Does working with your tabs in a sidebar sound better than using the Tab Bar itself? If so, you can now move those tabs to the side with Tab Sidebar.


After you have installed Tab Sidebar, the first place to start is in the options. Here you have many wonderful options for managing those tabs. You can choose to hide the Tab Bar while using the Sidebar, display navigation buttons if desired, select the options that you like for page previews, and best of all you can decide exactly where you want your Tab Sidebar to display!

Here is a look at the drop down menu for Sidebar location…five wonderful choices for you to select from!

Tab Sidebar in Action

After installing the extension, Tab Sidebar does not display by default…it will need to be activated.

You can activate Tab Sidebar by going to the ‚ÄúView Menu‚ÄĚ, navigating to ‚ÄúSidebar‚ÄĚ, and then selecting ‚ÄúTab Sidebar‚ÄĚ. There is even a nice hotkey combination available for the extension.


Once you activate Tab Sidebar, your Tab Bar will automatically disappear (if you left this option selected). You get nice page previews with the names of the webpages displayed as well. Notice that you can get an enlarged preview that includes the webpage name and the address.

To navigate/scroll, hold your mouse over the Sidebar and use your mouse wheel to scroll through the tabs or you can use the navigation/scrolling arrow bars at the top and bottom of Tab Sidebar.


If you love using sidebars to work in Firefox, then Tab Sidebar just might make a perfect addition to your browser!


Download the Tab Sidebar extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the Tab Sidebar extension (Extension Homepage)

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