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Jailbreak Your Kindle for Dead Simple Screensaver Customization

Note: This article is part of our archive and is likely out of date.
(Links may not work, downloads have not been recently tested for safety)


If you’re less than delighted with the default screensaver pack on the Kindle relief is just a simple hack and a reboot away. Read on to learn how to apply a painless jailbreak to your Kindle and create custom screensavers.

Note: We originally published this article last year, but we’ve updated it to work with the latest version of Kindle, so we’re republishing for everybody.

Unlike jailbreaking other devices like the iPad and Android devices—which usually includes deep mucking about in the guts of your devices and the potential, however remote, for catastrophic bricking—jailbreaking the Kindle is not only extremely safe but Amazon, by releasing the Kindle sourcecode, has practically approved the process with a wink and a nod.

Installing the jailbreak and the screensaver hack to replace the default screensavers is so simple we promise you’ll spend 1000% more time messing around making fun screensaver images than you will actually installing the hack.


The default screensaver pack for the Amazon Kindle is a collection of 23 images that include portraits of famous authors, woodcarvings from centuries past, blueprints, book reliefs, and other suitably literature-oriented subjects. If you’re not a big fan of the pack—and we don’t blame you if, despite Emily Dickinson being your favorite single lady, you want to mix things up—it’s extremely simple to replace the default screen saver pack with as many custom images as your Kindle can hold. This hack works on every Kindle except the first generation; we’ll be demonstrating it on the brand new Kindle 3 with accompanying notes to direct users with older Kindles.

Applying the Jailbreak

Note: We’ve updated the mirrors in the Jailbreak and Screensaver section to the Jailbreak and Screensaver hack for Kindle OS version 3.1. The file numbers in the following screenshots are from the prior version of the hack, however, the same exact steps are used just with the 0.6 Jailbreak and the 0.20 Screensaver hack (instead of 0.4 and 0.18, respectively).

If you’ve sweat through jailbreaking your iPhone–all the while praying you’re not bricking it–you’ll love how simple the Kindle jailbreak is. The first thing you need to do is download the Kindle Jailbreak pack from one of the following mirrors:

[Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Mirror 4]

The tiny 48k ZIP file holds all the jailbreak installers and uninstallers for all version of the Kindle.


The important part of the filename is the found after the 0.4.N portion. DX is for the Kindle DX, DXi for the Kindle DXi, K2 for the Kindle 2, and K3 for the Kindle 3. The suffixes for each indicate what kind of Kindle it is within that subset. The K3G, for example is the US Kindle with 3G service, the K3GB is the UK Kindle with 3G service, the K3W is the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi only, and the K2i is the International edition of the Kindle 2. Start with your base model and select the file with the suffix that matches your country and data connection. In our case we’ll be jailbreaking a Wi-Fi only Kindle 3 so we pick K3W_install.bin.

Mount your Kindle on your computer as a USB device—it should mount automatically when you tether it to your computer via the sync cable. If it doesn’t mount right away slide the switch next to the Kindle data port back and forth to wake it.


If you’d like to play it extra safe you can backup your Kindle books at this point. We haven’t had any issues with the library vanishing but if you want to skip the hassle of resyncing all your books or you’ve made a bunch of custom collections and don’t want to deal with recreating them it’s easy enough to backup the entire library. To backup your Kindle library simply copy the /system/collections.json file to a safe location before proceeding with the jailbreak. If anything goes wrong just copy the file right back over. Backups created or ignored, it’s time to jailbreak.

Extract the appropriate file for your Kindle to the root directory of your Kindle. Once the file has transferred, eject your Kindle and unplug the data cord. Once you’re back into regular browsing mode, navigate to the Update menu by pressing Menu Button –> Settings-> Menu Button –> Update Your Kindle.


The Kindle will ask you if you want to continue, click OK. At this point the jailbreaking begins and can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes or so. First it will tell you that it’s updating, then it will flash the screen and notify you that the update was successful, and then it will switch to the man-reading-beneath-tree default Amazon Kindle startup screen. Once the wait is over your Kindle will restart.

Note: If you’re jailbreaking a Kindle 2 there is a high probability you’ll get a failure message with a U006 error at the bottom of the screen at some point during the jailbreak process. Don’t panic, just leave it alone until it restarts by itself, it doesn’t effect the outcome of the jailbreak at all.

A few button clicks and you’re done. Your Kindle is now jailbroken and ready for some custom screensaver goodness.

Installing the Custom Screensaver Hack

Note: We’ve updated the mirrors in the Jailbreak and Screensaver section to the Jailbreak and Screensaver hack for Kindle OS version 3.1. The file numbers in the following screenshots are from the prior version of the hack, however, the same exact steps are used just with the 0.6 Jailbreak and the 0.20 Screensaver hack (instead of 0.4 and 0.18, respectively).

Enabling custom screensavers is as easy-peasy as jailbreaking your Kindle. Again you’ll need to download a ZIP file—this one a Herculean 1.1MB compared to the 48Kb jailbreak archive.

[Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Mirror 4]


The contents of the screensaver hack archive look almost exactly like the contents of the jailbreak hack. Use the same naming convention we used for the jailbreak to locate the screensaver hack for your device. Again we’ll be selecting the file with the suffix K3W_install.bin to go with our Wi-Fi only Kindle 3.

Tether your Kindle with the USB sync cable again and copy the appropriate file to the root of the device. Again, navigate to the Update menu by pressing Menu Button –> Settings-> Menu Button –> Update Your Kindle. This process will look exactly like it did when you jailbroke the device. First the update screen, then the confirmation of update, then the reboot of the device.

When the reboot process is completely, again tether your device with the sync cable. The root directory should have a folder labeled /linkss/.


If you don’t see this folder that doesn’t mean the screensaver hack failed to install. You may need to do a hard reboot. Reboot your Kindle by navigating, from the main library screen, with the following button combination: Menu Button –> Settings-> Menu Button –> Restart. Tether and check the root directory once the restart is complete.


The inside of the /linkss/ folder looks like the above screenshot. The only areas of relevance to the end user are the /backups/ and /screensavers/ folders and the autoreboot file. If there are any screensavers from the default screensaver pack that you were particularly fond of you can retrieve them from the /backups/ folder—we won’t make fun of you for keeping the Jules Verne screensaver, he’s a sexy beast. If you don’t want any of the default pictures to be part of your new screensaver pack you can ignore the folder.

The /screensavers/ folder is the real area of interest. Here is where you’ll be dumping all your fancy new screensaver images. By default the files in the screensaver folder will play in alphabetical/numerical order from start to finish, one per wake/sleep cycle of your Kindle. If you would like to randomize the order just create an empty file in the /screensavers/ folder named random to randomize the play order.

After you add new screensaver images you’ll need to restart your Kindle to see them in the screensaver cycle. If you want to skip manually restarting your Kindle you can copy the autoreboot file and rename the copy to reboot. After you eject your Kindle from the computer it will automatically reboot 10 seconds later.

Creating Custom Screensaver Images


You’ve got the jailbreak installed, the screensaver hack installed, all that’s left is to load up your /screensavers/ folder with pictures of your choosing. Goodbye Jane Austen, hello Wonder Woman.

Kindle screen savers are 600×800 for the regular Kindle and 824×1200 for the DX. When creating images for either device you want to work in 8-bit grayscale and save the images as .PNG files—the screensaver hack can handle both .JPG and .PNG, but we prefer saving them in a higher quality format.

The screenshot below shows how the prior settings look in Adobe Photoshop but the process can easily be adapted for any image editor capable of changing the image mode.


Because we’re discarding the color and downgrading the quality, conversion can have mixed results. Images with simpler patterns and not a lot of fine gradients—such as the How-To Geek logo we used for the first photo in this guide—translate well to the Kindle’s screen. What you seen in your image editor is strongly representative of what you’ll see on the Kindle screen; if it looks bad in the editor it won’t look any better on the Kindle.

While you could write a batch script in Photoshop or similarly equipped editors that would crop and change the image settings for you it’s better to do the work by hand. The Kindle has an oddly shaped screen as far as most images online are concerned. Most cool wallpaper and screensaver images you’ll find online are sized for standard and widescreen monitors and will need a careful cropping to look awesome on the Kindle screen.


