue? It’s totally free!

New Features in 2.0

Here’s all of the new features in the latest release, which make it even more of a must-download:

  • Network Traffic Inspection integrates into the network system and monitors the traffic at a low level without slowing down your PC, so it can actually detect threats before they get to your PC.  
  • Internet Explorer Integration blocks malicious scripts before IE even starts running them—clearly a big security advantage. 
  • Heuristic Scanning Engine finds malware that hasn’t been previously detected by scanning for certain types of attacks. This provides even more protection than just through virus definitions.  

These new features make MSE on par with other anti-malware applications, especially the heuristic scanning, which has been the only complaint that anybody could make against MSE in the past—but now it has it.

Disabling the New Features (Though You Shouldn’t)

If you head into Settings –> Real-time protection, you can remove “Enable behavior monitoring” to disable the heuristic scanning, or uncheck “Enable Network Inspection System” to remove the network traffic filtering.


Limiting CPU Usage

We can’t remember if this is a new feature or not, but you can head into Settings –> Scheduled Scan to reduce the CPU usage during the weekly scan—normally the weekly scan only starts when you’re not using the PC, but if you sit back down on the PC while the scheduled scan is going, performance will be less impacted with lower CPU usage.


Again, you should download this new version. It’s excellent. Note: you should make sure you only have a single anti-virus utility installed at a time.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0

Manual Download for Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0

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  • Published 12/18/10

Comments (76)

  1. Kodess

    thats great,
    now why the frak does it keep telling me that my version is the latest one…
    1.0.2 is not 2.0…

  2. Rexor

    Great computer security. I’m using it now.

  3. Rexor

    @Kodess: Same with mine.

  4. catester

    I like MSE because it is far less resource intensive than just about anything else out there. Do these added features worsen performance? And, do I have to uninstall version 1.whatever before installing the new version?

  5. HCamper

    Before 2.0 series the CPU leveling did not exist.
    I have been a beta tester for MSE and this was top of most requested features
    to have and test.
    The network inspection was added in 2.0 Beta and now is in release.
    The “NIS” feature is a good way to block nasties before getting to step 2.
    Just for information:
    From my use of network inspection in Beta it is good to have when surfing.
    Was a real pain if your trying to build or run code against a local server.
    You can create a batch script to turn the features Off and On.
    I would run script to turn off “NIS” when developing
    I would run script to turn “NIS” on when surfing.
    When you switch between modes it really works
    best by restarting firewall to enable the “NIS” rules.
    Cheers :)
    Microsoft does work for Users aka Customers.
    OMG look at how much a “Geniune Windows” user has to pay for full protection!!
    Martin :)
    Windows and Linux can Work Together

  6. thenonhacker

    Just updated!

    That “Limit CPU Usage” feature <– I can already see other AV's imitating this feature!!!

  7. HCamper

    @Kodess and @Rexor
    There are three different rules
    for updating Microsoft Security Essentials and one basic solution.
    1.) The update was pushed to Windows Update Servers just this Tuesday which means
    an offer is made to machines from Windows Update on a cycled basis to not take down
    WSUS servers.
    2.) If your settings for Windows Update do have use WSUS for related software you will be last
    on list to be offered update and it will be offered only once.
    3.) If your system is part of a domain WSUS update plan ie. Campus,Labs and Business
    check with Admin for Schedule of updates. Admins for WSUS on Domain test all updates before
    passing them on.
    To solve the problem on your own just go to Microsoft Download Center pick the correct install
    package it will prompt to upgrade and your done.
    Hope this helps,
    Martin :-)
    Windows and Linux can Work Together.

  8. HCamper

    One Caution about the current installers all the names are mseinstall.msi with
    no difference in name for types X86,X64,WIN32.
    So if your downloading manually to install
    for several machines be sure to select on install and add additional information
    ie. select Vista X86 from dialog download to mseinstall-Vista-X86.msi,
    Vista-X64 to mseinstall-Vista-X64.msi or mseinstall-XP-X86.msi.
    Cheers :)
    Windows and Linux can Work Together

  9. kenten

    To be honest, avast free antivirus can do way better, and low impact on system performance too.

