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Ask the Readers: Would You Be Willing to Give Windows Up and Use a Different O.S.?

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When it comes to computers, Windows definitely rules the desktop in comparison to other operating systems. What we would like to know this week is if you would actually be willing to give up using Windows altogether and move to a different operating system on your computers.


Note: This week’s Ask the Readers post is posing a hypothetical situation, so please refrain from starting arguments or a flame war in the comments. Good reasoned discussion is always welcome.

There is no doubt that Windows is the dominant operating system in use today. Everywhere you go or look it is easy to find computers with Windows installed such as at work, home, the library, government offices, and more. For many people it is the operating system that they know and are comfortable with, which makes changing to a different operating system less appealing. Adding to the preference for Windows (or dependency based on your view) is the custom software that many businesses use on a daily basis. Throw in the high volume of people who depend on and use Microsoft Office as a standard for their business documents and it is little wonder that Windows is so dominant.

So what would you use if you did decide to take a break from or permanently move away from Windows? If your choice is Linux then you have a large and wonderful variety of distributions to choose from based on what you want out of your system. Want a distribution that is easy to work with? You could choose Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or others that are engineered to be ready to go “out of the box”. Like a challenge? Perhaps Arch Linux is more your style. One of the most attractive features of all about Linux is the price…it is very hard to beat free!

Maybe Mac OS X sounds like the perfect choice. It has a certain mystique and elegance associated with it and many OS X fans refuse to use anything else if given a choice.

Then there is the soon to be released Chrome OS with its’ emphasis on cloud computing. This is a system that is definitely focused on being as low-maintenance and hassle-free as possible. Quick on, quick off, minimalist, and made to be portable. All of the system’s updates will occur automatically leaving you free to work and play in the cloud. But it does have its’ limitations…no installing all of those custom apps that you love using on Windows or other systems…it is literally all about the browsing window and web apps.

So there you have it. If the opportunity presented itself would you, could you give Windows up and use a different operating system? Would it be easy or hard for you to do? Perhaps it would not really matter so long as you could do what you needed or wanted to do on a computer. And maybe this is the perfect time to try something new and find out…that new favorite operating system could be just an install disc away. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 12/15/10

Comments (187)

  1. nt0xik8ed

    linux crashes so much i can’t see any reason to switch over from windows.

  2. rbp

    I already have given up on Windows.

  3. Hob

    Games. Too many good ones are Windows only.

  4. Jaunzems

    Dualboot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10

  5. Goose

    I’m tired of Windows. It is incredibly annoying at times. For the last month or so, I’ve been using Ubuntu Maverick in a dual-boot. I’d be more than willing to use Chrome OS when it comes out – as Google says, I live in the web. The only thing I’d want would be a native IM program like WLM or Gwibber. I’d ideally like to triple-boot OS X with Windows and Linux, as OS X is polished and beautiful while still speedy and functional, Windows is just Windows and stuff is designed for Windows, and Linux because it’s so damn customisable. However, I don’t have a Mac, can’t be asked to build a Hackintosh, don’t want to blow up my computer and generally have no idea how to triple boot those OSs (I’ve heard it’s very hard).

  6. Robert


    “linux crashes so much i can’t see any reason to switch over from windows.”

    I’ve tried to switch to ubuntu several times, each time it gets a little better but it is far from being ready to be used as a desktop OS for the average user. I run all my servers on linux though. IMHO linux works best as a non gui OS. Plus, no creative suite (yet?).

    As for mac, tried switching from windows to OS X last year. Photoshop crashed on me more than twice as often on OS X than using Windows, and my wife couldn’t stand the MDI interface. Not to mention that I felt like a complete douche for owning a macbook pro, they way overcharge for the hardware that you are really getting (seems you’re paying for the way it looks), and they try to slave you into using their apple services (itunes, mobileme).

    I now realize that (for me at least) the best combo is Windows for my desktop and Chrome as my browser (don’t really see the point of Chrome OS when I can do everything it could do in Chrome Browser – maybe as a dual boot with windows so I could quickly boot to the internet when I don’t need to use creative suite).

  7. adam

    I’ve done away with Windows on my laptop in favour of Ubuntu. I’ve been Ubuntu-only at home since March (with some very limited use of a virtualized Windows installation for iTunes because my new iPod 4g wasn’t compatible with Ubuntu when I got it).

    I don’t miss it.

  8. Lady Fitzgerald

    Too many programs I use run on Windows only or Windows/ Mac OS only (and I have no desire to run anything by Apple).

  9. abd al Shakur

    I already have…Ubuntu LTS for deployment and Maverick for myself (soon to be Natty).

  10. GaGator


    I’d give up Windows without remorse as long as the new OS units can
    LAN-connect with local storage and applications … especially Photo Shop.

    Another Robert

  11. Grizwald

    I’ve used Linux and I love the UI, but it’s just not reliable enough for every day use and doesn’t “just work” some times. I almost received a zero on a big assignment in school because Linux kept screwing up when I plugged in the projector. Absolutely no excuse for not supporting a common VGA projector. Plus, wine has never worked once and I need my creative tools like Photoshop (I can’t go gimp; Photoshop is just so much better). Now, if they could run EXEs correctly and had native DirectX 9 support, I’d dump Windows.

    Mac is a whole ‘nother story. You can find a huge wealth of software, most programs come with a mac version that works just as well as the Windows one. Mac is designed to just work and to be idiot proof. But then my problem becomes that that idiot proofing makes everything too simple and makes me have to work twice as hard to accomplish a simple task. It doesn’t work on anything but mac hardware (or a “hackintosh”), the initial cost to purchase the computer is several hundred dollars more than it would take to purchase a similar PC. I’m a PC super user; when I want to get something done on the OS I know what I’m doing and where to do it. I could learn with Macs, but the point of those is you aren’t supposed to *need* to know these things!

    So, in conclusion, I could definitely not ever want to switch, but I *could* if I absolutely had do.

  12. Withanamelikedave

    I’d be happy to use nothing but Linux, but also don’t mind Windows 7 at all.

  13. dragonbite

    At home, I have already moved to Linux. It is stable for me, and does what I need.

    The only thing that keeps me with Windows are some of the applications (for work). Port those applications to Linux and I would ditch Windows (but not the Microsoft products) in a heartbeat! Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, and some Adobe products, I’d be willing to pay for them (or use the Express version), I just would rather not use Windows.

  14. Odin

    Windows all the way, I cant stand Mac and cant understand Linux.

    Id love to try Chrome OS though, but google doesnt ship the free notebooks too europe =[

  15. JohnMc

    Well I am not a switch candidate as I made the switch to Linux 7 years ago.

    For nt0xik8ed, I would really have to wonder — what distro are you using and what hardware are you running it on? I rarely have my system crash. Used to use Ubuntu but have slowly drifted to Linux Mint as it saves me the trouble of loading all my needed drivers. Debian for servers.

  16. laovvai

    NO. I can’t see one single reason that would make me want to switch from Windows. Remind me, what do Mac OS and Linux do that Windows doesn’t, again ?

  17. Mike

    Very interesting results. I’m pro-Windows, but find it fascinating that 22% have (so far) voted that if they did, they’d install Linux. I find that to be shocking, but completely appropriate. Rock on, tech guys!

  18. Ryan

    I would like to give up on Windows completely and just use Ubuntu, but due to needing Cubase and other DAW applications it’s not possible.

    I’m looking at building a hackintosh and having a Ubuntu laptop. (Even though I am not a fan of OSX, but for DAWs)

    @Robert there was a post today on OMG Ubuntu which mentioned that if enough people ask for the creative suite to be released for linux that Adobe will do it, I recommend checking it out and asking for it!

  19. Zero

    It really doesn’t make a difference as to what OS I have to use as long as I can get the job done. I prefer to work with a windows machine though as I’m more used to it. That said I’ve used Linux & Mac before. And from my experience, it’s kind of like this.
    Linux allows too much customization and you can make things go wrong easily.
    Mac allows too little customization and you get frustrated.
    Windows kinda hits the sweet spot, you can’t really go wrong unless you purposely do something wrong.

  20. Rob P

    I moved to Ubuntu when my PC vendor wouldn’t supply me with my Windows reinstall disks. It took a bit more work initially to get everything working (because of some fairly old hardware) but now it’s far more stable than my Windows install ever was. There is no BSOD, and if an app locks up, I can easily reboot without trashing the file system. Some of the open source software that I used on Windows loads even faster on Ubuntu by a factor of at least 10! I haven’t paid a dime on software since I made the switch, and it’s all legal!

    I sometimes miss the games. While there are plenty for Linux, most lack the polish of games commercially available for Windows. I can’t wait for Valve to start supporting Linux!

  21. classicmanpro

    Starting with November 2010, NetBSD is my main operating system (no more dual boot) and I even bought a new computer for this OS.

    PS: The CPU is Intel (E3300) and has the VT-x option activated, just in case I need to virtualize something. ;)

  22. Xan

    I always try Linux on new releases, and I love it.

    But.. I go where the games are. And that garbage they call open source games on Linux make me want to vomit. Those aren’t a sufficient substitute.

  23. Mr.Admin

    Would love to ditch windows, but as tech support i would need to relearn all the command line tools/commands again.
    Would also have to find comparitive tools and learn how to use those for all the admin jobs i have to do, not to mention how much more of a headache Linux is when it comes to working in a Windows domain.
    I have used and supported all 3 – Windows, Macs and Ubuntu. and beyond basic support give me a windows pc anyday of the week.
    Apple have finally got there act together and becoming more and more interoperable with windows networks/domains and is one of the reasons we see more and more of them in the office today. Give it another five to ten years and hopefully Ubuntu (most likely) or other linux distro makes it into the windows domain properly.
    Once they achieve that just watch the floodgates open as businesses are crying out to ditch M$oft and save thousands.

  24. rnncdn

    Earlier this year I tried to switch to Linux. I couldn’t find compatible drivers for my network router, or a router that would support it. Local big box computer store had nobody that could talk it. It seemed too hard, so I fell back in line with Windows 7.

  25. Sage

    I switched for a time to a linux only environment at home, and had much success at getting the games I wanted to play to run using wine. I have recently switched to using Windows 7, however, and quite enjoy the ability to not worry about being able to run the programs I want without having to set them up with a 3rd party software. This coupled with the fact that Ubuntu, once my favorite linux flavor) has slowly made decisions in their implementations that I don’t wish to cope with.

  26. Aktunbuzo

    At home, I already have switched to Ubuntu along with my wife and kids. At work I am 95% Linux, I need Internet Exploder for 2 applications. Other than those applications, I use Ubuntu at work also. I usually access Internet Exploder from a Terminal Services server, though I can dual boot to Windows 7. Ubuntu boots much faster for me than Windows 7, so I use it more.

  27. Yoshiyah

    I tried this and man did I miss Windows. I installed Ubuntu 9.4 about 2 years ago and immediately ran into problems. First, my network card would not install no matter what I did. Second, I could not use my Hauppauge HVR at all. Ubuntu installed it, but the application made my Hauppauge was only compatible for Windows/MAC. Third, My Nvidia display driver installed, but I received way to many TDR’s that I grew frustrated. Just watching a HD movie would make the video driver TDR. Fourth, my Zune will not work with Ubuntu, or any other system for that matter, at all.

    I just can’t do it at all. I can run Ubuntu in VMWare, but that is about as far as I would go, and even then, what for. Ubuntu doesn’t even support the modification of a host file, which is something that I do on both my desktop and netbook.

    P.S.: I also installed Ubuntu Remix on my Acer Aspireone Netbook and was treated to a 640×489 desktop resolution because Intel does not provide Ubuntu drivers.

  28. Hatryst

    Obviously :)
    In fact, I just installed OS X on my PC, and I’m pretty happy with it !!

  29. David Levine

    Already done. I switched to an iMac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard in May of this year. I use a Windows PC at work and will have to boot camp my Mac in order to do some office work from home, but use OS X for my primary OS at home.

