Looking for an easy way to access and manage your Delicious Bookmarks collection with minimal UI impact? Now you can with SimpleDelicious for Firefox.


Once you have the extension installed, the first thing that you should do is go to the options for the extension. There are two tabs in the options…the first is for entering your Delicious User Name and Password.

And for the moment, the second tab displays as empty. This could be in preparation for future features to be added to the extension.

All that you will need to do in the options is enter your account information and click “OK”.

The SimpleDelicious Menu

The extension does a wonderful job of having minimal impact on your UI…all that is added is a new Menu item at the end of your Menu Bar (very nice!).


Here is a look at what the menu looks like. Notice that the commands that you need are listed at the very top. If you happen to have a lot of bookmarks, then small navigation-scrolling arrows are provided at the top and bottom of the menu.

SimpleDelicious in Action

To save a webpage to your Delicious Bookmarks, click on “Bookmark this Page” in the SimpleDelicious Menu. You will see the following window open up with the URL and webpage named already filled in. All that you have to do is finish adding any details that you would like and click “Save”. To see your new bookmark in the SimpleDelicious Menu, click on “Refresh Bookmarks”.

Note: The odd coding display in the upper left corner showed up on all Firefox installations (regular install and portable) on our example system, but had absolutely no effect on how nicely the extension worked.

After refreshing the bookmarks using the SimpleDelicious Menu, there is our new bookmark ready to go.


If you feel that the official Delicious Bookmarks extension has a lot more features than you want, then SimpleDelicious can be a perfect fit for your needs. It is easy to work with, has little impact on your UI, and really gets the job done! Have fun!


Download the SimpleDelicious extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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