Have you ever been looking through a pic-heavy webpage and wanted an easy way to open those pictures in new tabs to look at after you finish browsing the page? Now you can with Open Image In New Tab.


After installing the extension, there is only one option that you need to make a decision about…to have the new tab open as focused or to have the new tab open in the background.


Open Image In New Tab in Action

Once you find a picture that you like or want a better look at, Right Click to access the Context Menu and click on “Open Image in New Tab”.


Once you have clicked on “Open Image in New Tab”, the picture will automatically open in a new tab ready to view and save if desired (nice!).



Open Image In New Tab provides a nice easy way to temporarily set interesting pictures “to the side” while you continue to browse through pic-heavy webpages.


Download the Open Image In New Tab extension (Mozilla Add-ons)