When I surprised my wife with a Kindle I outfitted it first with dozens of Wonder Woman screensaver images. With careful cropping and attention to the detail and color palette of the image prior to cropping it’s easy to create some really awesome images. If you’re a Wonder Woman fan yourself, you can grab a copy of 66 various Wonder Woman images here.

Update: If doing the work by hand seems too arduous, How-To Geek reader Insomnic recommends using the Manga-to-Kindle conversion software Mangle to convert the images—it doesn’t distinguish between comic book pages and screensaver images and converts both admirably. Reader Groff makes it even easier on the image-editing adverse among us; visit this Kindle Wallpaper tumblr to find a wide variety of pre-sized and converted images. Thanks for the tips guys!

Uninstalling Screensaver Hack and Jailbreak

Although we’re sure you’ll be perfectly happy with your jailbroken Kindle and swanky screensaver hack if there is any reason you’d like to restore it to stock—selling it on eBay, returning it for service, whatever—doing so is simple.

Make sure to keep a copy of the two archives you downloaded for this hack, the jailbreak and the screensaver hack. Whatever files you used to install the jailbreak and the screensaver hack will have an accompanying uninstall file.


In our case we used the K3W_install file to install the jailbreak on our Wi-Fi only Kindle 3. To remove the jailbreak we simply repeat the process outlined above in the jailbreaking section but with the K3W_uninstall file. To reverse the process just work backwards, first uninstalling the screensaver hack, then the jailbreak. Restart the Kindle and you’re back to stock. You don’t even have to reinstall the old screensaver images as they’re stored in a ROM chip onboard the Kindle and will appear automatically upon removal of the screensaver hack.


Now that you’re armed with a jailbroken Kindle and the know-how to start cranking out some awesome screensaver images. If you create an image (or a whole batch) that you’re particularly proud of share a link in the comments.


Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 04/11/11

Comments (256)

  1. Insomnic

    I recommend using the Manga conversion software for Kindle called Mangle to do the image conversions. It uses the keyed greyscale function so you get very good results since it converts the color images to the exact grey shades available on the Kindle.

    It has been recently updated.

    Great Wonder Woman pics!

  2. Edrei

    I’ve jailbroken my Kindle to do exactly this. Some of the default Kindle “screensavers” just creep me out. However for my screen saver, I put in an image from the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy with the words “Don’t Panic” in bold, which I think is perfect for a Kindle 3G/Wifi.

  3. Greg Toland

    I bought my Kindle in the US, but live in the UK. How can I tell which pack I should download please?

  4. Dave Morfee

    @Greg – You download the pack for the version of the kindle, so if you bought it in the US use the US one I would imagine, and the same for the UK

    My question is does this jailbreak allow for the reading of epub files?


  5. Callum Booth

    @Dave – I think this jailbreak is for the screensavers only, I don’t think you can read ePub files using this

  6. Tony Young

    Would the jailbreak stop you from getting updates to the firmware from Amazon? Anybody know what would happen if it did update while you had these jailbreaks installed?

  7. Jason Fitzpatrick

    @Insomnic: Although I haven’t done any heavy comic reading on my Kindle since the screen is just a wee bit too restrictive for a full page comic spread (the DX would be great for that though, I assume) I have played around with Mangle. I hadn’t even thought of using it to convert images for the screensaver! That’s a very clever cross-use. It works great for comics, I see no reason why it wouldn’t work awesome for the screensaver images.

    @Edrei: If I ever get my own Kindle (instead of borrowing my wife’s on occasion) I’m strongly leaning towards a Hitchhiker’s logo.

    @Greg: I would have to assume it’s still the US edition since it would be a terrible mess for US travelers if updating in a foreign country switched you to the UK or International edition. So if you recently bought it in the US it would be a 3rd generation… did you get the Wi-Fi only or the 3G model? You just need to pick between those two.

    @Dave Morfee: It does not alter what file formats the Kindle can read. I’ve converted hundreds of ePub files using Calibre (it’s the only software I use to manage my Kindle) without any problems aside from an odd formatting issue.

    @Tony Young: I can’t answer that question authoritatively. The Kindle rarely updates though… so even if you had to copy your screensaver images back to your computer, take off the jailbreak and update, and then reapply it… it wouldn’t be much of a hassle. There would have to be a major update to make me even consider updating. All I really want my Kindle to do is display the books I convert in Calibre and it does that fine.

  8. MrCoolguy

    @Edrei I would love to see or even use your Hitchhiker guide picture! Sounds fantastic!

  9. Dwight

    Anyone know how to bypass the restrictions of 3g tethering tru your cell phone.

  10. Groff

    My Kindle 2 won’t accept the Jailbreak. I copied the appropriate file to root, but the update button is grayed out.

  11. MrCoolguy

    @Groff I had the same problem, turns out I have the international Kindle 2. So I would suggest trying the International file instead.

  12. Groff


    That’s strange, i’ll give it a try. Maybe they pawned off the extra international models when they gave them to (where I got mine.)

  13. Groff

    Here’s a Tumblr dedicated to Kindle Screensavers:

    Using the international version worked like a charm! Thanks for the help.

  14. Edrei

    @Jason Fitzpatrick @MrCoolGuy I can’t find the original link to the pictures which I got from Mobileread forums but here is one of the 3 screen savers in action:

  15. Edsonoradl

    Dr. Who tried the Jailbreak from within the Tardis and a Windows XP upgrade suddenly activated at the same time. Which caused a time inversion turning the Tardis inside out. He’s now stranded having tea with a confused Golden Age Superman, surrounded by an infinite number of plastic highway cones.

  16. The Geek


    Wow, that’s a sweet Tumblr blog… love some of those screensavers.

  17. Insomnic

    @Jason Fitzpatrick – The Kindle 2/3 mostly only works well for Manga since most Manga is near the size of the Kindle. The DX definitely works great for comics but I think the iPad will end up as the overall winner for eComic reading thanks to the lovely colors.

    My experience with converting manually using Photoshop, GIMP, or Ifranview was that some complex color images would just dither out horribly. I used Mangle to convert the file though and it looked beautiful. Very crisp and clear even for complicated tones (reds on pinks on crimson for example). It’s that matched greyscale indexing that makes it work just right.

    @Tony Young – I believe the jailbreak doesn’t keep you from getting updates and will continue to work even after an update unless something in the update specifically disabled the jailbreak.

    Here is some more techie details about using the jailbreak and screensaver hack (not nearly as easy to work though as Geek’s but with some other specific details):

  18. babytigger22

    ok i installed everything and the sample picture that came with the hack works great but when i try to put my own pic it shows up as blank? i don’t have photoshop but i used gimp. any advice?

  19. Jason Fitzpatrick

    @babytigger22: Did you restart the Kindle? New pictures will not appear until you actually go into the system menu and restart it (or use the reboot file trick outlined above). To do so navigate to Menu Button –> Settings-> Menu Button –> Restart.

    Once it restarts whatever screensaver images were in the /linkss/ directory at the time of the reboot will now be in rotation. Hope that helps!

  20. babytigger22

    yes, thank you! i was sliding and holding the power button to shut it off instead of going thru the menu. it’s working and it looks awesome. thanks again

  21. bundy

    Heres a gallery with thousands of kindle screensavers all broke up into categorys :) :

    “Here’s how I create mine in CS5:

    Step 1. Image>Adjust>Desaturate (CTRL+SHIFT+U on a PC)

    Step 2. Edit>Fade Desaturate (CTRL+SHIFT+F) then change the mode to Color and click OK.

    Step 3. Use the crop tool and specify a size (600 px width x 800 px height for K2 / 824 px width x 1200 px height for DX)

    Step 4. File>Save for Web & Devices (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S) and use the following settings:
    Change the file format drop down to PNG-8
    Change the color reduction dropdown to Perceptual
    Change the colors to 16
    Change the dither algorithm to Diffusion
    Change dither to 100%

    After you make all these changes, click on the button at the top right hand corner and choose SAVE SETTINGS and name it Kindle. Then you won’t have to remember all of these changes for the next time.

    You might also want to save a second version of these settings, but for the dither algorithm use Pattern and then name that preset Kindle Gradient. Pattern will work better when you have any significant gradient in the image. It will get rid of that banding effect you referred to. I think diffusion looks better overall when there isn’t a banding issue to worry about though.”

