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Change Your Desktop Wallpapers the Easy Way with DeskSlide

Looking to add some variety to your desktop instead of looking at the same wallpaper day in and day out? Have fun changing your wallpapers automatically with DeskSlide.

DeskSlide Setup

As soon as you finish installing DeskSlide and start it up, you will be presented with the Configuration Wizard. The Currently Displayed Photo Window will also automatically display at the same time. Click “Next” to get started.


This is where you will be able to add any photo folders that you want to DeskSlide’s photo library list. Click on the “Plus Sign” to add a folder and on the “Minus Sign” to remove one.


Here is an example of how the listing will look. Once you have finished, click “Apply” and then “Next”. You can also include subfolders if you desire (very nice!).


Choose the layout style that you would like to use with your photos and decide what DeskSlide will do with small photos. Notice that you can specify a specific size for what is classified as a small photo (nice!). Click “Next”.


Specify the amount of time that you would like in between changes to your wallpaper. Click “Next”.


That now has DeskSlide configured to suit your personal style. Click “Finish” to exit the Configuration Wizard.


DeskSlide Management

Once you have exited the Configuration Wizard, you will be able to view the Currently Displayed Photo and the Current Photo List Windows. You can easily access both windows at any time as shown here.


The Right Click Menu for the Current Photo List Window…


And the Right Click Menu for the System Tray Icon.



If you are looking for an easy way to add some variety to your desktop, then DeskSlide can provide a simple hassle-free way to change your wallpaper and brighten up your day. Have fun!


Download DeskSlide

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 09/4/09

Comments (12)

  1. Caleb

    Cool program but Windows 7 can do this already.

  2. Julip

    Just wanted to add that Windows 7 comes with desktop slideshows built in! Just go to Customize Desktop and select your images. :)

  3. XLY

    DisplayFusion is also a good application for this.

  4. vistamike

    I installed this program in Vista HPremium sp2 and it was a nightmare; frozen screen, no click, had to ‘safemode’ to uninstal. all ok now, did not bother to reinstal.
    Perhaps I should stop testing stuff!!!


  5. mark

    Does this program support multiple monitors?

  6. Alex

    heh, Rei and Asuka. An NGE fan I see ;-)

  7. Asian Angel

    @vistamike – I am sorry to hear that DeskSlide did not work well on your computer. :(

    Like you I also have Vista Home Premium SP2 and have had this program installed for ~1 year now. So I was surprised that it caused problems for you. :(

  8. Asian Angel

    @Alex – :)

  9. Dexter_Greycells

    I have been using Webshots for close to 5 yrs now and it also serves the same purpose. It has a little more bells and whistles though. I would have been interested in knowing which one was more lightweight. Webshots takes 0.77% of my CPU time and 4.4 MB of RAM when dormant.

  10. kay

    Sometimes when I try to open an e-mail attachment (pictures or videos), instead of opening, I’m prompted to save it and then the message says “converter failed to save file”. I’m using Windows XP and I’m thinking the attchement has something to do with PowerPoint 2007. I have PowerPoint 2003. Can you help me fix this?

  11. Peter

    I use anyWall, on vista business (pls dont go off on a tangent on how pathetic vista is…i know already) how do the two compare?

  12. Elizabeth

    I like this alot as I am constantly changing my wallpaper.
    Now I need not sit here anymore and browse thru my picture folder !
    I am enjoying ALL my beautiful pictures

    Thank you !

    p.s. I tried to find the windows 7 built in one as mentioned above but I couldn’t. Desktop slide takes
    very little cpu. I am at 2% running deskslide and a few other programs. Not bad :-)

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