  10. InDiSent

    Just upgraded…kinda looks a little like forefront.

  11. Ja

    I use others because of faster update speeds and besides, I also hate the fact that when I once tried to install this it kept hijacking windows update. I like to keep it at inform me but it goes to download automatically without any notification.

  12. asdf-chan

    best thing is you can deactivate spynet.

  13. pthubbard

    Did anyone notice that MS states that only IE Explorer and Firefox are supported? What about Chrome and Opera and …? I’m using Avast and have never had an infection since I began using it 5 years ago.

  14. Doc

    “You are already using the latest version of Microsoft Security Essentials.”
    If MSE can’t figure out that 1.0.2498.0 is less than 2.x, why am I trusting it with my data?

  15. Paulo Vitor

    Older versions of MSE (1.x) runs very slowly in my Intel Core I5 pc with 3gb of ram…. maybe 2:30hrs to complete a 160GB scan…. Norton 360 takes only 20min to do the same task, but’s too expensive…
    But I’m downloading the new version of MSE, hoping that it runs normally (and Fastly) in my Pc…
    Anyway, as all others HTG articles, it’s a very fine review.
    Thanks a lot, Geek!
    Keep with your good work!

    Paulo Vitor.

  16. Ardvaark65

    How much better than Malewarebytes?

  17. Tony

    At the end of the article you say use only one antivirus at a time…I knew this, but is security essentials an antivirus program or is it antimalware? I’m in a lrge corporation that uses enterprise Trend Micro, which is not killing some viruses, nor is it catching them. So if I run MSSE, will it conflict with Trend?

  18. Colin Ponder

    I use F-1 Secure (Charter Security Suite). Do I need to completely uninstall F-1, before downloading MSE 2.0?

  19. Yoshiyah

    What makes MSE 2.0 so great is that it is free for Genuine users and it is low on resources. You can also limit the CPU usage on scans as well from 10% – 90%

  20. Nour

    To be honest too, like another user here has said!

    Avast! kills Microsoft Security Essentials and is low impact on performance and i love the look and feel of it..

    So sticking with Avast, can’t wait till 6 comes out :)

  21. avast

    Avast is better at system resources and have more protection options

  22. AvPme

    It is very a pity but it works very bad with threats. It even cannot be compared to free versions Avast and AVG :-(

  23. The Geek

    I’ve updated the post with the link to the manual downloader for 2.0.

  24. Linda

    Never again. I lost a computer using this freebie.
    I got a root kit and it was all over.

  25. .

    I’m not very good at these things so don’t laugh :P

    I assume this is better than avg free?
    Also, does this work as a firewall too? and spyware?

    Good review


  26. Kevalin

    The fact that this version of Security Essentials turns on Automatic Updates whether I like it or not is a deal killer for me. I’ve had more than one MS “fix” render programs I really need useless, with no solution but to either remove the program or delete the update and give myself the option of picking and choosing the ones that work after discovering if they’re buggy or not. I’ve chosen the latter, and don’t appreciate Microsoft assuming that I’m too stupid (yet again) to make that choice. I’ll stick with ESET, thanks.

  27. Gruff

    I’ve three basic questions regarding MSE. I’d appreciate any information anyone may have to offer.

    Regarding Geek’s notation that MSE’s Internet Explorer Integration blocks malicious scripts before IE even starts running them, does it also work to do that with Firefox?

    I’m using XP Pro & SP3. Is MSE recommended over Comodo for a security suite?

    Does MSE offer sandbox functions?


  28. John

    So, the above article says, “Internet Explorer Integration blocks malicious scripts before IE even starts running them…” I never use IE. Does MSE do the same for Firefox, Chrome, & others? The new features seem desirable over the AVG free I’ve been using, (I especially like the idea of adjusting CPU usage) but Microsoft has a nasty habit of tweaking one product in such a way that it forces you to use another of their products. I really don’t like being manipulated — is MSE a good, straightforward product, free of that sort of stuff?