  22. horleyman

    Where do i extract the jailbreak file and screensaver pack into? When hooked up to my PC the only folders showning in my Kindle 3G are active content data (which is empty), documents ( holds all my book files) and music and audible (both of which are empty)

  23. Ravenor

    Horleyman, had the same problem. The extracted files don’t go on any of the folders just drop them into the white area. That’s te root directory and you will be good to go when you restart the kindle. It’ll cycle through the restart a couple times and takes a couple minutes.

  24. Dave 2

    @Dave In case you happen to see this response…Calibre is fantastic free software that will convert ePub (and many other common ebook formats) to .mobi (Kindle format).

    Thanks for this guide, worked great to get custom screensavers on my girlfriend’s new Kindle3.

  25. el-chucklebuck

    Thanks for the guide HTG. Worked like a charm, and in a matter of minutes at that! The only problem I had was randomizing the play order. You say to put a file named “random” in the /screensavers/ folder, but what type of file? I tried just a plain .txt, but that failed.


  26. gxgxhx

    Everything worked great except the only screensaver that shows up on the kindle now is the “screensaver has been successfull” file, even though i deleted that and put 3 other ones on there. how do i get rid of it

  27. gxgxhx

    NVM everyone im dumb. Just needed to restart it

  28. snotrag

    All seems to be working great. What should the firmware version indicate at the bottom of the screen? It really doesn’t matter, just have an inquiring mind.

  29. gxgxhx


    COPY the autoreboot blank file from the linkss folder, then paste it in the screensavers folder and rename it random. fin.

  30. Erin

    I may be missing something… I installed the jailbreak twice, once on my kindle and once on my mother’s. It worked fine on mine, then I did hers and despite the images being available when it’s hooked up to the computer, the ‘screensaver’ shows as blank.


  31. Darren

    HI – I have the US Kindle 3 wi-fi only, have followed all the directions step-by-step, and the jailbreak is just not working. I have firmware 3.0.3, but the latest jailbreak is made to work with it, and I am out of ideas. I put the 0.4.N_kw3 bin in the root folder, eject, untether, run update (which it says is successful), and then once I go back into the root, the /linkss/ folder is not there. I have done a full restart, and still nothing. Am I missing anything? Any ideas would be great, I really want to replace Emily Dickenson with TinTin.

  32. Darren

    And never mind me, I solved it by uninstalling everything, and then re-installing, and voila! Thanks for making this easy!

  33. george

    There is no update option on my kindle 3. It just came in the mail today 1-10-2011. Any ideas on the newest fixes?

  34. Seth

    I copied the autoreboot into the screensavers and renamed it random. It’s still not randomizing it, any ideas on how to fix this?

  35. Bert

    This process isn’t working on my Kindle 3 International. I used the US option, since it’s an Amazon US purchase. Should I use the UK one instead?

  36. Bert

    Oop, should have just tried it first. That’s the fix for the Kindle 3 Int’l. Use the GB Installer.

    @George, make sure you got to “Settings” on the menu first. Then you should see the update option in the Menu.

  37. brypie

    I am about to try this on my Kindle 3 (FW 3.03)

    Only problem is that Tumblr link now needs a password?

  38. Shanna

    Im here asking about the Tumblr password as well. I continue seeing the tumblr mentioned, but cant get access to it. Any ideas?


    i need tumblr password! :/

  40. TheBaron

    Has anyone done this on a mac? I have a Kindle 3w, but none of the updates will work. My “Update Your Kindle” is always grayed out….

  41. TheBaron

    Ah! Figured it out. I was putting it in the wrong folder. I’M AN IDIOT.

  42. person123


    What folder do u put it in?

  43. Cerlyn

    The ‘Update your Kindle’ option remains greyed out on my Kindle. I have a Kindle 3 Wi-Fi/3G. What am I doing wrong?

  44. MeganE

    i did everything and i didnt get the “linkss” folder so i rebooted it and still didnt get then i un installed everything and installed and rebooted it again and i still didnt get it….i have the latest version but i dont kno what to do!!!

  45. Ian

    CORRECTION TO INSTRUCTIONS: The “random” file does not go in the /screensavers/ folder with the images. It should be put directly in the /linkss/ folder to work properly (after a restart).

  46. kAyla

    Im having trouble opening the files on the zip folder. Its saying I needs to know what program to run it with. Any advice?

    ((D/L the screensaver pack.))

  47. Nomnomnomnom

    Does anyone know if they are working on a hack for kindle 3.1 because I downloaded kindle 3.1 than found out about the hack so I am really P/Oed

  48. Sam

    This hack no longer works on Kindle 3.1 I updated my device to fix the 3-4 daily crashes and was hoping to customize my screensavers but the newer OS fails during both updates with Code 007. Maybe someday we can have custom screensavers…but not today…

  49. wow

    Just jailbroke my Kindle 3G Graphite DX !

  50. John

    Did anyone back up their screensavers for the kindle DX US version (/system/collections.json). I forgot and wanted them just in case. If you could rapidshare that, then many thanks!

  51. noel

    Hi I tried using the 3W version for both the jailbreak and screensaver.
    Each time it says the update was unsuccessful . I’m getting error message U007 at the bottom left . I tried a restart from the menu but no joy.
    Any ideas ?

  52. Ian

    I received the automatic update to Kindle 3.1 last week on my jailbroken for screensavers Kindle 3 WiFi. Everything is working fine, no problems at all with the k3w screensaver jailbreak I had installed before the update. Also no problem with using over 40 custom screensaver images. So glad to be rid of the dead authors collection.

  53. Kate

    Just followed this step by step and everything seemed ok BUT, i still have all the default screen savers and the custom one i added doesnt show up on my Kindle at all :( everything else is fine ie: the linkss folder appeared etc. No clue what I did wrong, Anyone know of any video tutorials, because I’m so confused!

  54. Jeff

    I have tried twice now on my new Kindle 3 wifi, and it’s not working. There is no folder appearing called “linkss”. In fact there is no “system” folder either.

  55. Sojourner

    First, some good news — there is a new jailbreak for the kindle 3.1 firmware. See

    Also, a correction to the article — Amazon doesn’t provide the source code out of the goodness of their hearts, and it doesn’t mean they are ok with jailbreaks (or they would not have disabled the previous jailbreak with the new release). The fact is by using a Linux operating system on the Kindle they are required by copyright to share their source code, as the creators of the various Linux/Open Source software authors shared their code with Amazon (and lots of other people & companies).

  56. Ari

    I followed the steps for my kindle 3 wifi only but it didnt work. After installing the first one it said unsuccessful, then when i went to copy the file for the screensaver hack the first file was gone. I tried reinstalling it but nothing is working… help?

  57. adrian

    so the screen saver doesn’t work with the latest kindle version? how do you check and see what version you have?

  58. Sam

    Another Kindle hacker has fixed the basic Kindle jailbreak hack so that, once jailbroken, versions 3.0 and 3.1 can have the screensaver hack applied successfully. Here is a link to the jailbreak hack:

    Read the first part of the “install the hack and update your Kindle” procedure described on this page but use the appropriate jailbreak file given at the link above instead of the files linked from this page. Then perform the second part of the “install the hack and update your Kindle” procedure described on this page just as described with the screensaver hack files linked on this page. Once completed, you will see the /linkss/ directory just as described.

    My third generation Kindle with v3.1 software is now jailbroken, hacked and has custom screensavers displaying beautifully as I write this! Go forth and hack!

  59. Daniel

    My new Kindle 3 updated itself to 3.1 after connecting to wifi, but I jailbroke it a few days ago and installed the SS hack from this site:

  60. adrian

    i tried unistalling, jailbreak and the screen saver. then re-installing as directed by SAM. When the screen saver comes on all that shows is a black rectangle on my screen. No screen saver comes up and it is making me sad….any suggestions? Did I uninstall or re install incorrectly? I have the wifi-3g version so I installed “k3g” onto my 3.1 kindle. I have wifi and 3G worldwide I believe. Assistance?

  61. adrian

    it shows the screen saying my screen saver hack has been successful but my screens don’t come up. ….

  62. adrian

    i think perhaps there are some details i’m missing about creating my own photos. when I downloaded the wonder woman pack so graciously offered by our host the screens worked. I made my own screens in gray-scale as the guide listed but not all of them were exactly 800×600. generally I maxed one to 800 or 600 and kept them proportional. Suggestions?

