Friday Fun: CycloManiacs

By Brian Burgess on September 4th, 2009

You made it to another Friday and the Evil work week is done and it’s time to play a fun flash game on company time.  Today we take a look at a fun bike racing game called CycloManiacs.

When you start out you get a map of different locations to race at.  You start with The Dunes and will need to gather a certain amount of achievements to unlock the others.


There are a lot of different characters you can race as but will need to unlock them.


The races are really fun as you race against other goofy characters and do tricks and stunts.  In this shot I am an Elvis type character called Cycle King.


As you continue the tracks get more difficult and a lot more interesting.  Eventually you will race through volcano’s and even on the moon which is pretty interesting.


After the races you have the opportunity to buy enhancements for your bike.  The more stunts and achievements you do, the more money you get.


Before starting a race you’re shown the achievements you will need to completer to unlock stuff.


If you wipe out then your character will regenerate but you will be pushed back in the field order.


This game is a lot of fun being able to do back flips and completing interesting achievements.  Since you have slaved away for the boss all week isn’t it about time you had some fun?

Play CycloManiacs

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  • Published 09/4/09
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