  29. Anomaly

    I guess I am one of the few who doesn’t like MSE. I installed it a few months ago on one of my computers to try it out.

    Nice UI, very clean and simple, but I immediately noticed a slow down in launching programs and moving files around. MSE was pounding the CPU when ever I did this.

    After a few weeks use MSE stopped updating for no reason. The updates would fail if I tired them manually and the auto updates didn’t work at all any more. I changed nothing on my system to cause this and the updates worked fine when I first installed MSE. I tired uninstalling and reinstalling MSE but that didn’t fix the problem. Going to the MSE help forum was a waste of time. Their standard answer is to remove ALL anti malware programs from your machine. They couldn’t explain why this was necessary or why MSE worked just fine when I first installed it and than suddenly stopped updating even though I had Superantispyware and Malwarebytes installed right from the beginning.

    End result was I uninstalled MSE and went back to Avira with no issues since.

  30. Harris

    i’ve been running the beta 2 version for a long time without any issues and installed the final version without a problem. i’ve been running pc tools threat fire along with MSE and i wondering whether the heuristic scanning feature in the latest version of MSE would allow me to eliminate threat fire….any thoughts? as to the slow scanning, i console myself by thinking it’s doing a very thorough job!!! what i would like to see is for microsoft to separate the the daily definition updates from the windows update. as i have my windows update set to inform me but not download and install the updates, every day i get the popup telling me i have updates available. every other antivirus, malware program just updates itself automatically. it must be just as irritating for people who aren’t using MSE to get this update notice.

    thanks for the great site….harris

  31. Stew

    MSE is great! All the haters are doing something else wrong or have weakling PCs.

  32. Greg0

    Running Gateway w/ w-7 home; i3 cpu – I am using Norton Semantic free from my ISP. I would like some info please 1. should I switch? 2. or will they tolerate each other? 3. Is it true MSSE will not integrate with Chrome?

    Thank you.

  33. PCNetTech

    Quote: “These new features make MSE on par with other anti-malware applications, especially the heuristic scanning, which has been the only complaint that anybody could make against MSE in the past—but now it has it.”

    It has not been the only complaint, have you considered that most viruses and ransom-ware can kill the antivirus’s processes? How about some tamper protection? It works when heuristics and signatures don’t.

  34. Ushindi

    I’m another Avast happy camper, and really don’t see a need to change. It would be great if How-To Geek would post a critique on WHY MS Essentials is better than Avast – list the point to point differences, instead of just saying MS E is better.

  35. Jon
  36. Anomaly

    @Stew, I don’t have a “weakling” PC and did nothing wrong. Go take a look at the MSE help forum. There are a crap load of people with update issues. There is clearly a problem there.

  37. John McFarlane

    When I attempt to “Download Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0” I get this error message!

    Not available in your country or region

  38. phertiker

    Weakling PC’s? Like these single-core netbooks that everyone and their grandmother owns?

    Right. MSE brought mine to to a crawl every 10 minutes or so doing, well, something. Who knows what. I wasn’t opening a zip file, or browsing a particularly file-filled folder at the time. Oh, and MY netbook has 2GB of RAM and an SSD so it’s probably better than the average grandmother’s.

    Avast doesn’t cause CPU usage to rise dramatically even when running actually doing things so now I run that everywhere. It’s called “Your mileage may vary”, so knock off the “People who don’t like this are idiots” crap.

  39. Drew

    A Tale of Two Laptops

    As a test, I installed this on two laptops, replacing Avast!, which I really had no complaints about. But I am always looking for superior solutions to recommend to my clients.