  63. adrian

    i got it working like a beat now…save for one problema….the screans do not cycle or change. once the screen saver comes on it stay the same one PERMANENTLY. suggestions?

  64. Daniel

    did you restart the kinde?
    to get a new pic working you have to perform a reboot.

  65. Carlos

    Hi, Thanks for the posting.

    Looks like it has worked for everyone but me.

    I have a Kindle 3G, bought it in Canada, I guess it is the american version.

    When I Update the software, it starts updating but then I get an error message and restarts, have tried twice with both the British and the american version.

    After the failure message have tried to install the jailbreak anyway, no result, the new folder does not appear.

    Any clue of what may be happening?

    Thanks a lot

  66. Carlos

    Nevermind, used the jailbreak for the 3.1 system posted by Daniel and worked fine.

    Thank you both

  67. Xayaan

    Hi, I have a Kindle 3 Wifi and am getting the same error as Noel above. Please help!

  68. edc

    I’m having the same issue as adrian above – the screensaver hack seemed to work fine, and the screen saver displays my images — and displays a random image each time it *goes into sleep mode* — but that image *does not change* until the next time it goes “to sleep” — with the original setup, the screensaver seemed to cycle to a new image every minute or two, and this was a nice feature….

    any ideas? is this the way it’s supposed to work? is there any risk of “burn-in” with an e-ink display?

  69. moeszys

    Great post, I’ve had a lot of fun thank you very much. I’m not at all technically inclined and I had no problem doing this.

    The only thing I can’t do is get the pictures to play in random order. I’ve tried the random folder both in screensaver an in linkss.

    the folder “random” should be it’s own file in linkss with the pictures in it, right? What am I missing? I have a US 3G

  70. bob

    I have the international 3G version, what jailbreak should I use?

    Thank you for the post.

  71. bob

    OK, I used 3gb and it seems to work… except the randomization of the screensavers :-/

  72. Anon A Mus

    Any links for jailbreaking a Kindle 1?

  73. Jason Fitzpatrick

    For screen saver randomization you need to put a blank file called “random” in the /linkss/ folder. Remember, to make it work you *must* reboot your Kindle. Without the reboot the random file will have no effect.

  74. Scott

    I can’t get the images to roll through it just stays on one of them. I have copied the auto reboot and renamed it and saved a blank file in the linkss folder but to no avail, yes I have rebooted and powered down and back on and every variation I could think of. Any advice would be great. Thanks

  75. Carroll Hanks

    I wanted to update my newest model Kindle DX Graphite so that page numbers are displayed in books. Guess what, the update doesn’t work with the DX. I paid over $300 for it and it won’t accept the latest update! I am so pissed at Amazon.

  76. mASOUD

    Sorry if I’m wrong
    I thought Kindle uses E-ink for display,if its true does it really need a screen saver?
    screen saver is intended for CRT displays i think.

  77. grimache

    @mASOUD You’re correct, think of a lock screen instead of screen saver, I feel like just saying screen saver is a catch-all for something like this. So when you lock your screen, instead of the stock images they supply, you can put your own on.

  78. Zan

    Great article. Made for a quick and easy update of my screensavers. Thank you!

  79. DoomyMcDoomdoom

    Great article… sadly the random file doesn’t seem to work for randomizing the screens. Bit of a shame

  80. gravisan

    I have a Kindle 2 I believe (however the software version is 3.01) – how do I tell?

    I tried both k2 and k2i, but I got an ERROR and asked to push R to resume. I had to do it slightly differently, the Update Kindle option was greyed out, so I just rebooted it.

    Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  81. Eric

    To randomize – Duplicate the autoreboot file in the linkss folder, and rename it random. From the home screen, press Menu and choose Settings, press Menu again, and Restart.

    A big thank you to gxgxhx and Ian.

  82. JL

    I wonder if this jailbreak and the screensaver hack are reversible.

  83. JL

    And, how do you do it backwards?

  84. JL

    And, when you click the mirror download link, a new window appears. Which button do you press? And which pack do you choose: 1, 2, 3, or 4?

  85. Bob Chapman

    Good job on the kindle, how about nook can you help us?


  86. Al Frank

    I really appreciate this. Thank you!

  87. Megan

    Hello, all. I have a bit of an issue following all of the (identical) instructions I’m receiving on how I’m supposed to do this. They all say I need to install the jailbreak hack. Check. Then, I need to install the screensaver hack. I’m not sure whether this worked, because I got an error message when I did it, but the folders appeared. So. Maybe check. Lastly, I can put my own images in (and its best to do this is grayscale, and I have to make sure they are 600×800, and have to be either jpg or png images.) I did this, and I experimented with both jpg and png images, too, and I’ve reset my kindle about five times and IT’S NOT WORKING. What did I do wrong? I only want the one screensaver at the moment, but I even tried copying the autoboot file and renaming it random to see if that worked, but no luck. How can I get the stupid image to show up?



    Great guide! It took me two tries but I got it. I was getting an error message but then I discovered that I had turned off wifi. I turned it back on and the jailbreak worked fine.
    My real beef is the WonderWoman pix. Looks like the file may have been infected or hijacked. When I try to download it from any of the mirrors, it wants to install ‘WhiteSmoke.exe”.
    Thanks again!

  89. A M

    @ Megan Once I’d restarted by going to ‘menu -> settings -> restart’ it worked fine and is displaying the pictures as it should. Restarting via the button doesn’t work. Thanks for the guide.

  90. Dennis

    I followed the informative instructions. After the updatings, I copied the pictures to the screensaver folder and RESTART again (you have to do this or you’d get BLANK screen as s.s.), my personal pictures come out perfectly!!!!

    Thanks for the great hacks!

    P.S. I’m a Canadian, but my Kindle 3 was shipped from the U.S. once ordered from

  91. gravisan

    *bump* how do I tell if it is a kindle 2 or 3?

  92. Jimmy

    Will this work with the newest “Advertising”-Kindle?

  93. Raerth

    The new 3.1 kindle firmware requires a new jailbreak, found here:

    Read the instructions carefully, as you may need to uninstall previous hacks/jailbreaks before installing.

  94. Mark Hudon

    My mods are working fine but I’m getting a little bleed-thru on some photos. (I can vaguely see text through the photo) I haven’t been able to figure out if it is just certain photos and not others.

  95. nolan

    thank you, worked perfectly on international K3G and K3W

  96. nolan

    how to determine if it’s international or US/Canada version

    Kindle Wi-Fi: Download 3.1
    Your serial number will start with “B008”

    Kindle 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi) – U.S. and Canadian Customers*: Download 3.1
    Your serial number will start with “B006”

    Kindle 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi) – European Customers*: Download 3.1
    Your serial number will start with “B00A”

    Your Kindle serial number is visible at the bottom of the Settings Screen. From Home, select Menu, then Settings.

    Determine your software version: From Home, select Menu, then Settings. On the Settings screen you will see the Kindle version at the bottom of the screen. If you see “Version Kindle 3.0.3” or earlier (3.0.3, 3.0.2, 3.0.1, or 3.0), please proceed with the steps below to update your Kindle to the latest software.

  97. Andy

    thanks, got some cool screens now!

    Got more suggestions on simple software? Gimp maybe?

  98. geeky momma

    First time I did this and it worked! Thanks. Now I can put “If found, please return to…” in all of my screensavers.
    Now if only I could apply passwords to adult books so my kid can’t access reading it.

  99. Kristan

    OK, so I understand everything I have been reading. I have a Kindle 3G+ Wi-Fi with version 3.1. When I push Menu from my home page, I do not have an Update my Kindle option. There IS a sync and check for items, but it always comes up “no new items” when I select it.

    So it’s my understanding that I am supposed to put the jailbreak on my kindle, update it, install the hack, restart then add pictutes. But how the heck am I supposed to do that with NO update option?

  100. Kristan

    ok never mind. I needed to be in the settings before I I hit menu again. lol. Lets see if this works.

  101. sliprig

    Does this work with the cheaper version with ads for a screen saver?

  102. savetheonis

    I tried on the ad version and it didn’t appear to work. Might need a different version of the firmware.

  103. Freckles

    this does not work with the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi with built in ads for screensavers..can you make a jailbreak that works for this type of Kindle?