  30. HCamper

    It has been a long road finding a good “Linux” distro that works for my being a Programmer, Administrator,User and Student. Having used ( BSD ),( Debian 3.0 ),( Red Hat 9,EL4,EL5),( Fedora Core 4,5,6,7 ),Mandrake,( Open Suse 9.3,10,10.1,10.2,11 series) and Ubuntu 7.04,9.14 the final choice settled on was Open Suse.
    I use linux and windows in three different combinations dual boot,linux only and windows only.
    I have found that paying for a linux on not depending on “Free as Beer” distro is better. Paying sixty dollars and getting ten cd(s) and two dvvd(s) with support for X86 (32 bit), X64 (64bit) and PSP gives a very wide range of supported hardware systems.
    The installed software includes all developer tools,office suites,system tools,graphics tools and loads of games.
    The best distro I have found is “Open Suse Linux” it has worked between version 9.3 first purchase to my current version 11.2.
    I really hope the new owners of Novells “Open Suse” products continue or expand the line.
    It is not really easy owning a linux system it really requires more work to maintain and set-up a tweak for gaming and working cross platform for programming and running same types of programs on Windows and linux. I like the freedom to use both systems.
    For those persons who have not but would like run linux there are at least four flavors of “Linus CD/DVD” versions available for free.
    1.) A “Live CD” can be run on a Windows box to see what it looks and feels like with-out installing on a system.
    2.) A “Live CD/DVD” that can be run and then installed on a Windows box which will remove Windows and run only Linux.
    3.) A download of CD or DVD versions to use in a dual boot of Linux and Windows on same system.
    It takes a bit of careful planning to get a dual boot going with-out loosing either system in the process.
    4.) A download of CD or DVD versions to use to convert a PSP into a Linux system. The PSP version will “Brick” or remove any chance to go back to previous system. Note: Voids any warranty.
    I have adopted a signature of “Windows and Linux can Work Together” after having made that a reality for better than 50 programs used on a regular basis.
    To answer the articles question I would not switch over instead have everything and loose nothing in both systems.

    Martin :-)
    Windows and Linux can Work Together

  31. Orlando

    I tried every windows since 3.11, most user-friendly Linuxes (Ubuntu-variants, OpenSuse, etc.) and now my wife got a Mac and I tested it too.
    I tried really hard to switch to Linux on the Vista era, but spent too much time fixing, hacking, tweaking and never got everything I got with a single Windows setup. I’m still trying (mostly with Mint KDE and OpenSuse), but since Windows 7… well, no thanks. Just for the sake of curiosity, development and learning.
    As for Mac, after the first wave of suprises passed – mostly the out-of-the-box experience which is the greatest of them all – I missed windows and even Linux over it. Wouldn’t miss if it was still Vista Era, but I can’t stand MacOs windows management and real state use. MacOS will be used only for iOS development (and maybe cute slidshows :-P)
    Finally, MS pulled me back in when I began using Onenote ( and ditched Word altogether for specific purposes-only) and its WebApps (not so great, but cloudly saved my notes more than once). And, lastly… Games – Games for Windows and Steam really brought back PC gaming and I love it.
    Summing up…
    Nowadays I don’t see any real option for ditching Windows 7 altogether. Since OS X Lion will bring some cool stuff and Mint KDE + open source programs are getting better, I believe – for me – the turning point would be Steam – at least.

  32. jon_hill987

    On my main PC I use Windows 7 HP 64bit. That will not change until WINE works properly will my games. On my netbook I of course use Ubuntu NBR (not liking the latest version though, the GUI in 9.10 was far better) and would not consider using anything else.

  33. jon_hill987

    When I say anything else I mean anything but a Linux Distro. Windows is too slow for a newtbook and Chrome is, well the idea of cloud computing on a portable device is stupid when I don’t know if I am going to have a net connection at any given time.

  34. Sausage

    I’ve practically made the switch already. As much as I love Windows 7 I’m not really interested in using something I have to pay for (I’m running a bootleg version which isn’t really my thing.)

    I started Dual booting(Win 7 & Ubuntu Lucid) earlier this year and as time goes on, I find myself logging into Windows less and less. I actually just finished installing a customised version of Maverick last night so other than setting up my Zune and working in Picasa (for now, haven’t made time to set it up in Ubuntu yet) I have no need for WIndows.

  35. fengshaun

    The only things that keep me from removing my Windows installation are the games. Otherwise, I have Archlinux and Haiku (nightly) installed on my machine and play with them regularly. So, Windows for my gaming needs, Haiku for my programming needs, and Archlinux for everything else!

  36. infmom

    I’d make the switch if (a) I had a newer, faster Mac than my first-gen Mini and (b) if I could find Mac versions of everything I use on an everday basis, which so far I can’t.

  37. robomech

    Prefer mandriva Linux but there are 2 programs I must have
    which work on windows only

  38. Jan

    If you’re on Linux and you’re jonesing for some games, there are 6 days left on the Humble Indie Bundle #2 over at 5 awesome indie games (win/mac/linux) and 2 charities, pay-what-you-want.

    I pretty much buy those things *because* they’re Linux-compatible. I’m almost a decade away from my last Windows install.

  39. Hamburgler

    Ditched windows 6 months ago and don’t miss it at all. I’ve been having fun learning linux and ubuntu 10.10 runs great on my laptop. I am not a techie but found the move fairly easy and pretty exciting. Ubuntu forums are a great source for user support. Who say’s you gotta pay a lot for your software? It’s free, kids!

  40. Марфа

    Perhaps…it would depend on the situation.

    I’m thinkin’ to use Ubuntu after New Year. But I’m not sure. For me as user there’s no difference between Windows or Ubuntu. I don’t need any special Windows application or games. But I like to test beta version of Windows software, that’s the only one reason to say on Windows. So, I don’t know

  41. Asian Angel

    If I went totally non-Windows my first choice would definitely be Linux. ^_^ I absolutely love Ubuntu 10.10 and have fun with it every time I start it up. ^_^

  42. Duckbrain

    When I got my laptop, it had Windows Vista. Then I dual booted for Ubuntu and have been upgrading it, so it is now 10.10. I am currently working on making a triple boot with Chrome OS. I have reserved some unpartitioned space for it and installed it on my flash drive, but the partitions on my flash drive seem to have something wrong.

  43. cgbolton1

    I have already made the switch to Linux on my laptop (Latitude D630) and I would make the switch on my desktop if only Steam would offer a client and compatible games for Linux. I really like the Ubuntu 10.10 distro and have been using Ubuntu since 6.04. I like Windows 7 but what I don’t like is the expense of licensing. I understand that the software should be worth something but then again I also believe that companies can charge for support for the software. Why doesn’t Microsoft make Windows open source and then charge for corporate licensing? It would make a lot of people much happier with them. Let me put the OS on any computer that it will run on and once I am sold on it and want to use it in a commercial environment then I have to pay to play.

  44. johnp80

    I dual boot Ubuntu 10.10(currently) and Vista. What I have found is that I am becoming more comfortable on Ubuntu, but can’t fully switch over, as my school requires certain windows programs, and tbh, I’ve never found Open Office to be completely reliable in .doc/.docx formatting.

  45. Anon

    Nope I would not leave Windows.

    Windows 7 Forever <3.

    What other OS can you game on like Windows without using broken Wine.

    Using linux, I broke the OS so many times.

    Mac, never.

    Google Chrome OS Cloud = Fail.
    Windows 8 OS Cloud = Fail.

    "I suppose many people will continue moving towards careless computing, because there's a sucker born every minute. The US government may try to encourage people to place their data where the US government can seize it without showing them a search warrant, rather than in their own property. However, as long as enough of us continue keeping our data under our own control, we can still do so. And we had better do so, or the option may disappear."

    Windows 7 Forever <3.

  46. sam

    the only thing keeping me on windows is PC gaming, The second a majority of my games have linux versions available, i’m dumping M$’s steaming pile of crap.

  47. theholygerbil

    On my netbook, dual boot windows 7 and jolicloud, solely for the use of skype, as my microphone isn’t supported with any linux that i’ve tried. for my desktop, a arch-linux, stripped of everything but textroom, so i can type nicely without distractions. not even an internet connection, that’s what my external hard-drives for.

  48. Curt55

    I’d love to have something less bloated, more reliable and easier to use ….. could somebody PLEASE update AmigaDOS!

  49. Corné Dorrestijn

    Triple Boot:
    OSX86 Snow Leopard (Why not), Windows (I f i want to play a game that doesnt work on linux) and the most use: Linux (Yersterday i had Ubuntu, Today Fedora and now i am bruning CentOS),

  50. RocRizzo

    Mac OSX and VMWare Fusion.
    This way you can load up ANY OS under the sun, without the need to dual boot!

  51. Mike

    The only thing standing between me and Linux is an Outlook replacement that will communicate with Exchange 2007.

  52. MrCrabs

    I used Linux for ~1 year at home. Mostly Ubuntu and Debian stable. It crashed all the time/dont work properly.
    Maybe Linux is too unusable for me. Now happy with Win 7.

  53. Chris

    In my home, I’ve been free of Windows for over two years. I’m using OpenSUSE, Fedora, and derivatives of Ubuntu on every machine in and out of my house, including desktops, laptops, and netbooks. I only play one game, World of Warcraft, and it runs perfectly on an Ubuntu 10.10 desktop. I will never go back to Windows. Linux user for life.

  54. tyros

    As much as I don’t like Windows, I’m stuck with it cuz I wanna play games :)
    For other tasks I may dual boot Linux. But right now Windows 7 is working fine for me

  55. sumarth

    The thing is: you can find equivalent Windows apps for all linux apps, but you cant always find linux apps to replace windows apps. Take microsoft office. (I cant stand using openoffice)

  56. anon

    I try ubuntu about 6 months, but ubuntu can’t replace windows. There is no good programs! Most ubuntu programs are “lite” version. Example, I try 15 different media player, but I can’t find program what can replace winamp. Yes there is aucious/xmms but to much options are missing and programs were buggy. Jump to box window was not active… I hade more problems whit ubuntu then windows.

    – bad driver support
    – no enough good programs
    – bugs!

  57. Chaptr88

    No more Windows. Thanks. Have already moved to Mac OS X and Ubuntu.

  58. Michael

    Used to be a MacAddict, but when Jobs came home and killed the clone program in the late 90s, Apple went back to their too-expensive-for-the-masses business model, and i had to give it up. Have been a *nix user since the early 80s, so Linux is great. Chrome OS just won’t hack it where i live, where weekly power outages are the norm (does any place in this country have continuous power any more?) – have to be able to have work files local and programs for offline use. However, a combo of a lite OS like Chrome and something a little more substantial to use when the net is down or slow or just not needed would be great. At our current rate of bandwidth consumption, we’re going to have to beef up our infrastructure and restructure our internet access costs in this country before we’ll be able to go all-cloud-all-the-time! For the ardent game players out there, one might consider a PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii, eh? Windows is NOT a great game engine, nor is Linux, because the PC is not a good game hardware platform! Why pay for game performance when all you do is email in a browser? The rest of us could maybe get some cost relief if the PC replacement didn’t have to do that stuff.

  59. Groff

    I love Windows 7 on my laptop and desktop, but I use Ubuntu on the Netbook exclusively. I don’t plan on replacing Windows 7 any time soon, I love it!

  60. txrj

    I have been using Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop from Novell for a few years now, as my main OS. Not sure what is going to happen now that Attachmate bought Novell, but SLED is a very stable product and has great support from Novell and I hope that stays. I have also loaded WINE on it and have quite a few Windows only games working, but not all. For those unique apps I still have a XP box on my home network and just use KRDC to RDP or VNC to it and run any Windows programs, including AutoCAD, through a remote session. Yes, not matter what, Linux is great, but until Autodesk and a few other software developers realize Linux has a place, they will keep developing their apps on a MS only platform.