    Problem #1: Installed on a modern, fast Windows 7 laptop. Automatic updates on Security Essentials cannot be disabled, and, just like all other auto-updating AV programs, just as soon as the machine is started, Security Essentials is right there, trying to download updates, without regard for the fact you may actually want to USE your machine as soon as it boots. well it doesn’t usually cause problems when you’re at home or the office and have a good Internet connection – but it really sucks when you are at a busy WiFi cafe and you’re 1 of 20 users trying to get your share of a 3 Mb/sec DSL connection, which is how life is in tech backwaters like Seattle (note: sarcasm). In that circumstance you really don’t need your AV program sucking down your modem-like bandwidth for 5 minutes before you can read your email. This generates a FAIL in my book. Back to Avast! which allows the user to manually update at the time of their choosing.

    Problem #2: On an older XP SP3 laptop with 1.6 GHz single core processor, Security Essentials pegs the CPU usage periodically, for about 1 minute out of 3, when the machine is doing absolutely nothing. I watched it sit there for two hours and do this, rebooting made no difference. Trying to browse the Internet? Forget it when that CPU is pegged. Oh and look at that 4 hour battery life shrink to 2 hours! Back to Avast! which does no such thing. Now the CPU idles at 1% usage ad infinitum.

    Problem #3: Security Essentials appeared to use ~200MB more RAM on both of these machines, which is of no consequence on the newer one with 4GB of RAM, but painful on the older machine with 768MB.

    Summary: I will continue to recommend Avast! to my clients. It causes no problems and generates no call-backs.

  40. Drew

    BTW I forgot to mention, if you are on a metered 3G wireless plan (through Verizon, for example) you really don’t need ANY program that will not allow you to disable auto-updates!

  41. HCamper

    Look at my post about how
    The updating is done for MSE and rules
    apply for other offers via Windows Update.
    For Issues with machine access and slow downs you may
    want to adjust the MSE settings ie. provide an exception to various
    folders. You may like “The Geeks” earlier post how to tune MSE and antivirus
    about providing exceptions to standard trusted system folders.
    The most important folder to provide exception is at C:\Windows\Software Distribution.
    You find after trimming you and MSE can get along a lot better.
    Martin :-)
    Windows and Linux can Work Together

  42. HCamper

    @John McFarlane
    The link provided in this article if for US version.
    Use this link and look at very Top of page look for the “Region”
    if your using a different Language just select change you will
    be redirected to parallel link for your language.
    OMG Microsoft Supports a World of Windows!
    Martin :)

  43. HCamper

    The article is great!!
    The people who have had or are having install problemes
    Should check out two resources:
    The first via the “The Windows Club” is a MSFIXT SOLUTION you can (google or bing)
    “The Windows Club” for the “Description Fix it: Microsoft Security Essentials will not uninstall”.
    They have a link to an installer to fix problem.
    The second is information from Microsoft Support” KB2435760 which can be found (goodle or bing)
    on the KB article it describes the “Geeky” registry details and resolutuions.
    I hope this helps,
    Martin :)
    Windows and Linux can Work Together

  44. Ko0lHaNDLuKe

    I like the “Disable CPU” feature. Anyone know if Kaspersky has it?

  45. Ko0lHaNDLuKe

    Lol, wait, not disable CPU, LIMIT it during a scan. That was silly of me…

  46. Camilo Martin

    It has Microsoft on the name, so no, MS Windows MS Office and MS Visual Studio are the only I’m taking.

  47. HCamper

    The power of MSE lies in three core features.
    The MSE has a service that is hard for a “Virus”,”Ransom Ware”,”Malware” to defeat.
    A service is much hard to take down an attack will defeated on ( next session or reboot ) service
    is back to protect user and system!
    The second feature is the MSE is part of new “NIS” network inspection ( remember Blaster)
    this would have stopped Blaster cold.

    The third feature is the “Real Time” monitoring of process and updating “Live”
    for new patterns or threats.
    Alot of negative responses to calling home
    are unfounded if you are a true “Geek”
    launch “Wireshark” and look the data is small and
    contains nothing about you or your system.
    For the “Windows Update” problems you
    can dumb “Windows Update” down to work
    your way and just download the updated defs and manual install.