  104. Patrick

    Thank you for this – I’m so glad I was able to remove those horrible images from my Kindle!

  105. Frustrated in AL

    Well, I followed all the steps for my regular Kindle 3.1, I’m sure I selected the proper k3w.install file, the Kindle acted exactly as the instructions said, but all I get now is a blank white screen.

  106. Frustrated in AL

    PS – and that is using some of the original artwork in the screensavers folder.

  107. Frustrated in AL

    OK, got it now. I didn’t understand when you said you have to “restart your Kindle” after loading graphics that you meant going through the MENU -> SETTINGS -> MENU -> RESTART process. I was just turning it off and on.

  108. Ed

    Doesn’t work with Kindle 3.2 wireless (SO). update fails. (also in 3.2 it doesn’t give you the menu option to update or restart, but after a lil while it tries to update itself.)

  109. Peter

    Hi, I just got my kindle 3 wifi, software version 3.2.1 and I can’t seem to jailbreak it. Did anyone have success with jailbreaking the latest software version?

  110. moeszys

    Does this void the warranty? My screen craped out shortly after I changed the screen saver…

  111. theholygerbil


    a quick uninstall of the jailbreak would make it virtually impossible for amazon to figure out what you did.if it is a screen thats buggered, it was probs going to do that anyway. I wouldn’t lose hope just yet.

  112. Janus21

    Thanks for the instructions, Mr Geek. I have a UK 3G model with v3.1 of the Kindle OS. Following the instructions, the jailbreak process worked a treat. The only problem I had was randomisation.

    Initially, I created a new text file in the Screensavers folder, called it ‘random’ (without the quotes) and didn’t give it a suffix, but the screensavers resolutely progressed in alphabetical order. Reading one of the comments, I moved the file up a level into the ‘linkss’ folder and restarted, but it still progressed the files alphabetically.

    It was only when I followed Eric’s advice to copy and rename the ‘autoreboot’ folder to ‘random’ that things began to work, well… randomly. This is puzzling because ‘random’ is a zero byte file with no contents, so I’m not sure why creating the file in the way I first tried to didn’t work but Eric’s method did. I guess the file still has some attribute the Kindle recognises that wasn’t present in my attempt.

    Anyway, thanks Eric.

  113. memnemon

    Have to echo the sentiments of those before me by thanking you for not only providing this useful resource but also for keeping it up to date.

    Worked a treat on my recently purchased Kindle3W (3.1). Read all the comments before commencing and like Janus21 found Eric’s advice quite useful for the randomisation and also found quite a number of great screensaver art links.

    Many Thanks :)

  114. Eric

    Thanks, OP, and thank you to bundy as well. Your method produces much better screensavers than simple desaturation or conversion grayscale. What I’ve seen in that photobucket link you posted looks great so far. I tried several of the pictures on the tumblr archive, but most of them look like crap when the Kindle forces them into 16 discrete shades of gray.

    So, I’ve been using a process similar to yours in The Gimp:

    1. Resize the image to exactly fit your Kindle. Mine’s a K3, so I use 600×800.
    2. Desaturate based on luminosity.
    3. Change the Image Mode to Indexed with 16 colors (all grays at this point) using either normal or positioned dithering depending on which looks better for the particular image.
    4. Change the Image Mode to Grayscale (necessary for the next step).
    5. Adjust Levels and select Auto to make sure that the image’s 16 shades of gray match up with the Kindle’s. Skipping this step usually produces seriously ugly screensavers.
    6. Save as a PNG and choose the highest compression: 9. It’s not lossy like JPEG is, so it won’t add nasty artifacts to the image.


  115. Anne

    I got my kindle 5 days ago, version 3.2, wireless. Any idea on when a version will be out that breaks this version?

  116. Eric

    The most recent version linked to in the article should do it, Anne. Worked for my new 3.2 Wifi K3. Today it automatically updated itself to 3.2.1 and the hack is still working. :-)

  117. Mada

    i have an kindle 3.2 with adds. can i get rid of them? i didn’t know that is the cheaper version when i bought it. and when i figgured, was too late to have my money back. now, this adds got me crazy. i don’t want them. please help me!

  118. Anne

    can’t get it to work :-( never get the linkss file to show up even with a restart

  119. Graham

    Eric, I’m surprised it works for you because it hasn’t worked on mine (3.2.1) and apparently hasn’t been working for many other people either (both 3.2 and 3.2.1).

    This is an excellent jailbreak/resource, so thank you…. but please update it soon!!

  120. Oguz

    Hi, first of all thank you for your help. I’m new Kindle 3 user and I made all steps to my kindle v3.2 (sponsored screensaver model) .Now i see the version still 3.2 and Amazon’s screen savers still on my screen. Where is the problem. Does it work all these steps on “sponsored screensaver model”?

  121. redx

    @ oguz: yes, it works , i got the same too. But you shouldn’t connect to the internet…

  122. redx

    for the ones who got the Firmware 3.2 , you just need to reset to factory defaults and start the jailbreak all over again, and NEVER connect it to the internet ( because of the automatic updates).

  123. Oguz

    @redx – thanks. I will try again after resetting factory settings. soon I’ll reply the result.

  124. Oguz

    Ok! This time it works on v3.2 sponsored version :)
    Now, if I use wifi feature to register may I adjust the clock?

  125. Oguz

    After jailbreaking process, I registered my Kindle3. Now I can adjust the clock. Thanks for help.

  126. Ashley

    So everything is right in the folders, but none of the screensavers are coming up on the kindle, I’ve rebooted several times and yeah…

  127. Ashley

    I have a kindle 3.2w

  128. Oguz

    @Ashley = may be you must reset to factory settings, then try it again.

  129. Mada

    @ oguz tell me, after you have jailbreaked your kindle, you have registered it? and after you have registered it, if you have done this, does the ads apear again? can you connect on the internet without apear that adds again?

  130. redx

    @Oguz; how did you register your kindle? did you without updating?….

  131. Oguz

    I have registered my Kindle then I turned wireless off. Nothing happened, my personal screen savers appeared as usual. After that; I used internet browser 30-40 minutes. After using internet ads. appeared again. I think amazon Kindle loaded automatically when I used browser.
    Now I reset factory settings again; and jailbroke. I registered my Kindle again but turned off wireless immediately. Now my clock is adjusted and my personal screen savers appear. If I don’t use internet for now, it won’t load ads. If it appears again I will reply.

  132. Apsheron

    I got a WiFi only Kindle 3, went through the process you described here after registering it, and upon choosing Update, it told me ‘Update unsuccessful, Kindle will restart now’.

    So, I looked through all these posts, found a suggestion to do the jailbreak BEFORE registering, did exactly that, (that is, Reset to factory defaults first) – same story.

    So, this jailbreak officially does NOT work with Kindle 3 WiFi only, right? Or is there anything else I can try before getting back my $25? Yes, I got one without ads just to have some of my own screensavers, etc. I really would have gotten a $114 because, after all, what’s the difference?

    Help if you can…

  133. Apsheron

    After a whole day of web searching and to almost no avail, I finally found this so far the most definitive explanation to all the jailbreaking problems with 3.2.1 whoever understand Russian, good. If not, here’s a basic outline of what’s said: that’s the page to get the latest jailbreak

    It works partially, works sometimes, may work only after several repeated attempts to install it. It’s unstable, as its author claims himself. However, it seems to work, at least based on what people post there, on Kindles with SO as well! Now, that’s nice.

    YifanLu has apparently stated that he feels no need to spend time writing another jailbreak for 3.2.1 and that he’ll wait for a full-blown 3.3 to create one. So, if the current jailbreak doesn’t work after all, I’ll just wait…

    Anyway, the steps are:

    1. unplug Kindle from USB, restart through menu
    2. as Kindle restarts, quickly connect it back to the computer
    3. have the jailbreak file ready, and…
    4. …as soon as the drive shows up in ‘Computer’, drag and drop the appropriate jailbreak file to root

    The last step above seems to be the main culprit in all the unsuccessful attempts of others; you have to be quick to drop the bin to root quickly, that is, before Kindle establishes connection with a computer and itself fully boots up. People on that forum had to re-do the process up to five times before succeeding.

