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Delicious is Shutting Down. Here’s How to Migrate to Diigo Instead

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Today we’ve learned that Yahoo is shutting down Delicious, a fairly popular online service that let you organize your bookmarks, so if you want to get your bookmarks out and migrate to another service, here’s how to do it.

You can use the export tool to easily get a copy of your bookmarks, and then use that file to import into any number of places, including your regular browser bookmarks. We’ve done some research and found Diigo, a very similar tool to Delicious, which you can use instead.

Export Your Delicious Bookmarks to HTML

While Delicious shutting down is bad news, the good news is that it’s mercifully easy to export all of your data into a format that can imported into many different services. To export your data, log into Delicious, and click on the Settings link at the top-right.

On the Settings page, click on the link to Export / Backup Bookmarks.


Check whether you wish to include tags and notes, and optionally provide additional tags to add to your exported bookmarks. It may be useful to add a “Delicious” tag, if you want to remember where these bookmarks came from. Click Export when you’re done.


Your bookmarks will be exported as an HTML file that can be read in any web browser.


Additionally, your tags and other metadata are available in the same HTML file as additional properties on those links.


Import Bookmarks into Diigo

While there are several other online bookmark management options, we think that Diigo offers a feature set closest to Delicious. You can easily import your Delicious bookmarks into Diigo. Naturally, you’ll need to head to their site and sign up for an account in order to use it.

Once logged into Diigo, click on Tools at the top-right of the page. Select the Import Bookmarks link.


Diigo recognizes the additional information in the HTML file exported by Delicious. Click on the Delicious link in the import page.


Upload the file that you exported from Delicious earlier, and click Import Now.


Your bookmarks will be added to your Diigo library, tags and all!


That’s all there is to it. Really simple!

Trevor is our resident Linux geek, but always keeps his eyes open for neat Windows tricks too.

  • Published 12/16/10

Comments (30)

  1. Darv

    Only problem is that right now, Diigo is being kinda slow to import / process bookmarks.

    Probably a big flood of delicious users en masse…

  2. kelly

    sorry to hear about delicious, but i migrated to diigo about 2 years ago, due to better features. sorry delicious!

  3. Sprant Flere Imsaho

    Great article thanks!!

    i was wondering how do you separate the private delicious links from public ones during the import process? or do you have to do it manually later on? does diigo respect the private delicious bookmarks?

  4. Ray Ebersole

    Yep, even my small group of bookmarks is taking quite a while to import. We will see how it goes, but it is nice to have alternatives.

  5. The Geek

    I’m guessing that Diigo’s system is overloading right about now, due to the influx of Delicious users migrating.

  6. Heather

    I’m really really thankful to have alternatives but diigo is importing incredibly slowly. I understand that there are a million people trying to do the same So hopefully it will be done sometime this next week? Heh.

  7. Trevor Bekolay

    @ Sprant Flere Imsaho

    When Delicious export bookmarks, it does note which ones are private, but I’m not sure if Diigo respects this. It does have the ability to mark bookmarks private, so hopefully it does.

  8. Joel from diigo

    @ Sprant Flere Imsaho @Trevor We improved th import process. Now your bookmark privacy in delicious will be kept the same in diigo.

  9. Trevor Bekolay

    @ Joel

    That’s great to hear!

  10. Tom Weaver

    I’ve migrated across too, last night. Still waiting for bookmark import to finish. Am surprised this takes more than a few microseconds, technically, but I suppose if there are many more people migrating it makes sense.

  11. Pietro Polsinelli

    You could also try Licorize, which indeed imports from Delicious:

  12. Petter

    Thx guys – this was very helpful! :)

    Delicious, may you rest in peace. I blame your Yahoo-overlords.

  13. Ann

    It’s been over 12 hours since I tried to import my Delicious to Diigo, and still nothing. I have close to 1,500 bookmarks.

  14. M.

    Thank you SO MUCH for this. Because of the way FF randomly crashes, I’ve been using delicious forever in order to preserve my stuff, and I was ready to freak out, lol. Thanks!

  15. Brian Lang

    Been waiting over 12 hours now for my bookmarks to import into Diigo. Very frustrating…

  16. BSKIM

    Thank you. I just did every steps you mention. I will miss Delicious.. :(

  17. Chirag

    Thanks for the news…

  18. Maggie

    Thanks very much for sharing this helpful tip on such a timely basis.

    As you can imagine, we’re processing huge number of transfer requests. We have just published a new update on “Transition from delicious to Diigo – FAQ” Due to the overwhelming demand on delicious API, we have temporarily removed the API import method and recommend the file transfer method. We’re working on making the transfer process even smoother and faster. So, stay tuned!

    Welcome to the Diigo community!

    The Diigo Team

  19. MrCrabs

    if you want to switch on Google Bookmarks make:

    – Install “GBookmarks” Addon for firefox (portable also works)
    – import your delicious faves to firefox
    – Go to GBookmarks Options and import them

    There is also a Bookmarklet for Google Bookmarks:

    I am using it now on Chrome. HF.

  20. MrCrabs

    oh and .. its also possible with google toolbar on Firefox. It dont work for me on IE 8.

  21. Matt

    Has anyone tried Pinboard ( I hear it’s another really good alternative to Delicious but they charge a one-time fee of $8.36 to get started. I’ll wait for my bookmarks to import to Diigo first and see how that goes before I consider a pay service.

  22. Bob Easton

    Waiting for Diigo to complete an import….

    Does anyone know if Diigo supports/uses the keyword:xxx shortcut convention that started long ago with FF and Delicious? I have a bunch of those that I would like to continue using.

  23. LuminaryPizza

    According to the Delicious log entry the site isn’t closing down but rather is going to a new ‘home’. Diigo must be happy with the press….

  24. Roi


  25. The Geek

    Yes, it appears that Yahoo changed their mind after getting so much bad press. Now they are trying to claim it was never going to shut down, but that’s not terribly believable.

  26. Roi

    @The Geek
    Yes, but it also looks like the Delicious team is separating from Yahoo. So Yahoo is “shutting down” their support for Delicious :)

  27. Framboise

    One thing to keep in mind with Diigo is that they content-filter your public bookmarks. I was not able to share links on such topics as “breast cancer” and other health issues for which I maintain a public reading list. That may cover anyone’s needs for private bookmarks but for public collections, there’s not a good replacement for Delicious (or its lamented and departed alternative, Simpy) that I’ve yet found.

  28. Kars

    Reading the latest comments, maybe you should give the post an update too? Anyways, I did the backup process already and it’s always good to have a copy of my bookmarks somewhere else.

  29. zazi

    Hi, do you know whether the import task for Delicious bookmarks can also handle deltas? For example when I imported my Delicious bookmarks some days ago, this task took a while at diigo. Now I want to add the delta that I created during these days. Any suggestions?

  30. grey wolfe

    Delicious is not shutting down. Go to their website or yahoo’s and read the press releases. Someone made a big mountain out of nothing and yahoo says explicitly they ARE NOT shutting delicious down.

    I hate diigo anyways. I’d goto google bookmarks first.


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