    The secret to using MSE is read “How-To Geeks” guides and try things out.

    I update an old “Windows XP” system via a “Task” and “Script” and
    have “Windows Update” running manual.
    The updates work and the scans use only 25 megs out a 512 meg system at 533 mhz. This is a wimpy box and it it certified “EOL”. I really like the new “NIS” feature it lowered the temp on box by 3 degrees during a scan.

    I guess the real answer is do not complain be a “Geek” and Fix the problem.
    Your Clients,Users will prefer to hear that you can do and not just complain!
    Martin :)
    Windows and Linux Can Work Together

    just fine.

  48. Kae

    “MSE is great! All the haters are doing something else wrong or have weakling PCs.” -Stew

    Glad you like it. Most of us who have issues with MSE stated our reasons fairly concisely. MSE’s need to force me to use Automatic Updates, and it’s tendency to substantially slow down my computer at the oddest and most inconvenient times, makes it unsuitable for my purposes. That’s not a judgment or an implied insult of those for whom the program works; it’s a fact. So it’d be really nice if you would outgrow the juvenile “you must be stupid if you don’t agree with me”-attitude. It’s so much more becoming to simply state what your experience is and not assume that anyone who disagrees with you must be lying.

    My “weakling PC,” by-the-by, is a Gateway P-7805u-FX, using a standard 2.27GHz Intel Core Duo P8400 CPU and 4 gigs of ram, dual-booted with Windows 7, both x64 and x86.

  49. James

    hey.. i have been using MSE 2.x for a long time now from Microsoft Connect as beta tester. Well it works like a charm, performance edge than competition, gives you the preference (dosen’t unnecessary auto delete files like Norton), features and options are to say basic and removing virus when and if found takes a little while and even for high risks it doesn’t do automatically. Well if you want a FREE solution and it the best out there and even for me from the early start of Win 7 (beta) and after release i have been using MSE. Worked all well until i was infected with the TDSS rootkit and had to download a tool from kaspesky to remove it. That was a bummer. right now im testing numerous IS solutions, tried out NIS but well even safe files and joke files (medium risks) it has no option to auto delete and recovering is like a many windows story. NIS is great in performance and detection but gives quite some False positives. NIS is more like a advanced automated tool will not recommend it to geeks at all. Then now trying out KIS well it solid, loads of features and options to customize, for the smart ones :D well love it. Application protection, sandboxing… many awesome features But it occasionally goes awry and takes 100% CPU yes 100% … then had to EXIT it regain avp.exe from slowing my PC to a crawl and making my notebook a room heater :P but fixed that with Smart scaning to Scan on access and modficiation. Works fine now. Will run it till end of trail if I like it i might buy it and ditch MSE … hope this helped

  50. Carol

    My only complaint about MSE is that I can’t schedule when it downloads and installs updates. It seems to always start when I’m in the middle of something important and slows everything down almost to a standstill. Sometimes I can cancel the update but sometimes it doesn’t give me that option. Very frustrating, but I have been running the previous version for over a year without anything the least bit threating getting past it.
    Conclusion: Microsoft is good at protecting their crappy products, which makes me think they could be doing a lot better with everything else if they really wanted to.
    I have a question about the update. My computer isn’t part of any network so should I disable the network monitoring? Thanks guys! I’m not a geek so I appreciate every tidbit of information I can get from those of you that are.

  51. Ed Brand

    Like your site but agree with others that this article lacks depth. Why is it true that” you should download this new version. It’s excellent?” Comparisons to other free virus scanners would round this article out. As a computer shop owner for many years I have tried them all, paid & free. Use to recommend AVG Free until the recent lousy update to 2011 broke computers. Been using Avast for a year & now recommend it to all. In my opinion it is a great free virus program. I’d explain why in comparison but I’m sure you could do a better job:~ )

  52. rino

    there’s a wealth of information here regarding MSE and other av solutions. i would like to add mine.

    in my experience, on relatively new PCs/laptops, MSE or avast! or avira does not make a great performance impact. whether on newly installed OS or not. windows XP or windows 7.

    however, i would caution everyone against using trendmicro because the product suffers from zero day attack and only (would you believe it?) avira helped us recover.