    5. eject Kindle, go to Menu-Settings-Menu-Update Your Kindle
    6. if everything goes well, Kindle will update and then restart. Proceed with Screen Saver hack, etc.
    7. if you see and exclamation sign and ‘Update not successful’ (which was the message I got; it drove me nuts!), repeat from step 1

    It seems to make no difference whether Kindle has WiFi on or off or if it’s been reset to factory defaults prior to jailbreaking.

    One post there mentions the jailbreak installs better (sometimes from just the first attempt) if one already has lots of books loaded and installs much more reluctantly if Kindle is fresh and empty. Go figure…

    Well, I hope this works. I just found it and haven’t tried on my Kindle yet. That’s left for the evening when I’ll also post here of any progress.

  134. Apsheron

    I gave it three tries last night – they all failed. I could’ve kept trying; after all, there are some who got their Kindles jailbroken on the fifth attempt, but I hesitate. Let’s just wait for 3.3 and hope YifanLu graces us with an update. Until then, ta ta.

  135. Michael

    i got the jailbreak to work great on the 3g i have today i found an original white kindle at goodwill and picked it up for $10 with a charger. works fine, i just loaded some books into it using calibre. is there a .bin for jailbreaking the original white kindle? can i use the update_jailbreak_0.6.N_k2_install.bin or would i cause some damage?model # is D00111

  136. Mary

    I’ve tried to install the jailbreak on my kindle 3 wifi, and most of the processes work. However, I seem to get a file called ‘linkjail’ not ‘linkss’. Has anyone else had this? Also I only ‘bin’, ‘etc’ and info.txt’ present in this folder. If anyone can help, that’d be great!

  137. Ashley

    I bought a Kindle 3 Wi-Fi at The Source in Canada. It says its Version: Kindle 3.2
    Will 3.2 still work with this jailbreak?

  138. Martha

    I cant open .exe files on my mac, is there another set of files that are compatible that you could give me a link to? I got a kindle for my birthday and all it ever shows are travel ads which is even worse than the pictures from before.

  139. Jim

    Here is one for the people who know something about coding (which I do not), I want to have custom screensavers AND I want my Kindle to turn on and off automatically at regular intervals so my screensavers can act as a slide show. And I do not want to use the photo viewer app. . . b/c my method would conserve battery life. . . . would it not?

    Who can answer this? If you can, there is a virtual “at-a-boy” in it for ya

  140. Isabel

    I have a Kindle 3G, version 3.2.1 – I tried to use this jailbreak and it didn’t work. Any updates?


  141. Jessica

    I tried to do the jailbreak on my Kindle US wifi / 3G. Installed on the root directory and hit the update on my Kindle. When it was updating it came up and said “Unable to update, restarting now.” When I plugged the kindle back into the computer and looked in the root menu, the jailbreak was not there. What do I do now? Thanks.

  142. Hannah

    Got the jailbreak to work, and have managed to get my own screen savers, however when they appear on my Kindle, they are to small – they don’t fill the entire screen, as I would prefer them to. Any advice on what to do with this? (I use a Kindle 3w).

  143. @pri_barros

    Worked amazingly with my Kindle 3 (version 3.1)!! \o/


  144. Euroalien

    Hi – Does this jailbreak with Version 3.2.1? I’ve tried it twice but both times failed………… Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks

  145. Jordan

    Thanks for the page, everything works great! Just need to add clarification in the main article for the randomization feature; bit of a hassle working my way through successive tips in the comments.

    On a slightly separate note, I idiotically deleted the default 824×1200 Kindle screensavers, thinking mine used the smaller res. Noticed afterward that the 600×800 aren’t flush to the edge. Is there any way/place to download the default screensavers? Have been googling, but no luck so far. Suggestions welcome!


  146. Cieron

    I have a UK version of the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi only. I tried the k3w hack but it won’t update. I just get a message saying update failed and kindle is restarting.

  147. moyjoy

    no go on 3.2.1 sigh.

  148. explosivefox

    i got the jailbreak to work on my k3 3.2.1, and when i do the screensaver hack, it all shows as fine, but it wont show the screensavers i made!!! even after restart (menu-settings-menu-restart), what do i do?!? I HATE THESE ADS!!!!!

  149. Ashley

    Yeah no go on 3.2.1

  150. Ashley

    @ explosivefox: the ads one is a tricky book, doesnt work right.. You should just return it and spend the extra 20 bucks for the nonads one.

  151. MikeS

    The hack worked fine on my UK bought K3.

    Possibly a stupid question.. How do I create an empty file? i or what type should it be. I created a new .png with no image and an empty .txt file both named random, and in the Linkss folder (tried teh screensavers folder first), but so far no randomising of images. Little Help?
    thank you

    Jordon, Can you get a copy off a friend who hacked thiers? If you post an email. I’ll send them to you.

  152. Colargol

    I did what Apsheron posted and it worked fine on Kindle3 wireless with 3.2.1. Had to be fast though, but it worked!

    Thanks for the tip Apsheron!


  153. Sam

    I have the Kindle 3.1–after an hour of figuring out all this stuff, I got it! However, I put every picture in the screensaver file, and once my Kindle is in sleep mode, it just stays on one picture. I have about 13 in the file, and I put them in alphabetical order as I wanted them to be–files are Aabby, Aaemily, Aemily…and so on…but only the first picture shows up and doesn’t switch to the next. I restarted twice…nothing. Help? Thanks

  154. Colin

    Well, this is pants. The linkss file doesn’t exist, the screensavers folder doesn’t exist. – the only good thing I can say for this so called hack, is that although it doesn’t work at all, in any way whatsoever, even after several hard reboots – it hasn’t actually done any harm. So far.

  155. Neil

    Just followed all instructions for my Kindle,and everything worked fine.Now have my own list of screensavers.My Kindle Firmware is 3.1

  156. rupturebln

    I ‘ve the 3.2.1 kindle without ads and tried ca. 10 times to copy the BIN file, directly after Kindle appeared in explorer. But every time jailbreaks install failed

  157. Michael


    Tried several times to get the scrrensaver hack to work but to no avail, jailbreak part worked fine but cant get the 2nd part to work.
    Keeps failing on update with a U007 error.

  158. me

    kindle 3 SO – 3.2.1

    to jailbreak, turned off the wireless and renamed my documents folder to something else.
    had helpful ideas, and updated binaries.

  159. cequij

    Hi, HELP!!!!!

    I have the kindle 3G with special offers!! the screensavers are horrible ads!!!
    Apparently the jailbreak part was ok, but I couldn’t install the screensaver hack, keeps appearing the U006 error when I update the file.

    There’s a specific hack for special offers kindle?

  160. Neily

    Worked lovely… Don’t suppose anyone knows the font used on Amazons own screensaver images?

  161. 8ng0n

    Worked great! But can the screensavers change automatically? Just like a slideshow on pc? The ss only change when i slide the wake button

  162. Lost in GA

    Kindle 3, with 3.2.1 and free ads (it was a gift) Jail-broken(thanks to YiLufan and clever instructions from this forum)
    Screensaver hack 0.22.N is successfully updated
    I still get the amazon screensaver and not the ones I have loaded into my screen saver folder. The pictures are sized and correctly file-named.
    I have tried the copy-randomboot-rename
    the off/sleep switch reboot
    the menu-settings-settings-restart reboot.
    is .22.N applicable for the 3.2.1?
    is there a sneakier/efficient way to make this work?

  163. Lost in GA


  164. Professor Jeremiah

    The only new folder that comes up reads linkjail. What do I need to do? The unit is the Kendle 3wifi, bought in Feb. 2011. By the way I did restart.

  165. fucktard

    Sorry, I installed the 3.2.1 jailbreak, does nothing for me that I can see even tho it was ‘successful.’

    Latest ‘Screensaver’ Hack is NOT EFFECTIVE for an Ad-Version Kindle 3 Wireless.

    So, someone find one that FUCKING WORKS PLEASE as I don’t like the damn ads.

  166. Lucas

    My kindle is the 3 version. The jailbreak doesn’t work on it, when i update my kindle an error 6006 apears. What do i do?

  167. Larry C.

    I have a US3G, 3.1. I’ve tried this again and again, but when I reboot, it tells me the update was not successful, and when I go back to the root directory, the install file isn’t there anymore. I’ve tried 3 different jailbreaks, including the recent one for the 3.1, multiple times. The linkss folder is there, the screensaver images are there. What am I doing wrong?

