Are you looking for a clean looking start page or new tab page for your browser without all the clutter? Then New Tab Page just might be what you are looking for.


Once you install the extension, there are no options for you to have to worry about. Here you can see the default look the first time New Tab Page is displayed. The layout is nice and clean looking with an area for your favorite website links, a Google search box, and quick access to Private Browsing Mode (very nice!). To get started, click on “New Tab Settings”.

This is what you will see when you click on “New Tab Settings”. You will be able to add any websites that you desire to your favorites list. Once you have filled in the details for one website, simply click on “Add Site” to open a new blank.

As you can see, we have built up a nice list of favorite websites. If you include a website but then decide that you do not want it in the list, click on “Delete” at the end of that row. Once you have finished adding websites to your list, click on “Save Settings” to be returned to the main page.

And After a Little Tweaking…

After adding several of our favorite websites, here is how our New Tab Page setup looked. Nice and lean (terrific!). Notice the address for New Tab Page…so easy to add as a Homepage in your browser.



If you like the idea of a lean and straightforward start page for your browser, then this is one extension that you should definitely try.


Download the New Tab Page extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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