  53. Bacher

    If u r using the Norton free provided by your ISP then u should continue with it because Norton does heuristic scans and does live scans using its server database and now Norton is under Symantec and Symantec has taked over the Verisign which provides Certificates to websites. But incase if Norton is slowing down your pc then u can uninstall it by going to which is an online Norton Removal Tool and then you can try the latest version of the MSE.

  54. fred

    I was using avast after the end of my license of smart security, and avast was not very usefull and not very convenient.

    after have read that post, i have installed mse and it’s one of the best AV I have used (maybe better than smart security). It’s also the only one that have detected all the files of the eicar test file.

    sorry for my english.

  55. bcman

    What AV product can I use on a Windows Server 2008 R2 x64?

  56. Chef_

    You forgot to mention one very, very huge upgrade.

    This will run on SEVERS! Yeah, you read that right!

    At least it does on my 2008 R2 x64.

  57. asdf-chan

    With a Linux server you wouldn’t need an anti virus software, just sayin’

  58. Mark L

    Good review of MSE but you say it is better, better than all? i dont think so, there are no comparisons as to why its better. I am an avast user for many years and have never had a virus, I also have installed it on many of my friends computers and they have not had a virus either. It will take a lot of convincing to make me install a microsoft security product, i mean look at all the holes in IE they constantly plug…….firefox or crome any day.

  59. Meena

    only one thing annoying me about it.It takes too long to download update.i don’t have this trouble with ESET
    but its’ still a trusted one

  60. Santo

    I have tried MSE but I moved back to Avast.

  61. JimRod

    Take note Sophos. Your AV is the biggest resource hog I have come across.

  62. Chuck

    I’m currently running MSE on my XP gaming desktop, alienware m11x 7 home premium lappy, and my girlfriends vista hp lappy. I found one difference in this 2.0 version that should be noted – The network inspection system monitoring is only available on windows 7 and vista from what I can tell. It was not added to the 32 bit version for windows XP.

  63. catester

    @Carol – By “Network Traffic Inspection” they mean the internet. So if you are connected to the outside world, you have network traffic. Unless you have some reason to disable the monitoring (poor performance, etc.) then you should leave it enabled. (If you are running XP, never mind, because this feature is not available to XP users.)

    Take a look at the Settings tab in MSE, and select “Scheduled Scan” from the left side. You can adjust the time of the scans, whether MSE checks for updates first, and in the new version, you can limit the amount of CPU usage for MSE. You can also go to Windows Updates and change the settings there if you find the current ones inconvenient.

    I was an early adopter of MSE 1.0, have installed it on my computers, and recommend it to my customers with genuine Windows. I installed version 2 on a 64-bit Vista machine with 6GB RAM, and have noticed no drop in performance or inconvenient updating behavior. (I haven’t installed it yet on any less powerful machines.)

    One more thing I liked about it was that it recognized the old version and uninstalled it on its own after notifying me it was going to. That will make it easier for my tech-challenged friends and family to manage.

    Microsoft *has* gotten better at protecting their products, and I think that this version will turn out to be an improvement over version 1 which was itself a VAST (no pun intended) improvement over the horrible mistake that was Microsoft OneCare.

    This product, like others from Microsoft, is made to take advantage of features in the newer operating systems and the concurrent availability of powerful processors and plentiful RAM required to run those systems. It will probably do its best work on those newer, more powerful systems. On the older, less muscular computers, you will probably have to tweak the settings to balance performance against safety. Luckily, MSE will let you do that.

  64. Chuck

    Yesterday I had a virus get right past MSE on my XP box, disable MSE, and install itself with no detection. I can’t recommend this over everything else. Good ole Malware-Bytes got rid of it.