  168. Shaggy

    Kindle 3 WIFI running 3.2.1 – failed countless times with Yifan Lu’s jailbreak until I disabled the WIFI and renamed the documents directory afterwhich both the jailbreak and screensaver hack worked perfectly. Thanks to everyone for contributing to this thread! :)

  169. alab

    got a kindle 3 US version wifi only and this works great on it. had to do a hard reset after adding images but apart from that no issues at all – THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!

  170. felipe (venezuela)

    Hi! It worked perfectly! Thanks for such an awesome advice!

  171. jayeh1

    I have one of the new G3 kindles that has both 3g and wi-fi. Which install program should I use??

  172. fred


  173. Nibbos

    the ‘random’ feature does not seem to work properly for me…
    I’ve made a blank file with no file extension, named it ‘random’ and put it in the screensavers folder. Despite restarts etc. they still play in the same order every time…
    Any suggestions, please?

  174. Nibbos

    On friend’s Kindle 3 WiFi, (Uk), no success with combination of jailbreak0.7 and ss0.22 – is there a solution for Kindle version 3.2.1? Anyone had success with this version?

  175. saikyo

    Hey everyone!

    I installed this on Kindle 3.1 firmware, using jailbreak 0.6.N and the ss 0.20.N.

    Everything seems to have worked, but when I slide to switch “off” my Kindle, it does indeed show a RANDOM wallpaper that I have installed, but the image never switches away from that one wallpaper. It doesn’t do the slideshow effect like it did before the hack. Also, if I slide to switch “on” and then switch “off” again, it does indeed show me a new random screensaver, but it still doesn’t start rotating through them after some time.

    How do I get the automatic rotating functionality back?

  176. Josh

    Anyone try this with the kindle with special offers?

  177. saikyo

    Doesn’t work with special offers.

  178. szymon

    I just bought a brand new Kindle, it shipped with software version 3.2.1 (I don’t think it’s even available on Amazon’s web site for download yet). There’s no way to downgrade to 3.1, and the current jailbreak doesn’t work with my version. Well, that’s just to let you know ;)

  179. szymon

    Okay, got it to work, a little googling around helped. If you have software version 3.2.1, google for the following files (just type the filename in search box): “Kindle-3.2.1-jailbreak-0.5” and “kindle-ss-0.22.N”. Follow the steps in this howto, just use these newer files. Also, carefully read the README file that comes with the first zip archive.

  180. lanegan

    Had anyone with the ad Kindle 3 Wifi had succesfuly updated his Kindle with this last method? because I get the checkmark and the linkss folder and still it dosen’t work..

  181. Ray

    It is a different topic but I would appreciate if anyone could tell me if there is a way to input a different language (e.g. Chinese) with Kindle 3? It would be nice if this can be done so that I can create new collections with it. Thanks!

  182. g.

    Hi, everyone I too got the sposored 3 wifi & it does not work.
    Would be nice if anyone knowledgeable would update the hack…

  183. Blind.In.Texas

    Fitzpatrick, you are the man! I finally own my kindle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. Bannerman

    Can we edit the article to point out that this *Does Not Work* with the ad-sponsored version. Yifanlu has updated his post to make that clear. Can we do the same here?

  185. john wilbye

    Kindle 3.2.1 in the UK

    Tried updating but it just sat there with the spinning symbol. Got message update didn’t work. Then it seemed to die, wouldn’t connect via USB. Held power on button for long time and it eventually came back.

  186. Angus Fleming

    i tried this but instead of my custom screensavers now it only shows the sacreensaver of the person sitting under the tree waht shall i do?

  187. Greg

    My wife and I both have Kindle 3 Wifis. I had no problem jailbreaking either of them, and now we don’t have to worry about mistaking one Kindle for the other :)

  188. Dave C

    I am about to purchase a Kindle 3. Will this process work with a Mac?

  189. Jason Fitzpatrick

    @Dave C: Yes, all you’ll do on the Mac is unzip files and transfer them to the Kindle via USB. All the action, as it were, happens on the Kindle.

  190. MK

    I just bought a K3 wifi international and get the U004 error every time I try this. Is there a different update or something I’m supposed to be using? Thanks.

  191. AC

    szymon ‘s solution above has worked for my UK 3.2.1 Kindle. I downloaded Yifan Lu’s jailbreak files and followed his strict instructions and it worked perfectly. First time.

    Thank you!

  192. Deshan

    It didn’t work I have a kindle wi-fi only I followed the steps both updates were unsuccessful then i rebooted it and connected it to the computer no linkss file somebody help

  193. Natasha

    This is so great, everything works, even the random thing :)

  194. GP

    New UK Wi-fi Kindle Delivered with 3.2.1

    The pre-3.2.1 unlock jailbreak hack failed but the updated one by Yifan Lu’s appears to have worked. No Kindle error.
    The only screen saver hack does not so I have (AFACT) jailbroken but cannot go any further to put my own screen savers on.
    Note my Kindle does not have (or ever had had) a system directory and so no /system/collections.json file despite having defined collections. Others have mentioned other non-existent folders on my Kindle.
    Do we need a new ss hack for 3.2.1?

  195. S.A.B

    OK, there’re no folders, I restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times, but nothing! D:
    I have a Kindle3G- Can anybody help me, please?

  196. Stefan


    I have a K 3 Wi-fi (ad supported so 3.2.1)

    I successfully installed the hack Yifan Lu provided but saw no difference. I also tried this to at least put on some custom screensavers.

    Even though both updates went smoothly (were successful, no errors) i still see the ads and cant see any of my images i put in the screensavers folder.

    what to do???

  197. Kaitlin

    Hey there! I followed the instructions, but it did not work for me. I have a Kindle 3rd Gen 3g + WiFi, but I live in Canada. I use the store to shop. The Jailbreak always says it fails partway through installing. Can you help?

  198. Betty Jo

    I have the newer one Kindle 3 WiFi and 3G Which can I use oh yes in the US—–Thanks for having all of the good informationion!

  199. Kaitlin

    So I’ve jailbroken my Kindle now (Thanks Apsheron, your trick for putting the installer on the Kindle finally made it work)!

    I’ve put on screensavers and it works perfectly… however I can’t get the order to be random. I put in a blank .PNG named “random” but that did not work… what do you mean by a “blank file”?

  200. Bogdan

    It’s suppose to be a new file ( on windows you achieve this with: right click in a folder ->new text file then close wordpad and rename the file by cutting the txt extension. You have to have show extensions for files enabled).
    The file should be named random. No extensions! Got it?

  201. Kaitlin

    Thanks, Bogdan! Making a new file right on the Kindle worked!

  202. Alex

    It did not work for me.
    I used k3w files as I have a wi-fi only kindle 3. I got error messages approximately on the fifth second of the update process. Linkss folder did not appear.
    I live in Ukraine and my current OS version is Kindle 3.2.1.

  203. George

    Thanks; the jailbreak went real smooth on my mac and kindle 3.

  204. Em

    I have purchased the kindle 3 with sponsored ads. I’m moving to London and I wanna know whether the ads will be updated continuously there also, or whether they will be all repetitive (and will bore me to death after some time). I wish the ads would keep changing, as i like them!

  205. bennyb

    For those of you having trouble getting the screensavers to be random, I have discovered that the blank file named “random” needs to be in the /linkss folder. Not the /screensavers folder as described.

  206. fatboy

    cheers for this, took me a bit of fannying around but got there in the end!

  207. brendaswolf

    I have kindle 3 with wifi but I got it with ads will dis still work?

  208. wastedforms

    got kindle refurbished came with 3.1, try to install jailbreak but goes to unsuccessful message pretty quickly with error U004.

    I know this Jailbreak is made for 3.2.1 should i update to this version? can i even do that? Was wondering for the people who were successful, did you ever get the U004 or did it update successfully all the way through? thx

  209. purps

    Hi I’ve put the JailBreak on no problem, but I can’t get SCreensaver on, it always fails with 007 error. The jailbreak left multiple files in my root folder (sig and dat files) and I can’t find anywhere if this should be the case, and/or if I can/should remove them before attempting the Screen Saver ‘fix’..anyone know?