  61. John Robie

    I wouldn’t leave Windows as long as Windows continues to function in a recognizable way. I’ve used Linux in the past and found that with significantly more time and effort I could do ALMOST everything I already knew how to do on my PC (I could see how people who enjoy opening the hood and tinkering enjoy Linux for the “model-railroad” aspect, but I’m happy to leave the hood closed so long as I can do exactly what I want to do). The famously user-friendly Mac OS might be easier to learn for a beginner, but I’ve been totally lost and annoyed the few times I’ve tried to use the blasted thing. As for Chrome and the like, I may be an old crank, but I still don’t trust “The Cloud.” So for me it’s gonna be Windows, unless MS pulls something like they did with their office suite and completely changes the interface around.

  62. Grant

    Already switched, 10+ years ago. On Linux ever since.
    @laovvai What Linux can do that Windows can’t:
    Easier administration (text files in /etc are 100 times easier than UUID’s in regedit)
    Easier maintenance (the package manager keeps the whole system up to date, not just the OS)
    Better hardware support (My sound card doesn’t work without a CD from the vendor that I have to find every 6 months when I have to re-install Windows. It just works on Linux. Every Windows machine I plug my camcorder into gets instant BSOD, with or without the driver disk. With Linux, it just works.)
    More efficient (My main work station, that I use for application development as well as Multimedia production is a single 3Ghz with 1GB of RAM)
    Keep running without me needing to tune and twiddle every few weeks (no registry cleaner, no defrag, etc)
    Development environment matches production (If I develop a web or database application, what are the chances that the production server will be Windows or Linux?)

    Maybe with Windows 7, some of this will be addressed, but I have not found out, because none of the hardware I own will run it. I would need to buy all new PC’s, as well as new printers, new digital audio interfaces, new cameras, and it is just not worth it. Maybe Windows will be ready for prime time some day, but it is just not there yet. I use Windows Xp at work by corporate mandate, and I use OSX for some of my media production since that is the only machine on that site, so I know all three, and Linux is the clear winner .

  63. Hayden

    I use Linux and am not going to switch back. I have learned much more about computers in the 2 months I’ve used Linux than many years of Windows. Linux is better designed (in my opinion), has a killer command prompt, runs faster and cleaner than Windows ever did, and runs everything I need it to, (and much more besides!) I’ll be a Linux and Unix fanboy for the foreseeable future.

  64. Grant

    As for everyone whining (hehe) that WINE doesn’t run all Windows programs, how many Linux or OSX applications can you run on Windows? WINE may not be perfect, but it is better than what Windows can do.

  65. Bryan

    I’ve already given up Windows – I’ve been using Linux Mint for over 4 years. The only thing I do with Windows machines now is fix them.

  66. Urichhai

    Windows/Ubuntu on my home machine but mostly just stick with Windows (It just works) Ubuntu finally got most of it right with Mav Meercat but still only use once in a while. Used to play with every Linux out there but got tired of having to tweak it to work. My Vista Ultimate X64 has been running on my main machine for over a year with no problems at all, So shoot me if you hate M$ but like I said “it just works”. plus none of my games work on any linux disto even with emulator installed.

  67. ptantiku

    I gave up Windows from a year now, after I realized how many security threats against Windows comparing to Linux. Although I have been battling with Ubuntu since that day too, because of mis-configurations of both my machine and ubuntu, I still love to use linux. It’s more adventurous, and it’s more fun.

  68. Sueska

    I have used multiple Operating Systems for 15+ years (windows, mac, linux ) for personal use and will likely continue using several.
    Every 3-5 years I retest the most popular linux distros to see if any are ready for mom and pop. This year in 2010 is the first time I can honestly say some distros are getting very close.
    I define ready for mom and pop as being able to install and run wanted programs without requiring the use of the command line.
    The following is true for mac, linux, and windows: you must 1st confirm that the program is compatible with the OS you are using.
    In general however, most people prefer the OS they learned first, no matter how good a new OS is.

  69. Juan

    Nope, no way!
    I tried osX, Ubuntu and Jolicloud. Always found myself coming back to windows after a few days!

  70. InDiSent

    I run Windows on my desktop. I dual boot windows and Linux Mint on my laptop. I primarily use Linux on the laptop and on the rare occasion i need windows i run it in a VM in Linux…i almost never boot into windows on the laptop.

  71. Dan

    Sigh, I would like to have a dedicated linux box at home but there still a lot of annoyances with that OS.

    Hardware/device support is really spotty. I have a 3G usb modem which was working in Linux Mint for the past week, and then suddenly it no longer works. lsusb sees it, but that’s it. I have a dumbphone that I sync with my Outlook/Windows calendar and contact list. In my 7 years of using Linux on and off, I’ve never seen a linux equivalent. And BTW, I still can’t get decent Intel GMA 500 support for my netbook! =\

    Linux still lacks decent enterprise apps. I need a CAD program that can work seamlessly with AutoCAD files, and qCAD, FreeCAD, Python-CAD are just not ready for real enterprise work. I’m sure other industries have their needs which linux can’t meet.

    Even Linux Mint, a “newbie” distro, requires some amount of commandline use. They should concentrate on making the terminal invisible for most users. Same goes for editing configuration files. Power users can go suck slackware’s balls.

    Right now, I’m sticking with linux in a liveusb. Maybe next year I might try dual-booting again. Or maybe not.

  72. Zack

    I only have Windows because of games. I run Fedora 14 by default and am in it if I’m not gaming.

  73. Steve

    Question: Would You Be Willing to Give Windows Up and Use a Different O.S.?
    Answer: No.

    Why should I?

    Next time, give me a reason and I will consider it again. Until then, I expect the computer to make my work easier to get done. The more that I have to learn just to use the computer, the less valuable the computer is to me. Multiply that by all the people I have to share my work with. I already have enough trouble coordinating different versions of Word, Excel, etc. To also have to coordinate different operating systems multiplies the difficulties even higher.

    But give me a good reason and I will consider the question again.

  74. Jon

    I tried to permanently switch to Linux with Linux Mint 10. It was a nice distro but what disturbs me is the sheer lack of software available for Linux. You figure being open source there would be a lot of options? No, there isn’t. There are very few options and most of them are buggy. There are a lot of abandoned Linux projects as well.

    So, my answer is that I tried and Linux just didn’t give me the options I needed. So I went back to Windows 7 and there I will remain until the next Windows release. It truly is a Windows world.

  75. UbuntuGurl

    My dad introduced me to Linux about 3 years ago and i have been using it ever since! I completely got rid of Windows about a year ago- now all the computers in my house are 100% Ubuntu. I wasn’t sure about it at first but quickly fell in love with it. I’ll never go back to Windows- no way, no how.

  76. Doctor

    yeah I’ll go Mac once I buy I new computer :D

  77. tuxrules

    i gave up on windows a while ago and use ubuntu at home on my desktop, mint on my netbook tablet which i also use as an ebook reader like the kindle but with color.
    at work i dual boot my laptop between ubuntu/windows7 i will agree that windows 7 is nice and i will also agree that it would be nice if linux could run exe natively but i understand why it cannot so i think the developers of applications should seriously consider making apps work on linux as well they already have the code if they make mac software they just have to recompile it and work out the bugs. (not as easy as it sounds i know but still possible)

    thats my 2 cents!

    fwiw i am not against windows or mac for that matter i like the fact that the linux operating system can be modified in any way i choose and i do not have to pay anyone license fees or worry about copyright infringement etc. plus you can get the whole operating system for free.

    ok thats 2 more cents i am done now!

  78. John Horne

    Before Windows 7 I would have considered switching but I love W7.

  79. mark

    I have a quad boot system with XP, Ubuntu Desktop, OpenSUSE, and FreeBSD. I love how fast Ubuntu starts and turns off. Windows just cannot compare but sometimes I still need it. I will admit that Linux has a learning curve but it’s well worth it. In addition to the speed, Linux has so much cool software and much of it is free. Not really a matter of hating Microsoft, more about seeing the unlimited potential of Linux.

  80. whiplash55

    Linux is a great OS but the things I use Windows for just aren’t as good on Linux or OSX.

  81. Lazlo57

    Guess I want it all.
    I’d like to have a dual boot multi platform system. With dual monitors of course.

  82. Anon

    Oh yea, For SSD’s, Windows 7 only supports Trim!

  83. adsicks

    I have used Sabayon 5/KDE 4/Compiz-Fusion with much success (on an Intel with an Intel video card, on a Laptop with WiFi no less)…I wonder if I can run Chrome OS from a vBox? BTW: when I need direct X and Silverlight (for NetFlix) I just run a stripped down version of XP in a vBox. Booting Sabayon 5 and starting XP from a vBox afterwards, takes less time than booting over to Vista. Haven’t even booted to my Vista Partition in over 30 days I would guess…It seems so slow after using Linux, and the Windows don’t wiggle when I move them or burn when I close them…so drab…

  84. Poet-Geek

    I been trying to switch to other OS but always found myself sticking faithfully to Windows specially since Windows 7 Ultimate came out and now I am even more excited for the first Windows 8 or whatever it will be called to come out.
    Mac OS, Linux are all great but nothing beats Windows in Compatibility, Customization, Program Twicking and free downloads lol! There is 95% chance that you can find any program, games for free if you use Windows, you just have to know how…and that makes the difference…

    Learn to use the WEB “Internet” and Windows will make you KING.

  85. Poet-Geek

    NO. I can’t see one single reason that would make me want to switch from Windows. Remind me, what do Mac OS and Linux do that Windows doesn’t, again ?”

    I so have to agree to that! I mean truly..Windows does all what those toehr OS do and even better…

  86. akbozo

    been back and forth for 18 months. vista, 7, ubuntu 9.04, dual boot, windows 7 and ubuntu 10.10. finally decided i don’t want no more windows, no more. i am not a gamer, so windows doesn’t matter to me. i can get the office programs i need for free from software center. ubuntu runs so much faster; passes windows up in a blink. no paying for software or security software. next laptop will never run windows. i don’t mind having to learn command line, it’s not that damn hard, unless you’re a total moron. great support on help forums and linux websites.never had that kind of support from windows. i could go on, but, aren’t these enough reasons to lose windows? no, i am not a linux geek, 61 year old man who is tired of working with crap. and. compared to linux, windows is crap……….

  87. j0z4l

    arch linux all the way!:) it’s customizable in every possible way, blazing fast, and once you install it correctly [it took my quite a few tries, thanks to my ATi card], you’ll never have to reinstall your system, since it’s a rolling distro [this last one really meant the difference to me, especially after ruining my previous setup when upgrading ubuntu], so i could easily give up on windows, when it comes to doing things with my pc, that matter. when it comes to games, though, linux-based operating systems are way behind, so i keep my win7 in handy, just for games.

  88. asdf-chan

    If i could play games without emulting with Wine or Crossover and if Avisynth 3.0 would be available as stable version for Linux, yes i would. But im ok with using both (Linux and Windows). But i would never ever^n in my life get OSX or any other butthurt Apple operating systems

  89. Old Ed

    Windows? I keep mine closed all year long so the dirt doesn’t get in. same thing with MY computers. I have 10 running: 6 desktops run: FreeBSD 8, openSUSE 11.3, Mint 9, CentOS 5.5, Fedora 10 and 13. Two laptops run Kubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 10.04. a Sun SPARC runs Solaris 2.6.

    The wife’s Dell Vostro runs XP. what a piece of shit.. Every time I check in to SANS.ORG, I see the Black Tuesday patch floods from M$ and it just makes me ROTFL.

  90. George

    I dual boot between Ubuntu 10.10 and Win 7. I only use Win 7 for playing games like battlefield Heroes and some office documents. Everything else is Ubuntu or Linux Mint 10 at work.

  91. Veegertx

    Windows 7 rocks and is best Win ever. Had I tried Linux back when I was running 3.1 might have switched. Oh wait there was no Nix back then I knew of.