  65. Nohaybanda

    I tried MSE for day in win7 x64 and i had HUGE bugs (the machine was getting out of hand like it never did before) was it related ? i don’t know, but now i’m back to avast and my computer works fine

  66. 1fastbullet

    “These new features make MSE on par with other anti-malware applications”.
    Not better, mind you- just on par with. So, I’d like to know how you can “absolutely recommend” something that is no better than Comodo and Avast, which are, by the way, also “totally free”.
    I’ll take a pass and continue to recommend those that I’ve mentioned.

  67. lechat

    I have been using using MSE for a short time, and I have found a workaround to updating that I prefer over automatic updates. I created a scheduled task with this run command:
    “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\Antimalware\MpCmdRun.exe” -SignatureUpdate -MMPC
    Depending on the way the machine is used, this can be run either at system startup or at intervals if the machine is normally always on.

  68. Rob

    I used 1.0 on a friends computer. When I went hack to check it a month later. The AV was turned off, and it was infected with over 1500 bits of Malware. I think that fake AV did that, but I can it be sure. Between Hitman pro, Malware bytes, and Super Anti spyware, I fixed pretty much all of it.

    I saw a test of the 2.0 product on the WWW, and it did not go bad, but it was not all that great either. Seems like it has a little more work to do till its main stream.

  69. fendy

    how to update MSE ?

    i cant update..anybody can help me..

  70. Ridgeback

    This is rubbish!! I use MSEVista and have been trying to upgrade to version 2.0.657 for weeks now. MSE prompts the upgrade regularly but cannot install them! All I get is Error x80070643 and there seems to be no fix for it. Even the MSE Support forum has no idea.

    Anyone here know how to fix this?

  71. Vorlock

    MSE is fantastic. My computer was running slow with avast. Even on my quad core! so i switched and never regretted it. After installing, it found 2 viruses and my computer sped up even more.

  72. oh yeah?

    I had MSE on my wife’s pc and one of the newer trojans got on it and I had to do a complete recovery then I purchased McAfee for it. So here’s the quandry – what about bitdefender, webroot, fortres and all the other av solutions? Has Microsoft developed the world’s most advanced malware engine and anitivirus absolutely free, leaving the rest of the norton, mcafee, and other users kicking themselves for not trusting MSE? Well, I guess Netscape was the first to find out what happens when you try to mess with Microsoft.

    I can go one further – why don’t Microsoft pay US for using their products for one year? Then I’ll never complain again.

  73. Ade

    To all the people moaning about update speed/scanning speed/cover it is absurd to expect an sv application to be able to cover all the bases when dealing with complete incompetents.

    Update speed: Initially slow but fast after the first update.

    Scanning Speed: Depends on how poorly you are looking after you pc.. Very poorly judging on many of these comments.

    Cover: If people are picking up such an enormous quantity of Malware, Virus’ etc maybe they ought to take a step back and address their browsing habits eg. Stop hitting porn/pirate sites every day without having some sort of computer savvy beforehand if you really to do this. We all know that nearly all virus’ come from spurious sources!!

    This is actually a good av, like many others are. It’s the individuals that are the problem in both the sense of the c*nts making the malware and the idiots being infected by them.

  74. zahra


  75. nike ctr360 maestri

    All great choices. The beautiful thing about the drum circle I witnessed at El Retiro: Dudes in classy business attire gyrate like mad right next to the hippie-dreadlock guys.

  76. ace

    I have just removed Avast and installed the latest Microsoft Security Essentials. I’m sure it is not yet where it should be and probably behind some other products out there BUT I like the way Microsoft develops its products and the fact that is it listening to customers these days (SpyNet, et al). The future looks good, that’s why I’m here. I’m sure the fact that it is a year old and has a lot of ground to make up means that we’ll be seeing a lot of innovations soon but, not to worry, it is their OS, they know how to protect it best

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