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Opera 11 Adds Tab Stacking, Extensions, and More [Screenshot Tour]

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Opera 11 has just been released, with lots of great new features. Let’s take a quick tour through the best features for the world’s most alternate browser.

If you’d rather see the new stuff in the form of a video, here’s the official Opera 11 release video. Otherwise, scroll down for all the screenshots.

Tab Stacking

In Opera 11, you can drag tabs on top of each other to combine them into a single tab, which you can then hover your mouse over to see the sub-tabs.


You can also expand out the tab group by clicking on the tiny arrow, which will show all the tabs in the group.


Cleaner URL Bar Removes Parameters

You know those really incredibly long URLs in the location bar? They are a thing of the past in Opera, which removes them from being displayed.


Of course, if you put your mouse into the location bar, the normal URL does show up, so you can copy or edit it as needed.


You’ll also notice that Opera highlights the root domain name by default, so you can see what site you’re browsing and detect phishing sites better.

Visual Mouse Gestures Help You Learn

If you’re having trouble learning how Mouse Gestures work—one of the excellent features built into Opera for years now, you can hold down the right mouse button on the page, and you’ll see a quick visual guide that will help you understand how to use them.


Opera Now Has Extensions

It’s been a long time coming, but now Opera has regular Google Chrome-style extensions, like our favorite password manager: LastPass. You just have to head to in your Opera browser, and you’ll be able to start installing them.


There’s a lot more great stuff in the Opera browser, but these are the most interesting features in the latest release.

Download Opera 11 from

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  • Published 12/16/10

Comments (15)

  1. MrCrabs

    yo dawg.. i heard you like tabs ;)

    finally opera gets a non-geeky adblock-extension. nice!

  2. pitman

    Can the stacking be just page titles and the stacking orientation can be modified ?

    @MrCrabs: Inception: Tabbing.

  3. PiRhAnAs

    I personally liked the tab stack feature.. and I downloaded opera right after I saw the video.. But.. It seems that they have messed up with the core function of Opera: pages don’t open.. I have verified all settings.. and I’m connected to internet very correctly.. and I uses both chrome and firefox to verufy that I’m connected to internet.. and when I try to access some sites in opera.. it doesn’t open them.. the only site that have worker for me is and the loading time was very slow comparing to FF and Chrome..

    Does anyone encountrer this problem?? Or I’m the only one to have it??

  4. Zac F

    So what is the real difference between this and Firefox? If I used Firefox, I dont think I’d want to set up all my extentions or whatever again.

    Btw, I use Maxthon 3. It’s pretty cool.

  5. Zac F

    Umm, sorry for the double post but I just downloaded it and it froze twice in the space of 10 minutes. So yeah. Other than that it seems identical or inferior to Maxthon 3. I mean, the Speed Dial thing is worse, mouse gestures are basically the same and everything else doesn’t really matter. Extentions and the Mail Panal looked cool though.

    The fact that it crashed twice in 10 minutes though, I mean that’s just… yeah. Deal breaker.

  6. ga4a

    I loved that yo dawg stuff :D
    “Yo dawg I heard you like tabs, so I put tabs in yo tabs so you can browse while you browse” :D

    but this latest opera release is truly epic and fulfilling the web browsing experience. Feels a little heavy, i have no doubt they gonna tweak it later.

  7. Surferz World

    “You can also expand out the tab group by clicking on the tiny arrow, which will show all the tabs in the group.” We no need to search for that tiny stack arrow, we can simply double click on the tab stack to toggle.

  8. Camilo Martin

    Didn’t like the narrator’s voice and the stupid background sound effect. The video was really excelent but the audio was lame.

  9. mzb

    my favorite !

  10. TMZ

    Well, my take on Opera is its one of the originals. Its what helped to drive the features you see in some ofyour browsers or IE 7/8 today.

    The two or three major items that cause issue is that Opera was designed to be used with current HTML standards of today, Cross scripting or similar. Partly due (correct me if wrong) was that many of those pages were created using some kind of MS encoded scripting standard. Opera had a hard time with this.

    Cookies, opera was very tight in times past about how it handled cookies which would cause page loading issues.

    Opera required just a few pertinent tweaks from stock to allow it to work as fluidly as possible which still was not perfect but fairly secure versus IE or Opera in stock form. Even if Opera did crash it didn’t take down your entire system.

    These are the main items that again and again caused the same malfunction. Really, its a small list but directly related to the issue.

    Opera exceled when in comparrison to items such as: Book marking, Favorites, History, Tabbed features, Hotkey and Mouse Gestures, plus page refresh and back tracking whether it was one page or 20 it put the competition in its place yesterday to name just a few.

    These days, side by side, most browsers load fairly quickly if you have a good conection and a smooth running box. IE has been “adjusted” to compete accordingly but IE itself still lacks some noteworthy features. But IE is the most compatible and simplest to use.

    But in a worse case senario, Opera could be uninstalled quickly and/or reinstalled… without fuss. It might be rare this happens but upgrades or similar seemed rather fluid. Any issues out side of this were at the cause of some other mishap or something gone awry at the wrong hands or an unwary user.

    If i had to make a recommendation, an added tweak “pop-up” that would notify and allow you circumvent your current setting to allow page loading/access. But that would be completely cicumventing the security you had spent the time in securing. Makes a lot of sense. But you need something added there….

    …website/webpage developers are many times nothing more then industry puppets. Even if they wear more then one hat :)

  11. Jon

    Opera didn’t need an extension for ad-blocking. It is built into the browser. It’s called “Content Blocking”.

    @Zac F
    No crashing here, been using it all day with about 20-30 tabs at once. Must be user error or your PC isn’t stable. I’d check your memory with memtest86.

  12. Miss. Andrea Borman.

    I hate Opera browser it is ugly in appearance and slow and I had nothing but problems with it,when I used to use it. In face this browser is WORSE than Internet Explorer,which I do not like and never use. But Opera is one web browser that I dislike more than Internet Explorer. The settings are difficult to manage and it messed up my web pages. Forget it and use Firefox or Google Chrome instead. Andrea Borman.

  13. Jon

    Your comment doesn’t make much sense at all.

    @Zac F
    2 days in a row and not one crash for me. I’m convinced that it’s not the browser and that it’s actually your computer that isn’t stable.

  14. Chocobito

    “I hate Opera browser it is ugly in appearance and slow” -Andrea.

    @Miss. Andrea Borman
    Are you freaking serious?
    Hater gonna hate.

    Same like you man 0 crashes or freezing, I think this persons all trolls. In all tech blog and software page only speaks about the awesome that is this version of Opera.

  15. Chewett

    Been using opera for nearly 2 years now and love it. I used to use firefox and only really go back when i want to use an extension that opera hasnt got/implemented (yet).

    This version is great, no crashes so far but it has lead to me having a lot more tabs open because i can hide quite a lot of them quickly. Great when you are doing several things and want to hide a bunch of tabs you will want later.

    I suppose IE6 is better than opera eh? :D as @chocobito said, Hater gonna Hate

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