    Linux looks like crap, something out of pre school the kiddie icons and graphics suck on 7 or 8 different distro I’ve tried over several years suse, redhat, mandrake and was always a mother to get newer card’s working right.

    Smart enough to take care of windows I have no problems or I can be back in 5 minutes with an acronis image.

    Posts here are exactly same as I been seeing forever, nothing changes and never will.

  92. gregg

    Been using linux almost exclusively since 2002.
    now if only my work would switch over, I could be totally windows free.

    Heck, even my phone is android…..

  93. Geekbrit

    I talked Mrs Geekbrit into trying a Mac, and she was completely comfortable with it in about 30 minutes – even on an underpowered Mac Mini it was far more responsive than her Windows PC; programs that installed themselves as permanently-running services had slowed a computer that was (on paper) more powerful to a crawl.

    I used Macs as a stepping stone to Linux, which after years of dipping in to try it out is now very stable and powerful. Whenever I needed to use Windows programs, I remote-desktopped to the PC in my work cube over VPN. This worked remarkably well even for netmeeting conferencing. Now, there are just three Mac-only programs that I need on a regular basis. I *hear* that you can run these in a VirtualBox window running Mac OS X. Apparently.

  94. feldmand

    I gave up Windows years ago happily. I use OS X on my machine, and Ubuntu on my web server. Windows has only lasted as long as it has due to market momentum. Windows is practically useless with regard to doing web development at the sys admin level. OS X is built on UNIX so works well doing Linux based web development. Set up my OS X with a dual boot just so that I could access a couple of esoteric applications. Found Windows did not run well in this configuration so removed the dual boot. Learning to live without Windows was not a difficult sacrifice.

  95. MuTz777

    Triple boot. I am fed up of Viruses and system crashes. I rather for Linux or Mac OS X. To run WIndows Apps in Linux and Mac I just use Wine or VirtualBox. It is that easy. Windows cnt be kept installed just in case something happened to Mac OS X and linux together. As for the Linux Distro, I rather use Pinguy-OS.


  96. Leo

    I have given up Windows already. I was using Linux for the last year and just now i decided not to use Window$ anymore.

    i love GENTOO!

  97. Itamar

    I would definitely be ready and and want to change my OSes from Windows to Linux, Mac OS X and/or Chrome OS. It depends what computer, though — the family computer probably Chrome OS, my computer Linux or Mac OS X, and maybe if you family members would truly insist, I would leave it in Windows, but at least Windows 7 with all of the latest security, software and hardware updates.

  98. Surya

    I think the real problem with switching to windows is the wide range of applications being developed for windows. For developing windows apps you can use visual studio or something like that (but I’m not a programmer sorry) but for Linux you need to go the hard way. So when you compare the linux products to the windows ones, they are better but lesser in quantity (not i said quantity and not quality). If there was a fool-proof way to use .exe files on linux then the world would be using linux right now. But as windows became more popular before linux, the lack of developers for applications in linux is minute.
    I hope I haven’t flamed anyone but as soon as WINE runs 100% of all apps, windows is gonna crash to the ground. Till then windows has a safety net called ‘idiot-proof UI’ and ‘Idiot-proof access’ to rely on.

  99. Dawn

    The ulterior motives of the founder, Bill Gates, are what scare me about the continued use of Windows. His seemingly close association with Bilderburgs and the current president have me worried about his support of world government, and more importantly, control over people. Who is in a better position to control and monitor your everyday life than the person who forces users into automatic updates under threat of nonsupport? I just don’t trust Windows anymore to respect my privacy and freedoms.

  100. Ash.V.

    It high time, Windows gets a Kick on its b*tt …!

  101. Deadite81

    Changed to Linux over a year ago. I don’t remember Ubuntu, Mint, or Fedora ever crashing once (well, it has, but it’s always been my fault directly), so that’s an interesting thing to say. Guess it depends on the hardware as Linux can definitely be spotty in that department. I’m not a gamer, but if I was Linux wouldn’t be for me either, I’d at least dual boot. But now that I’ve spent the time learning Linux Windows is so hard to use! It’s extremely difficult to customize, and no, I don’t mean simple things like changing the window tint. There’s no bash, even Mac has that! Or so I’m told, Apple is too expensive, for me anyway.

    Windows 7 does look nice though. Very smooth transitions and such. But the fact that it doesn’t have virtual desktops out of the box, the registry is still a cryptic mess, there is no package management system, and I have to restart for updates constantly ensures that I’ll stick with some Linux variation.

    In short, I like owning my products, so the first order of business for me is removing Windows. But that’s my choice, which is the great thing. Trolls like @Veegertx don’t get that I guess. Also, Win7 runs fine on my dual core computer, but it’s not really an option on my P4 2.8. I think there’s a point to why Linux looks like it does out of the box, but if that reason you you might as well keep buying new computers so you can run the latest Windows. No everyone can afford (or wants) to do that.

  102. Deadite81

    “but if that reason escapes you you might as well keep buying new computers so you can run the latest Windows.”

    Sorry :)

  103. Bjarnovikus

    Most of the time my computer is displaying the ubuntu logo in the upper left corner of my screen but sometimes it is displaying the icon of windows at the lower side of my screen.

    Ubuntu is just waaay too fast, I’m on the internet in less then 30 seconds (Chrome OS says less then 10 seconds, but that’s only chrome OS, I need more stuff :P ). It’s just so cool… Firefox (Webbrowser), Pidgin (IM, I hate the default app for some strange reason), The GIMP (photo editing), gedit (text editing, it’s 100x better then notepad.exe on windows),… It alles comes on ubuntu and it’s very very easy to use. The dark side of ubuntu is that you sometimes got some strange glitches with the GUI (for me) or just a black screen when starting up with some weird errors (but the OS still boots…)

    Windows is a-must-have when it comes to popular games… But currently I’m a minecraft-addict so I barely start Windows in GRUB ;) But in the very near future I’m willing to pick up game programming with a brand new game of mine, So from then It’s most of the time Windows :)

    So, to reply on the subject… Yes I’m willing to give up Windows entirely (so nothing from/about windows on this laptop (yes, even the sticker at the right of the keyboard) ) when I can make games with Game Maker on Ubuntu and all good games like Assassin’s Creed or Portal or … will be ported to Linux (But I’ve got some strange feeling that that might not happen at all “soon”).

  104. Patrick

    I use Ubuntu and always upgrade although it still has some bugs that a Windows user would not know or want to try to persevere in solving. Usually they are silly things like I had for a few days. I had to log in with my password twice or three times. In the end I changed the password to fix that. Simple – not so simple, go to Administration-users and groups, click and a box comes up Change Password so click and change password then wait, wait, wait and wait. Ah, no box to ask came up to first to ask you to put in your password to do administrative tasks. Confused? So was I until I clicked on advanced settings and then back to Change Password. Geek I am not but even Geeks would have to admit that bit of information on the box you open to change Password is a bit arse about faced. So, whilst I stay with Linux I do understand why Windows users are daunted by Linux – they still have not ungeeked the popular Ubuntu completely. Oh well let’s see what 11.4 the next release will offer and not think about them dropping Gnome for Unity – oh-oh-oh-oh no.

  105. Aln Howe

    First I absolutely HATE the built in obsolescence of all Windows products. I am now using xp on my wife’s and gaming computers and 7 on my work (at home) computer. After one of the Microsoft Office change overs requiring you to pay update or it wouldn’t work with new software, I got pissed off AGAIN and when to Ubuntu but had trouble finding all of the programs needed.

    I have used Mac but don’t really care for it.

    I hate to say, but so far, over 1/2 yr, 7 is proving to be fast, easily usable and reliable. BUT, I am looking forward to Google’s operating system and the use of Cloud software. My wife is a Designer specializing in Wallcovering and I help in the manipulation of her hand painted designs on the computer. I am wondering what types of programs will be accessable through Google’s OS and Cloud.

    The problem I see is that when whatever OS comes out the proves to be superior to Windows, it will first take time to prove itself and then take time to have all the different programs designed for it. If Google’s OS is able to utilize third party programs available for Windows, I will try to go that way. If not, while willing to, I don’t see a change in the near future.

  106. Slavko

    I play FPS games, therefore I need Windows. If not gaming – I could use any OS (except Chrome OS – I am still cautious of the whole “cloud” idea) . So as soon games like COD would be available on Linux I am switching to Ubuntu.

    From my personal experience – Linux (Ubuntu) got more options to customize GUI then any other OS.
    Stop trolling. It wasn’t funny at all.

  107. tommy2rs

    I use windows, mac and linux. Got a Vista laptop (hacked until runs flawlessly), #! on the netbook (never crashed once), OSX (Tiger) on my old Ti powerbook, and XP Media Center on, you guessed it, the media center in the living room.

    The wifes graphics machine runs XP Pro. Her next will run 7.

    The next desktop I build will be a linux media center to replace the aging box in the living room.

    No plans for a new Mac. The nanny attitude that Apple has doesn’t suit me at all. Good software, bad corporate attitude.

  108. kathy

    I hate Windows but am not geeky enough to use Linux and Macs are too expensive. I’m not sure about the cloud experience from a security standpoint and that pretty much leaves me with Windows so I continue using it. Every time there are security updates my pulse races–are the hackers that much smarter than the Windows guys? I could go on and on about what I don’t like about Windows but can come up with very little that I like about it other than its ease of use.

  109. Novbre

    I started dabbling with Linux last year, and atm I’m really enjoying a Mint distro I installed about 2 months ago. The only two things that holds me back from ditching windows is some rather expensive software (CS4, Vue Extreme, Carrara etc) some of which I can cross grade (for a substantial fee) others simply don’t have a Linux version. My experience with Wine and these graphic monsters hasn’t been positive, so running them on Linux that way isn’t an option. If there are other ways to use them besides Wine, I’m not geeky enough yet to have discovered them.

    The second thing holding me back is a strange attitude I’ve run into repeatedly when hunting down how to do something in Linux. Rabid is a word that comes to mind. Wanting to learn a new OS shouldn’t be this huge drama fest every time I peek in on some user forum lol!

  110. Robin Mathew Rajan

    I think dual booting Linux & Windows could be a solution & it also maintains a healthy & good balance between the two. If we run into a problem in Windows could be solved in Linux & vice versa. I didn’t use a Mac OS X yet & so I don’t anything about it personally & practically & so I’m not commenting on it.

  111. PendragonUK

    I have a few computers and only one is running Windows. The rest are running Linux (Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS) The wife’s computer is running Ubuntu and so is my daughter and her husbands PC is also running Ubuntu.

    The sole reason for having Windows in the house is for gaming. Gaming is also the only reason why I have such a powerful PC. I would have no reason to run a 6Core 8Gb Monster if it wasn’t for the games. You could buy a whole PC for the cost of my graphics card! Not to mention the cost of SSD storage!

    This said I do think that Windows 7 is the best OS Microsoft has ever made. It is also true to say that If Win9x or 2K/XP had been any good I would never have learned to like Linux! It was the total inadequacy’s of previous Windows that pushed me to find an alternative.

    This may be more true of Apple users. Who would be happy to pay the Apple tax of at least a 50% price hike for identical hardware just to run OSX if Windows wasn’t so crap? If every version of Windows was as good as W7 from the beginning would you ever see Apple computer out side a design studio or a Linux box out side a server farm??? My guess is probably not.

  112. computermedic64

    I use Ubuntu, works great with ALL my windoz games with wine! Both my computer stores and home machines are all ubuntu, no viruses or spyware ever again. I give my customers a 30 day trail of ubuntu in place of windoz when service is need, if they dont like it after 30 days I will switch them back for free! In 3 years I have had 6 go back to windoz, the rest love it and send their freinds. I off this to anyone in Albuquerque NM.

  113. Briana

    @Bjarnovikus: If this isn’t a formal class you are taking, I suggest learning Python, as you can program games in it, and it is compatible with Linux, Mac AND Windows! I started learning it in school, but there was only one semester offered anyway…have to go independently…

  114. Mark

    I already use dual-boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10. Everything works awesome without any problem.

  115. Pinakin Tamboli

    Congratulation to all friends for switching to Linux or Other OS. You all would switch at the time of MS-DOS 6.22. Was it possible?

    but my friends it is impractical to switch from Windows

    It is not the question of Asian Beauties
    It is not the question of File Handling
    It is not the question of Speed (my windows takes only 7 seconds to boot upto Desktop)
    It is not the question of Browser
    It is not the question of Server
    It is not the question of Mission Critical Application
    It is not the question of Security (Windows has now the most effective Antispyware, Antivirus MSE)

    It is the question of Software Development There is no Software development Application like Visual Studio 2010 in Linux or Other OS.
    It is the question of Graphics (Windows has DirectX API interface)
    It is the question of Developer Team (Windows has the Large Army of Developers)
    It is the question of GUI in Other OS. (not like windows)

    There are many things Windows can do better than other OSs. Microsoft has never revealed those secrets.

    As a programmer I will not switch… if needed in future I will develop new OS. but not switch to Linux.

    So, Please switch from windows in dreams.

  116. John

    I too have already switched to Ubuntu. You just need some patience with it and do some reading, once setup correctly you can do everything you do with your Windows and it doesn’t cost you a dime. From the start everything you do with Ubuntu is faster, from load up to executing programs. As you already know how to use a browser, email, word and so on, there is nothing new to learn, you already know it.

    I have a server addition and two desktop additions, I have to keep one computer on Windows because I support it, but I am activate in converting my client base to switch to Ubuntu. My clients can save thousands of dollars a year by NOT buying into MS and that is becoming a really easy sell.

    For those thinking about Cloud, check your Internet Providers limits before you head over their, you need to know your GB limits per month before you end up with a really big bill. A 15GB limit isn’t going to help you very much, and if the Cloud Provider goes under, you are toast. It has happened so please make sure you know all the facts first.

  117. Jer

    I definitely won’t be going “into the clouds” because of the outrageous possibilities for surveillance by Google, and Microsoft, and Yahoo, etc., and the endless chains of nested profilers and demographers and advertising targeters who will swarm more like a “cloud” of locusts around all data nakedly stored on the public servers. For me, Linux varieties would be the only alternative option to Windows, if Linux ever reached the point where it can do everything Windows can do. But I have to admit I like Linux, and one of the main reasons for liking it is the feeling of freedom it gives from the heavy oppression of Microsoft — the dictatorial rules, the insulting suspicion cast upon you every time you upgrade your hardware or reinstall the operating system, when you have to face the ordeal of reading off those endless chains of numbers over the phone. How much frickin’ verification do they need before they feel sure they’ve squeezed every penny out of you? Think surveillance is not an issue? With the groping TSA in mind, pause and reflect a little about how you will be surveilled everywhere in the Cloud, especially all banking and commercial transactions. And once you are GPS’sd and sniffed out for wireless, nothing is private any more.

  118. hhoward

    I have win7 and vista on 2 dual monitor systems (one in my recording studio), for me its not so much an issue of OS comparisons but an issue of getting rid of microsoft’s domination and control out of our lives, the ppl above are right win7 is a lot better OS, so i have been waiting for a more formidable OS so that we can all move across to a non dictatorial computer situation. i keep hearing stories that Windows 8 will force us to be tapped into the beast itself on a basically full time and permanent nature, just in case microsoft may lose a few pennies to counterfeiters, not that they aren’t making enough money anyway.
    These ppl have to go, we have fought two world wars and we have all lost family members committed to fighting against dictatorships and tyrannies. i know, i know this is a computer shell, but never the less they are still getting closer and closer to world domination in a different way, i don’t know if its true, but i was told that microsoft tried to get rid of linux through the courts, many ppl i know have dumped windows and as soon as i can run windows programs on a stable OS then i too will be rid of them.

  119. Tom

    Started Dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu.
    haven`t had time to properly fool around with it because of exams. like ubuntu better tho. except for the fact that you can`t play games on ubuntu. like the fact that everything is free. :).

  120. Johnny B.

    I am your average computer user, no geek here, tho I occasionally make a successful repair by myself after I do some damage with downloads or poisoned site visits. I can’t justify leaving the most popular os, with all the softwares that are compatible with it,especially since repair info is readily available from the window/microsoft folks. Over time I get to know all the software I download (the Keepers) and I get few compatibility problems since everyone uses windows in their configures of their stuff so it would be like a foreign nation if I changed, it might be a brand new start with alot of new ways and methods, but I’d be learning all over again , forget that mess!I have stopped blaming my ability to screw up my stuff on windows or microsoft as though it were the softwares fault, and my last comment is that Gamers who are far more likely to “trick” out their computer sorta remind me of the 70’s to 90’s custom vehicle guys, yeah you get alot of neat tricks and sharp looks, but you can’t use it for mundane transport anymore, I find it a bit self defeating.

  121. Ed Stewart

    nt0xik8ed You have some bad hardware!! Quit windows 10 years ago completely. Linux has run for the last ten years without a single problem. Took vista off this laptop, installed Ubuntu and have a much nicer, faster computer. My desktop is a quad core amd with 8 gig of ram on an asus mobo with 1 gig nVidia v car, it flies and with dual monitors I can run 8 programs at the same time with no loss of speed. Also no constant fight trying to keep up with virus’s and spyware, M$ needs to change their kernel, instead of sticking with crap that was used back in win 3.0.

  122. Kevalin

    Since 7 x64 came out, my issues with Windows have pretty much evaporated. And as to that clap-trap about Bill Gates, the current administration and the “New World Order”, please. Get over yourself. It’s not Microsoft that now demands your cell phone number to activate a new email account, but Google. And Apple’s only requirement (besides paying way too much for way too little) is that you give up most of your right to use software they won’t make a profit from. Can’t speak on Linux, though I am considering Ubuntu in place of Win 7 x86, which is the second side of my dual boot (there are a couple of programs I need that simply will NOT work in x64).

    I’ll just hang with Windows 7 for now.

  123. john3347

    I have no love for either Microsoft or for any recent version of their operating systems. The problem is that there is no reasonable alternative available. I have tried numerous Linux distributions (including the popular one that has a name that sounds like the name of an African jungle instead of a computer operating system), but all Linux distributions that I am familiar with remain “by geeks – for geeks”. Anything from Apple is so arrogant and expensive that nothing from Apple is suitable for anything in my collection. Google is not worth being mentioned. Microsoft Windows, despite all its shortcomings, is the only one left that one can find a program that performs a service they need and can expect it to work on their system.

  124. asdf-chan

    @Pinakin Tamboli

    And again: Eclipse can do all that and much more, it is open source and does not bind you to one language and/or compiler. Besides, you can really call yourself a programmer if you could code without an IDE. As an example: Windows does not no shit about shared libs, etc, ergo Windows is crap. Why would you want to install a libary a few times again if it allready exists on your system, that is just nonsense bullcrap and blows your registry. Programming for Linux is way more fun, makes more sense and you can do much^n more than you could ever do with windows.

    DirectX is no solution. Another example: Software based rendering is not anymore needed with the powerfull graphic cards we have atm, that’s why it will die very soon and even if someone would use software based rendering why not use SDL which is open source and has a wide range of plattform support. In the end you gain more consumers of your software, which is the goal. Making more money by selling your stuff to everyone.

    – There are many things Windows can do better than other OSs. Microsoft has never revealed those secrets. –
    Oh wow, misterious man. Srsly how come you know if MS never revealed those secrets?

    – As a programmer I will not switch… if needed in future I will develop new OS –
    Right, the world needs more operating systems, makes perfect sense.

  125. Adam Thompson

    I switched from Windows to Linux years ago and it is by far the best choice I’ve ever made computer wise.

  126. delukze

    Windows is all i’ve ever used, but I would like to test other OS and see what I’m missing on…

  127. Vince

    I shipped Windows off A while ago.I have been using Linux/Ubuntu Since Jaunty.It’s not that I dislike Windows.It’s that Windows has SO many security holes, that one almost has to hire a body guard just to check email.Sorry Microsoft .But .I feel if you don’t tighten up? You may fall from grace.

  128. bob

    Apple dropped the ball on os, sure they score big time on gadgets these days but 20 yrs ago when came out with Mac they should have put it into a computer they could sell at price to beat all competition, that is the name of the game

    windows os is a copy of apple’s Mac os, and apple still does not know it, which is ok but they ought develope a killer os that would take all of the mkt

    similarly linux and all others os do not know marketing in that have to have a price that beats competition and gives more product, o well

    i have been using windows since 1995, they continually upgrade their os, almost weekly and often daily, it is a super os if you use it to max but that is dependent on the user, most users are brain dead and ought not have a computer

    anyway, nice of you to ask opinion of lowly users, thanks

  129. bob

    this is continuation of mine a few minutes ago:: i guess everyone sees that price of computer, if with windows os, is dropping all the time, the best price i found was an Acer, Asia, windows at Costco,,,, usually costco will give you access to their products to take a look and most will also give you right to buy if you pay all cash, the best about costco is they stand behind what they sell, i.e. if a fault with windows or acer, and manufacturer wont fix or refund, costco will fix or refund as if they were the manufacturer, and will
    make sure you are happy with their solutions, cant beat costco for satisfaction, used to be wallymart was good, they big shots now too big for own good, and brain dead outfits like sears do not even know what the words satisfaction, warranty, good will, etc, mean, o well………………..

  130. one2busy

    Yes, with some conditions. I have Win2000 Prof, XP Prof., Win7 Prof 64bit and Ubuntu 32bit/64bit 10.10. The Conditions are: I need a good robust Database System for several of my applications and I have not found any in Linux that will do. I tried the one that comes with openoffice… don’t work. However, everything else in Ubuntu works GREAT…… So, YES I would change if that condition was met. Ed

  131. Sigurjon Helgi Kristjansson

    Yes, I would most definately give up on windows. I bought my computer, about 5-6 years ago, and had it custom built. This was because ALL dealers, eventhough they advertised, “We´ll set it up to YOUR specifications”, wouldn´t. I was starting online translations, and some of the software required at the time, was Windows only, so if I wanted to work in the field, I had to do it on Windows, whether I liked it or not.

    Some 25 years ago, I studied computing, and WANG, was making an attempt to take over the Office environment, and had many good ideas, but IBM beat them, when they accepted ASCII as opposed to their own EBCDIC, characther referencing. All the different computers on the market at the time were non-standard, apart from using ASCII, and you could get your basic DOS (Disk Operating System) or MS-DOS (Microsoft´s version) which was slightly more expanded, others were DR-DOS (from Digital Research) and EZ-DOS, and then there was the odd one out GEM. All of these systems, had different versions of BASIC that ran on them, and few could run serious programming languages, like: Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL, ASSEMBLER or C (which later expanded to C+, C++ and C#).

    Now you can get software that runs on Linux, as the world embraces open source. In my field, translations and interpretations, I have been keeping an eye out for this, so I can dump Windows. Unfortunately, alot of companies, have embraced, software, that is Windows dependent, and therefore expect you to spend a fortune on the same kind of software, just because they´ve done it, and are trying to make it an “industry standard”.

    Although Microsoft, have released Windows 7, which is supposed to cut down the lengthy start up time, when I ran a check, to see how my system would respond to an upgrade, the amount of rubbish I was told needed upgrading was horrendous, not to mention, that I was supposed to re-install all the software and some of the software I was told would not run. – Well if I´m supposed to re-install everything, I can immediately see, that it would pay to install Linux, and just install all these free software packages and be done with it.

    Thanks to Open Office I can read all Windows documents, and save them back again. Thanks to various free software, I can change them into pdf documents, and if I do want to use a translation memory, I can use OmegaT which is open source, and will read a good selection of files (more file types pending), instead of using Windows based translation memories, which then won´t work, unless you also buy Word from Microsoft or Microsoft Office (What a rip off buy software for £1000, spend time going on a course in how to use it (3 days), and then have to buy MS-Office so it will work); Nah!, download OmegaT for free, read the short documentation (10-15m), and off you go.

    As regards which Linux to use, well if I were using a laptop, I might go for Damn Small Linux a.k.a. DSL, so as to have enough room for all my work and other software, and to cut down on start up.

    I would probably use ZoneAlarm (free) as a firewall, or buy ESET, as virus protection goes, ZoneAlarm, ESET or perhaps something else.

    A programmer who commented before me, spoke about Making more money, but the problem with Microsoft´s way of thinking as well as those of the Windows persuasion as opposed to UNIX persuasion (Our system, which art in kernel, UNIX be thy name…), should realise, like I mentioned before about dependancies, in addition to which, Windows, doesn´t offer the kind of warranty you expect from manufacturers. If you buy a computer, and it goes on the blink, you get service. All Microsoft ever does, is say, this is the latest software and we´ve ironed out the bugs (just added 250 others), and you can buy it for blah blah blah.

    With Linux and other open source, you get geeks, who fix it, and fix it fast. Microsoft keep you waiting forever. If Windows were truly as good as they (Microsoft) think it is, Why then, would a multi-millionaire, like Richard Branson, have thrown out Microsoft software out of all the computers in his financial sector (Virgin Credit Cards etc.), to substitute it with Linux. It is simple. Windows is prone to viruses, and it is expensive to protect, and you have to pay an arm and a leg to get updates, and every time, you have to spend a fortune on getting everyone trained to “Windows standards”. – He saw the benefit of having a couple of Geeks and Nerds to fix things and fix them fast, as opposed to wait for Microsoft for 6 -12 mths.

    I used to work for a foreign government, and they were preaching all about using IBM and their “dedicated” systems. I queried why they didn´t use UNIX, since it was more flexible. At the end of the seminar, the one giving the talk said: “UNIX is the future”, at which point, one of the heads of the government computer dept. walked out.

    Windows did bring a likeness of the Apple environment into peoples lives, and software for it, became an industry standard for the print industry. But Windows is just too darn slow, and wants to tell you what to do, rather than you tell the computer what you want done. After all, the user decides what he wants done, not the computer. It used to be, that peoples excuses for cock-ups, was to blame it on the poor computer, a dumb piece of metal and plastic sitting in a corner, doing exactly what the programmer told it to do, with the data somebody had fed it. Well today, it is the MS-OS, that is killing creativity. MS, wants to know where and how you surf, what you are using, so they can force you to buy their product. – Long live Linux and Open Source.

  132. mhenriday

    For personal use, I exclusively employ Ubuntu (presently 64-bit Maverick), which I find vastly more reliable than Microsoft’s corresponding products, but I also have various Windows OS installed on my boxes in order to be able to help others who use those OSs – not, for the most part, through any conscious choice on their part, but because the respective OS «came with the computer» and the users are unaware that alternatives exist (a situation similar to that obtaining for web browsers a few years ago). To people like signature «Grizwald», let me point out that it is not at all the case that Ubuntu does not support VGA, rendering it unusable with (most) projectors ; if, after first switching on the projector, then connecting the VGA cable and booting the computer, one is greeeted by a message to the effect that the projector is searching for a source, just hold down the fn key on your keyboard and then hit F4 – that should suffice to bring the computer in contact with the projector and display one’s desktop on the screen….

    I’m looking forward to installing Chrome OS on a netbook, to see whether this OS indeed turns out to be as revolutionary as has been claimed ; if so, such a system would suffice for a lot of the users I know….


  133. Bl

    I run windows 7 on my laptop and at home. And at work I’m now on a Mac tower quad core. We switched from PC’s to Macs because the theory was, our software would run more smoothly without crashes. But I think these guys who ultimately pushed for a Mac OS made their decision based on brand loyalty and not actual research. I think somehow spending more money just makes them feel elite.
    The conclusion is now I have peripheral conflicts that constantly cause me to crash, as well as crashes generated at the software level. The only big difference that I see now is that our techs used to spend hours fixing crashes when running Windows. And now they don’t’ have too. Now with a Mac, they spend hours trying to research a solution with no success. We just have to suck it up and learn to work around the glitches and crashes.
    Save often seems to be the only answer offered.
    These are same problems I encountered in the 90’s that made me switch to Windows, and are the same problem’s that keep me from going back to Mac. This doesn’t mean I would not switch to Mac. But they would truly have to be superior for that to happen. Otherwise I’m just throwing away money like any other fanboy. And honestly, I’m too secure of myself to have to buy my way into the in crowd.

  134. wayne

    I’ve been a Windows user since it first arrived and I am personally tired of adapting to a new GUI just because someone in Washington decided it was a good idea. I don’t have a computer to play with the operating system or learn new ways to accomplish the same thing I was getting done before.

    But I hear a lot of both good and bad about Linux in all its varieties and flavors. And what would it add to the doing of the tasks I have and use the computer for?

    I’ve been working with computers since 1967 and have already blazed too many trails. I think I would enjoy going 5 years without having to get acquainted with a new operating system; not to mention a new web browser every year.

  135. CK

    I’ve worked in IT for many years, and it would be a hard press to get me to switch away from Windows entirely to any other OS, as it would be a huge investment of time & energy to get my skills in any other OS up to my level of proficiency on windows, and the software I use & write. My work & personal projects/hobbies cover a much wider range than the surf, email & some fun of a typical user. So in that regard, I don’t see anything in the foreseeable future causing me to switch entirely without a lot of detailed deliberation.

    However, the most interesting aspects to me of new OS are the mobile & portable device type markets. The places that extend your computer experiences when you are not sitting in front of a computer. They are certainly the next game changer in my eyes. And so, the natural suspects are iPhone, Android (Google TV in that mix too), & Chrome OS,

    As more & more additional devices branch into the internet, those types of experiences seem the most likely to invoke any sort of possible switch from me. Well, not really a switch as I see, but more of an extension of Windows, moving more tasks away from my Windows machine as specific tasks can be done elsewhere.

    While many say Chrome OS is small, & very specific to the clouds, you could have probably said a similar type of argument about iPhone. The reality is that once Chrome OS is available as a stable base platform, people will develop far more uses for it than you can possible imagine yourself doing right now. Once those applications bring value to the user, the potential for the pendulum swing occurs.

  136. Race1

    I was going to make the jump away from Windows some time back. I tried Linux. It was crap. Can’t load video drivers, network cards won’t work, this problem, that problem. I was always after it trying to get it stable. I don’t have that kind of time to be hacking on my computer all night long like some geek. I don’t care what you Linux folks say, On the desktop it can’t compete with Windows. At least not quite yet. On the server side it is great though. Once you get it dialed in it just runs and runs. That is, once you get it dialed in!

    I refuse to use anything Apple and bow to their draconian ways. And I don’t trust my data to Google and their cloud. In fact I just don’t trust Google period.

    Win 7 worked right out of the gate, has never crashed on me or even hung for that matter, has all the apps and games I could ever want, and it just screams with H/W that is a fraction of what I would have to pay for a Mac.

    So does this mean that I will never switch from Windows? No! I like to try and keep an open mind. Except where Apple is concerned of course! Linux is getting closer and someday they are finally going to get it right. But until that day comes, I’m going to stick with Win 7 on the desktop.

  137. tsairox

    I am a die-hard Linux fan, but like all OS’s for different reasons. I would have to say if I could have Mac OS X on a souped up Apple rig, it would be my ultimate choice. It is the only one that can run all three OS’s seamlessly without lots of tweaking via Vmware or VBox. Thus, you have the best of all worlds. Mac OS X is founded on FreeBSD and thus has lots of tricks under the hood that most people never bother to realize exist (ie the ports and fink).

    One can install a plethora of free and open source software easily. I love using the terminal a lot on my Mac and on my Linux box. The tools are almost endless! Also not having to buy anti-virus software for the latter two is a bonus. They require less maintenance and rebooting than Windows does overall.

    If you are a true geek like me and like to get under the hood of your OS to see what’s there, you will find love for all OS’s for different reasons! I use my Mac and Linux boxes the most though!

  138. Ninja Hattori

    My heart was immediately melting down when Canonical sent me the Ubuntu 6.06 LTS CDs back in 2005. Never before anyone in the ICT industry treated me so humanly like that. I’ve been a longtime Microsoft Windows user (since the good ol’ DOS days), but none of the software giant’s employees ever thinking of even sending e-mail saying, “Dear valuable costumer, we appreciate that you have chosen and used our products for a long period of time. As signs of gratitude, you may now upgrade each Microsoft product you own at a 75% discounted price.”
    I chose Ubuntu mainly because it’s an african product, so it won’t give any reasons for americans like Joe Biden to yell at me, “Hey thief!”, only because I’m logging on to Microsoft Network sites using IP address from a country whose copyright infringement rate is high. I hate being stereotyped. I don’t want my computing behaviors and activities be driven by americans who treated their users so bad. I pray each day that Microsoft, Apple, Google, Oracle and HP (in that order) meet their demise – and to make matters more dramatic, the demise takes place in the lifespan of the incumbent execs. Oh lordy, am I asking too much? I also urge my good asian fellows not to make hardware for them.

  139. Joyce

    Since I started my computer work on an IBM 1401 with punch cards, the OS isn’t a big problem for me. I can use Mac as well as Windows. My reason for voting “no” was an economic one — as a retiree, I can’t afford to replace all my production apps when the OS changes.

  140. NeoFax

    Been running Linux since 1999. Only have a Windows system for video games(Civ V ATM). How many windows systems are in the top100 supercomputers? How many windows systems run in the micro-architecture arena? Linux runs pretty much anywhere.

  141. Andrew

    I will not give up Windows 7 I think it is great, but I would like to run a second OS on my computer so I could learn it, I just don’t know how.
    My computer is partitioned and I could do that only if I knew how.
    I did not vote because my choice was not there.

  142. Simon

    I trained as a ICL COBOL programmer in 1980 using a very arcane o/s which used six-bit words instead of bytes! Indeed I used to use CP/M (remember that?) when I had my first p.c, an.Amstrad PCW8512! I’ve grown up a bit and since then, I have used Windows and Linux in most guises. I guess that qualifies me to comment a little about which to choose.

    My rule of thumb is as long as the o/s is relatively easy for my wife to use then it’s okay with me (But I am getting old!).

  143. Flex

    i refuse to give up windows. true, it may still have some sticking points but it is still the best OS out there, especially windows 7

    as they always say…
    the lesser of two weevils

  144. Jon

    No voting option for “I already use a different OS”? Are your readers only Windows-users?!

  145. Mike

    I have already started the move to Linux and mac.

  146. Nika

    i just did. i now have OpenSuse.

  147. Geekbrit

    @Pinakin Tamboli – give QtCreator a try. Exactly the same source code gives native-looking apps on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. THAT’s the way to go, not being locked into a program development system that is limited to one platform.

  148. John
  149. rroberto18

    I’ll stay with Windows…but only because the devil you know is preferable to the devil you don’t.

    What would be ideal is to have a universal operating system without having to.partition your HD many ways to accomplish that. One operating system that would accommodate itself to your programs, rather than the other way around.

  150. Devon

    Once they come out with Steam for Linux, I’m switching over to Ubuntu entirely. I would run it under WINE but I’ve tried that before and it’s really buggy and sluggish. For now, I’ll stick to Windows 7.

  151. hhoward

    i agree with John3347, the alternatives are just not there yet and google is hardly worth the mention, plus they aggressively try to install their crap on your computer from sites all over, and they get tricky about it too. i also agree strongly with Sigurjon Helgi Kristjansson , a very intelligent and authoritative person, i also come from a computer programming background and have watched the whole growth thing from the beginning, actually i am surprised that China has so easily allowed microsoft products in being what they represent.
    and who here is sick of waiting for automatic updates to do its thing before you can power down, particularly since most of them are to do with the fact that microsoft doesn’t get ripped off?
    Please please Ubuntu people, evolve fast, their is no way that i will move to windows 8, i want my freedom, and unfortunately at the moment comparing linux to win7 is like comparing ‘lost in space the series with transformers on blue ray wide screen.

  152. Ed Allem

    I am already using Linux on3 of my 4 machines. PCLinuxOS 2010, Debian Lenny and Mepis. The machines just STAY up and runningwithout the need for a slew of programs to keep the OS safe.

  153. beergas

    Windows 7 Ultimate 32x works stable & fast for me. Nuf for now, why bother otherwise?

  154. HCamper

    @Sigurjon Helgi Kristjansson
    I am a dual platform Admin,User,Developer,Programmer and OSN (Open Source Network) advisor.
    I have been part of developmnet for the Mono Project in windows 2000,XP,Vista,Windows 7 and Open Suse,Suse Linux Ent.

    Your missing a key set of perspectives in development.
    The world of development was unified by Microsoft and Dot Net Framework.
    The Dot Net Framework aka .NET and Mono has made it possible for a code once approach base of design.
    For your education ( You and others ) check the bios for project teams at OSN, Novell,Microsoft and even Apple.
    You will find are large number of long time developers embrace core design using multiplatform systems.
    Example check who is working on Windows Kernel team memembers are not Windows centric but code once and universal design. Check who is at Code Plex and Port 25 coding and developing.
    The solution is not taking an OS position but instead providing more possiblities for end users.
    I can not pick just one OS that only works for marketing. I pick all OS because the best OS does not yet exist. Since 1972 when I started the world of computers went from being a brand only concept
    to now it is Users,Developers,Developement Shops proving what is best for Users and cCompanies.
    I like many features of Linux,Windows,Apple but each OS will only grow if Developers decide to not be confused by Branding and more on unification.
    The best thing for computing was when Sun was pushed out of there lie that Java would be only way
    to get a multiplatform system solution.
    The best thing for Computing was was when Microsoft used and expanded .NET and Dot Net Framework.
    The best thing for Computing was Microsoft creating a bridge for Linux to Microsoft code and design.
    The best thing for Computing was Mono Project being funded by Novell to create framework for Linux systems of all distros. Many people love and use Ubuntu if it had not been for Novell and Microsoft bridge Ubuntu would not have been able to get over hurdle to implement (Media,Documents,Filesystems,Virtual Systems,Networking) for any type of real OS.
    I am done with by “Rant” ony to say never limit your possiblities by using only one OS.
    Martin -:)
    Windows and Linux can Work Together

  155. Old Ed

    All you M$ users, fanboiz, need to look at yourself in the mirror and admit that you don’t use or try Linux because you :
    1) are afraid you will fail or you tried and DID FAIL or
    2) you don’t know how to do anything besides play games or run defrag
    3) you think icon beauty is more important than functionality or
    4) you think computer OS and apps are only worthy if you pay $ for them

  156. asdf-chan

    Apple is no choice either. Apple is a total nazi when it comes to software development. Do not share source, do not share knowledge, build everything from scratch, no frameworks, use one language, etc

    Apple is even worse than Microsoft

  157. the earth ox

    Aged 61 new to computers self taught over 7 months.When i become comfortable with a system it becomes like a friend trusted easy to use evolving slowly and easily for me to slowly understandd new parts. Although i visit geek i am in no way easy and confident with computers. MY main reason for the answer i gave is in the answer above?. THE local library i use runs computer courses some learn slowly some dont turn up. being independant in life and computers means you have to persever to learn this is the begining to gaining confidence in a new subject.I KNOW my answer is basic I SET YOU A QUESTION. WHO IS BEST TO ANALYSE A SYSTEM ONE WHO KNOWS SOMETHING ABOUT IT. OR ONE WHO KNOWS NOTHING BUT IS PREPARED TO LEARN BY NOT GIVING UP thanks the earth ox

  158. Rick

    I really love these insignificant polls … It gives everyone who can’t understand ‘why?’ Microsoft is still the number one OS in the world. I don’t use Linux, or better said, I WON’T use Linux. I have used it in the past yet, it never felt like a complete OS and it isn’t. Old Ed moans …

    “All you M$ users, fanboiz, need to look at yourself in the mirror and admit that you don’t use or try Linux because you :
    1) are afraid you will fail or you tried and DID FAIL or
    2) you don’t know how to do anything besides play games or run defrag
    3) you think icon beauty is more important than functionality or
    4) you think computer OS and apps are only worthy if you pay $ for them

    In response to Old Ed …

    1. Even with Windows 7 I can use ‘Batch’ files and as a retired IT Consultant, I tried and failed more times than you have ever switched a computer off an on.

    2. I love playing games, I paid my dues, and Windows 7 defrags itself so, I’m cool.

    3. Icon beauty? I think you have Windows confused with Mac OS X … Though, Windows finally conceded and improved it’s icons appearance.

    4. There are more totally FREEWARE applications for Windows than all the other operating systems combined, including their ‘paid’ applications.

    So, Old Ed, you look in a mirror and ask yourself; “If Linux is so good, why hasn’t it ever caught on?

    Most people want a home computer that they can plug in, help them with organizing their bill paying, help their children with their homework, and to provide some simple entertainment. And they want it done with as little hassle as possible. ‘Why?’ that offends anyone is rediculous because, that’s what computers are supposed to do … Work with as little hassle as possible. And before you even think to mention viruses, hacks, and the like. Remember where they come from and be thankful if you aren’t a Windows user. Because, if your OS were as popular and as well used as Windows, the attacks would be aimed at your computer as well.

    If you are harping at Microsoft because they make money? Isn’t that what a business is supposed to do? Microsoft has made some monumental mistakes, but I’ll still have their OS on my computers over anything else that’s out there. And folks, don’t make the mistake of making an argument a personal vendetta. If you don’t like Microsoft, the best you can do is not use Microsoft products or software. By making an arguent in a manner that is malignant and personal, you will only endear yourself to others equally as malignant and uninformed. I would rather like to think that, How-To-Geek readers were an informed lot.

  159. weebit

    Choice is wonderful!

  160. asdf-chan

    – There are more totally FREEWARE applications for Windows than all the other operating systems combined, including their ‘paid’ applications. –
    Well freeware is not open source.

    – If Linux is so good, why hasn’t it ever caught on? –
    Are we talkin about Linux in general or desktop systems?
    Linux was first a hobby project and then a server only operating system, which obviously was developed for that purpose. At that moment where desktop system where “the thing”, Linux did not notice and that’s how it is. Microsoft got the monopoly on desktops and Linux/Unix got the monopoly (which can’t be called monopoly because it is mostly non profit) on server systems, that is also why there are no specific number of installed server systems.

    Still the internet is based on Unix and Linux is based on Unix. Linux and Unix (*nix) have the most market share togehter and it is still increasing, while windows can’t catch up to that. Mac does not count as *ix because it’s an unwanted child that was made by raping Unix

  161. Dhasu

    GAMES… many run on Windows only… So i cant say Bon Voyage to Windows..
    But if im not playing any Games… OSX will be my 1st choice

  162. Col

    I have a dual boot setup with Ubuntu and Windows7, I only boot into Win7 when I need to help others fix their Win7.

  163. Ed

    I have tried Ubuntu on a couple occasions. I never seem to have success with a dual boot scenario. Will only ever boot into Linux. Probably down to me. I aren’t particularly command line literate so I have habit of reverting back to windows7.
    I also can’t find support for my TomTom.

  164. HCamper

    @all @Rick
    Based on a quote of what you said:
    “I really love these insignificant polls … I
    t gives everyone who can’t understand ‘why?’
    Microsoft is still the number one OS in the world.
    I don’t use Linux, or better said, I WON’T use Linux.
    I have used it in the past yet,
    it never felt like a complete OS and it isn’t.
    Old Ed moans ”

    A general set of observations from Users,Admins and Developers
    posting to this article ,poll ,discussion which includes different skill levels

    I start with core problems “it is hard to please some people,
    harder to please most and even, hardest to please majority, and impossible to please every one.”
    Second problem is making changes is hard.
    Third problem is Users who visit help sites (“How-To-Geek”) and others
    need to be provided with members who are no limited by OS knowledge.
    How to solve this problem read below.
    Take a hint from Software Enginering & Design for current Linux,Windows and Apple.
    This is how trained programmers approach building OS and Applications.
    To the stardard user they need a low cost solution to solve either an OS choice or Application choice.
    To the standard user they need a way to have the lowest learning curve.
    To the standard user they demand lowest price most features and required support is free and not additional cost.
    The standard user has learned between Linux, Apple and Windows their needs have never been
    really meet.
    To the admins they need to be able handle all OS if they do not they may find over time
    work is gone.
    To the admins every user is making more demands for help and learning to change OS knowledge is painful.
    To the developer fighting over OS is counter productive. If you can design or develop for more OS all the better at staying employeed.
    To the developer and project manager taking a less OS centric view of developing both OS
    and Applications is a best path.
    To the developers/designers to your job depends on how well you create solutions now,later how well and for how long depends on not being limited by OS and platform.
    I always have to remind myself computers are stiil new technology changes will and need to happen all the time.
    To all users trying new innovations and accepting
    change in Branding(Apple,Linux, Windows) personal or businness is a path to getting a better solution to how will computers be of use or just useless.
    To the members it is good to have polls to start taking about what is possible.
    To the members the end result of this poll should be not to switch OS but instead gain more
    knowledge to better help others.
    My “Rant” is done maybe this poll will generate a spark to learn more.
    Martin :-)
    Windows and Linux can Work Together.

  165. asdf-chan

    How about Steam?

  166. Stoyan Deckoff

    I use Ubuntu 10.04 on my Thinkpad x40. Although I had some problems with the video drivers( which restrict me from running 10.10 at the moment) and the culture shock of the new OS, 6 months later I really LOVE Ubuntu. Ubuntu just gave new life to my new machine, it is faster than ever. It comes with lots of features you have to install after installing windows – free office, CD burning, USEFUL media player… Not to mention, that the XP version of my pc was first release( not even SP1) Bulgarian phonetic out of the box, has to install that on XP. Plus – I fount lots of free software I can use on Windows Open Office, Calibre, VLC. Every Ubuntu version is much better than the previous – in just 6 months…
    Bugs issue
    What I dont like:
    Gnome 2 is ugly, dude :(
    No games – on my oher PC I have Win7 just for running games.
    For the average everyday use I would recommend Ubuntu, so in a way I have already made the switch:)

  167. A Former Penguin-hugging MS Hater

    I switched to Linux exclusively about five years ago following many years of toying with different distros. I was running Ubuntu up until about a year ago when they decided to cut support for my video card from the distro. I decided that was a good indicator that it was time to upgrade my PC.

    When I finally got my new PC I decided to try out WIndows 7. I was so taken with how polished and stable the OS was that I decided to stick with it. I still run Linux in VirtualBox for some of the great apps (particularly development tools), but I don’t bother dual-booting. No doubt the pendulum will one day swing towards another OS in future, but for now I’m quite happy with Windows.

    I will use any OS as long as I can get what I want done on it. Both Windows and Linux have their positives and negatives, but for the current iterations, Windows is the winner.

  168. octect

    I agree with the first Robert. Linux have to many issues. While I do use Ubuntu at home ( win 7 in my laptop ), I do dread everysingle update that comes around; so many time they have left me out in the cold, and everynow and then something happens. So for the other Robert, my hardware could not be any more standard, DC7600 HP, nothing added. I have a mix of Windows servers and Linux at work, and they are ok, but for PCs, just MS Win please. No, as of yet, nothing compares to Windows.
    Another Robert

  169. OldGnome

    I have been using various Microsoft OS’ since 1983, Windows since Win286 back in the late 1980’s. While I have some Windows-only software, I am ready to dump the whole Microsoft experience. I have a late-model laptop, Windows 7, Office 2010 and I’m really tired of waiting for all the parts of Office that report “Not responding” while they figure out how to apply italics to a three-letter word or react to a single mouse click – and this despite all of the troubleshooting tricks I have up my sleeve after 30 years in IT.

    Linux? Not a chance. I have paid my dues and spent my time building, installing, managing and maintaining computer systems. I don’t need an OS that forces me to do more of the same.

    Chrome? Unproven, but a potential contender, if only because it is likely to have learned from the mistakes of others.

    OSX? That’s probably the best current answer. Is it perfect? Please. An OS with that appellation doesn’t exist. It’s only better than the rest – and it’s going to need continual improvement to stay in that position.

    Our family has started making the move toward an Windows-free future. Multiple iPods and iPads plus a Mac laptop now share space with a Windows 7 laptop and two XP netbooks. XP is the next to go and the Win7 laptop will be given its walking papers within the next year.

  170. herp

    i really dont understand all those apple/mac users. it is way to expensive, doesn’t do more than any other os and most of the people don’t even use the stuff that is inside those machines like raid controllers or stuff like that. besides those two things apples security is a joke, everything they produce has double holes than microsoft. i remember reading about the encryption of the iphone that was bypassed by plugin it turned off in to a computer and loading it from usb on any system. i mean what the f? oh and steve jobs is an asshole

  171. th1bill

    I have been running Ubuntu since 7.10 with Windows inside vbox. At the present I am running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my main unit and 10,10 on my back-up unit. Since I am a 100% disable veteran that web-masters and creates graphics for myfav icons and restore old photos after digitizing them it absolutely essential that I use the back-up computer only during large and lengthy updates. During the last three years I have never had either of my home-built x64 computers crash during any operation. I became so tired of the blue screen of death in Windoze that I made the switch. I use Gimp today, almost exclusively for my graphics work and if the folks at Avery would port their CD Stomper s0oftware over to Linux I would have absolutely no use for Windoze at all except to continue my steady flow of repair to infected or crashed/non-bootable Windoze computers.

  172. santhozh

    Iam alreasdy using ubuntu.. i left windows some 7 years back.. since then ubuntu is my way..

  173. humantorch

    windows is so musch better because there are more compatible programs and games for windows than any other OS. But there are also advantages and disadvantages for windows and other OS. To me, it all depends on the user themselves where which is better.

  174. Mike

    Mint Linux! Or chrome os, If you are keeping windows because there are more games then you may want to rethink your priorities in life. Cut the cable, dump windows and learn something new. :-)

  175. Msid

    “It doesn’t matter which OS i’m using as long as i can do what i want with the computer”. Play game, troubleshoot, recover, operate etc..

  176. Corey

    Where’s “Already have.”?

    Linux user here.

  177. Sebastian

    I’d never use an os in its first year. I’ll wait till they have more experience first.
    I sincerely do hope that Microsoft will drop the prices on retail versions dramatically due to competition. The current pricing is ridiculous ofcourse.

  178. Scott

    Wow … where to start!? First off, Windows is not yours, even though you purchase it. I once did a re-install and had to call Microsoft where the guy on the phone told me he wanted to hear me typing when he gave me the keycodes! Please! Windows doesn’t design for inevitable viruses and spam, so there is more cost involved. Then, the virus ware and spyware take over your computer. There is also so much unidentified tasks going on in the background that you apparently have no control over. And Microsoft has literally had three decades to fix all these problems. I love Ubuntu Netbook Remix, however I use a Mac for more reliable tasks. It’s hard for me to even think about going to Windows after all the time, frustration and money they have cost me over the years!

  179. Kars

    I love Linux, but you need windows if you want to play games. I hope there will be better support for games in future with wine, etc.

  180. John

    I would have switched over to Linux long ago if the applications written for it were more user friendly. At times I don’t mind doing geek-tweeks to make my software work right, but most of the time I need a seamless interface that takes minimum effort to get good results. That is one thing Microsoft has done well — they put a lot of effort into researching the user interface. (If only they weren’t so sloppy with their programming!) Not that I like Microsoft, mind you. I get really tired of their big-brotherish manipulations and dirty business tactics. Give me good applications and I’ll switch to Linux in a flash!

  181. Lew

    I downloaded Ubuntu netbook. It took seven hours at dial up speeds. When and I ran it and started poking around, one of the built in apps “Encountered an Error and Had to Close”. Hey! Just like Windows. Then coming out of standby I got a black screen with a “GLib” something something error. That required a hold-the-power-button reboot. Then I found out my WiFi adapter was not compatible with Linux. At least not without a lot of command line jiggery-pokery. So, no standby, no WiFi and it crashes as well. When it comes right down to it, for what I use a computer for, Linux is a poor second choice to Windows.

  182. SHM

    No, I wouldn’t switch for good.
    I’ve tried them all except Chrome OS and they all have too many limitations.
    Linux is great for programming and running a server, but not for daily, casual use.
    OS X is for the Apple enthusiast and maybe, just maybe video editors although windows programms are catching up pretty fast and I would never, ever spend money on the overprized Apple hardware just because it’s shiny and some people think it’s cool. (I set mine up on a regular intel machine, the best part of this experience was beating OS X into submission)
    Chrome? I don’t know, I’ll try it just because I’m curious but I highly doubt it will convince me to switch.

    After over 15 years of hardcore experience with windows, I really like it. I know all the quirks and tweaks and find my way around each version easily. I know how to get all the things done I need and prevent stuff from happening Microsoft sells to beginners as important kernel processes. I think a relationship with Windows is kinda like a marriage, if you get over the first few bumps and can still look each other in the eye, it can last forever.

  183. AT

    Currently dual-booting Ubuntu Studio 10.10 and Windows XP – the Ubunto boot gets used about 95% of the time – I only use the XP part for the few audio apps I need that don’t run on anything but windows. If manufacturers would commit to linux compatability, I’d switch over 100% – Windows is bloat to the power of 10!

  184. kvadriga

    I use them all at the same time. Even BeOS. Depends on what i am doing . All on separate computers. Networked to the best of my ability. I like it like that. But i am a linux guy by default.

  185. Troy

    I’ve been on linux now for six months exclusively(currently ultimate edition 2.8 based on ubuntu 10.10) except for the odd game i can’t get to work i boot into windows which is win 7(the only good windows). Starting my computer life on a commodore 64 and then migrating to Amiga, so a bit of fiddling isn’t a chore to me. The only thing i’m upset about is that the latest amiga is for powerpc only and well i have x86. I’m always experimenting with os’s and i’m just waiting for my dowload speed to come back and i’m going to try PCBSD, Aros(open sorce amiga for x86), Reactos(open source windows) and i’m gonna have a crack at gentoo or arch linux as long as i can find a gnome version. I was on xp before but every couple of months i was having to reformat(heavy internet user), The only reason i’ve reformated since is to try a new distro of linux or i’ve played to much and stuffed something up. Everyones differnent the majority of computer users would be suited to windows unless they had some computer savy or easy access to a geek, Buty dual boot is the way for me

  186. Miguel Okstein

    Windows is always a good choice and last years it meets good part of users need. And sometimes its get annoying. But is forgiven due to the its compatibility with softwares and games; hardware too.

    Mac… well Mac was a surprise for me last year. I knew it was growing progressively but in 2010, dude it was everywhere! A lot lot of new useful programs appeared on the web and even games! (good games).

    Linux is.. (wait, who? ) yeap. It’s not in our everyday prayers but it’s still there. It’s a good o.s. but is not what today’s user wants. No visually attractive (I mean Windows 7 have Aero, Mac is elegant, sophisticated) But is a good choice for people that likes to work in another level of interaction.

    I’ve test Google OS just some hours so I don’t have so much to tell.

  187. max

    Having spent over 40 years of my adult life in the computer industry it’s taken me the better part of 20 years to escape the clutches of MS into whose clawing ineptitude I was forced way back in 1992. Back then I was fortunate and privileged enough to work on REAL computers based on REAL CPUs & systems not the X86 crap for which there is no other option these days sadly. I’m now back to a real OS that allows me to do what I want, when I want on MY computer and not be treated like a complete moron by idiots from MS who STILL don’t really understand networking properly. At least now I get to use REAL windows again (X11) and TRUE client/server architecture. Wintel has held back the computing industry by a minimum of 10 to 15 years IMNSHO.

    ALL of the PCs in my house, currently 9 of them, including an XBMC full HD media server shoebox and the ones used by my wife (who’s a self confessed technophobe) are Linux – she tried Win 7 but switched to netbook Ubuntu (she was using Xandros on her previous EEE-PC) within days of getting her new netbook. The PCs we have mostly run Ubuntu but also Debian. I even have a couple of old Dell Latitude CPxJ laptops that are literally falling to bits that work perfectly (albeit slowly with only 256 MB memory) with Ubuntu right out of the box – they’re in addition to the other 9!

    Apart from a few little niggles with one laptop that are now resolved (bad trackpad driver) they ALL run for weeks and months on end without breaking sweat and no crashes including after multiple consecutive software updates. I could NEVER say that about ANY MS-laden system I have EVER owned – BSODs were pretty much a daily occurrence on EVERY machine I’ve ever had with MS on it. WinXP proved to be the best of the bad bunch but Vista is a heap of proverbial horse dung.

    The solitary Windows app that I haven’t been able to replace is Quickbooks on which I have been running my company accounts for the last ten years. VirtualBox runs it on my Ubuntu system just fine when it’s required (for at most 30 mins daily on average) but WinXP has crashed on that too. Fortunately as it’s in a virtual environment rebooting does not involve a hardware reboot and all my other apps (under Linux) have continued unopposed. All the other win-based apps that I used to use have been replaced with better, free, Linux versions or run directly under Wine (no install, just run the .exe raw). In fact one app that used to cause issues under Windows runs fine under Wine – go figure!

    Games? I’ve never really been into PC-based games anyway, but the one game I used to really enjoy playing was Lemmings and there is now Pingus for Linux which is a brilliant clone with user-editable levels so Nirvana achieved.

    I sympathise with people who want to make the switch, but are unable to for various reasons, but persevere – the main issue is lack of native driver support by hardware manufacturers which is pretty bad in some cases but getting much better in many others.

    What has impressed me most is the ability to load, run and install Ubuntu (in that order!) off a live CD (versions 8.04 thru 10.10) onto different manufacturers PCs and it has just worked with the bare minimum of questions to answer at initial set-up and then it just gets on with it. You just CAN’T do that on ANY MS Windows setup on ANY PC. Oh yes! I can also do that from a USB stick and move it from machine to machine and it runs without issue (presuming the BIOS supports USB stick boot of course). Try doing THAT with Windows (without a truly massive amount of complex effort).

    An Ubuntu Live CD is an ESSENTIAL tool that EVERY Wintel user should have in their toolbag to repair a Windows machine – reloading NTLDR or getting access to any other NTFS volume files is easy, quick and simple! MS STILL doesn’t provide a means of achieving this. How else can one format, partition, resize, copy, repair, download drivers from the Internet and whatever else needed all off ONE bootable CD on ANY PC (in my experience at least with over 20 completely different machines now).

    Oh yeah! Who the hell wants “visually attractive” (which Ubuntu is for me anyway) over raw performance, usability, functionality, lack of expense, simplicity, reliability and loads of other “ilities” anyway? NOT me – probably why I’ll never own anything Apple – only a complete moron like Jobs would overturn the industry-wide decision 25 years ago to NOT have reflective glass screens on monitors because of the eyestrain they caused from unwanted and unavoidable fluorescent light and daylight/sunlight reflections. Doh!

    Best regards.

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