  210. John

    So this maybe a stupid question (or I’m just overthinking it). How does one go about creating an empty file…….”If you would like to randomize the order just create an empty file in the /screensavers/ folder named random to randomize the play order.”

    Can anyone walk me through this?


  211. Maria


    I have a real problem with my kindle 3. A couple days ago the screensaver of emily dickinson etc were change d for an abc series and promotional banners and i was like WHYYY? because my kindle screen looks really awful with those. So i try to found how to change the screensavers and i got to this post. I try to do all that says in here but as you said ” If you’re jailbreaking a Kindle 2 there is a high probability you’ll get a failure message with a U006 error at the bottom of the screen at some point during the jailbreak process. Don’t panic, just leave it alone until it restarts by itself, it doesn’t effect the outcome of the jailbreak at all.” My problem is that i get a failure massage with a u004 error at the bottom of the screen so i couldn’t do anything.

    Can someone help me to solve my problem and tell me what to do and how to change my screensavers??

    I would appreciate it :D

  212. Larry

    John – About the “Random” file… it should be in the “linkss” folder, not “screensavers”. Open the “linkss” folder, then (if you’re using a PC) right-click. Now choose “New”, then “Text Document”. You should now see “New Text Document.txt”. Rename this to “random” without a file extension; your new file should now show as “random” (with no extension). Restart the Kindle and you’ll be good to go.

  213. Timtam

    I have a kindle 3.1 and I downloaded the jailbreak then restarted my kindle but it just said that the update failed. :( What do I do now????

  214. David

    I did the jailbreaking part and that worked fine, but when I did the next part, the one that’s supposed to make a /linkss/ folder, the folder never appears, and that Kindle update always fails. What should I do? I’ve tried it more than once already.

  215. Builder

    I got through both the jailbreak installation and the screensaver hack but the linkss file didn’t show up.

  216. wastedforms

    for those of you having problems hacking 3.1 you need to try the 0.4 jailbreak. The newest jailbreak doesn’t seem to work for the 3.1 software.

    and for the screensaver: version 0.20 worked for me

    that worked for me on 3.1 good luck

  217. Timtam

    Thank you so much! The jailbreak totally works, but I still have a problem I added a whole bunch of books that were already supposed to be in kindle format to my kindle but when it shows on sleep mode the pictures are tiny!!! Help!!!!!!

  218. Timtam

    Oops, sorry I meant I added pictures not books!

  219. shiloh

    This is going to sound really stupid but how do I view the wonder woman images, do I need to download software?

    thanks for the help

  220. Josh Cox

    For those who are looking for the jailbreak for 3.2.1, I found it. Go to (I know it’s a weird url) and download the files there. They install the exact same as the one’s on this site. For the screensavers crack, the files here work just fine.

  221. damian

    for those of you using a US Kindle internationally, do you have to pay for internet access? i don’t care about downloading Kindle content… i mean to access email and such. off topic a bit, but this seems like a very active thread… thanks!

  222. JJCypher

    I just got my new Kindle 3 wifi, to my surprise it comes with A NEW FIRMWARE ( version 3.3 ), so I guess we have to wait for a new hack right?

  223. Rie

    I have a kindle 2 with 3g with firmware 2.5.4 I can’t get the jail break to work, I follow the directions except I am never able to select “Update Your Kindle” that option is always greyed out, what am I doing wrong?

  224. Mhaike

    Thanks! that was easy! thanks a lot…

  225. Ridge

    Any possibility of a 4.0 jailbreak for the new 2011 kindles?

  226. NANCY



    NANCY =)

  227. yoshi

    both “updates” are coming up as not successful and tho the jailbreak seems to work the hack does not show up with the linkss file at all for me i have the k3w i think. please advise. i do have the active.content data file but no linkss file.

    thanks a bunch

  228. freshy187

    hey guys i tried installing these files. but i have the 3g and wifi kindle 3 which files do i use i cant get the ss folder to appear after the reboot. then again i was using the wifi bin and ss loader. any thoughts would be great thanks

  229. Insert Coin(s) to Continue

    Does this work on the Kindle 4? If so, which jailbreak file should I choose to apply?

  230. zoolkhan

    Any chance to get the jailbreak for a more recent version? I have kinlde os 3.2.1 – and the jailbreak
    says “unsuccsessful”… :(

  231. Jeff

    Used the custom screensaver on both my and my wife’s K3 – now I’ve upgraded to K4 (2011 wi-fi only version) running 4.0.1. Wondering when you might be able to produce a screensaver for this version?

  232. Jess

    I have the US K3g and every time i tried to jailbreak it, it failed completely. i tried multiple times, but it never worked. Any advice? E-mail me. I’m so sick of seeing dead people as my screensavers. lmao.

  233. Amanda

    Any idea on when the kindle 4 jailbreak be available? Nice post by the way. Thank you

  234. Jennifer

    I LOVE Wonder Woman and followed all the steps here, but her images don’t show up as full size on my Kindle DX, are there any suggestions on how I can fix this?

  235. SteveB

    I have a Kindle 3 Wifi with “Special Offers”. Since I don’t plan on buying anything from the Kindle Store or Amazon I haven’t bothered to register it, therefore I don’t have to deal with “great deals on hotels in Hawaii”. I was wondering, though, if I ever did register the Kindle, would the Amazon ads, a/k/a Special Offers, get downloaded to the screensaver folder, thereby making it easy to delete them? Or is something more sinister at work? Will I not be able to use the Kindle without keeping the WiFi turned on 24/7? I know that I can’t use “Collections” without registering the Kindle, luckily someone else created software that allows me to do it anyway. So, any information you can pass along regarding my questions?

  236. SteveB

    @Jennifer, The DX uses images that are 824 x 1200. You can probably expand those 600 x 800 images without too much image degradation. Then they will fit your DX perfectly.

  237. Marlene Beck

    Thankyou…….this is so easy to do and my Kindle now looks superb

  238. BeaEval

    *sobbing incoherently* I can’t do it for Kindle 4! POR QUE???!!!

  239. Lando

    Kindle 3G:

    So I installed the jailbreak and ss hack. I have the linkss folder. As a check, I de-tethered it and saw the screensaver that comes with the hack. So it was safe to say that it worked.

    I then reconnected the Kindle, erased the included screensaver, and added my own that were made in photoshop to be 600w x 800h .PNGs. All grayscale and 8-bit. I then restarted the kindle and still my screensaver comes up blank…any ideas?

  240. Mark

    Out of all the jailbreaks I’ve tried this one finally works

  241. Paul

    Refering to the many messages about not being able to install the Jailbreak on a kindle 3, I had the same problem when I first tried, but I just installed the Jailbreak version (see above, March 05 2011, Sam link) onto my Kindle 3 wifi (v 3.3) and that worked OK with the screensaver software too.

  242. Steve

    In response to Lando and anyone else who manages to install the jailbreak and screensaver files, gets the linkss folder, but any pics they put in don’t show up on the Kindle. You need to reboot the Kindle (not just turn it off/on). Following the steps above…copy the autoreboot file, rename it to reboot and that worked for me.

    Works great!

  243. Chris

    Amazon has released a new firmware for the kindle 3 (now keyboard) – version 3.3. Will updating to that new version ‘un-jailbreak’ my kindle and undo my screensaver changes? Anyone try the new version yet? I’d rather keep my screensavers than get the update if cant have both!

  244. GriNinja

    Hi. After the screensaver hack the pictures are displayed as a slideshow or you’re stuck with just one until waking up? I tried an it seems there is no slideshow.

  245. RobLocke

    Those are the worst mirrors, could you pick something that doesn’t start installing unwanted things and throwing up popups?

  246. Sakira

    ok so i have tried everything to jail break my kindle nothing works. it did it for my friend and hers worked perfectly the first time, so we tried mine on her computer and still nothing happend! anyway got any idea’s? its getting me kinda upset

  247. Kimi

    I have the kindle version 3.3 and I have not had success installing the hacks. Is there something I am missing? I tired the post for March 5th with no success also. I really liked using these programs previously, but I had to restore my Kindle to factory settings and I have not been able to install the hacks since.

    Thank you for your assistance.


  248. Steve

    Hi, I’m in the same situation, these didn’t work for me. After installing the Jailbreak, I do the System Update as described, and I see the error “Update was not successful”. When I plug back in, the update file is gone from the root directory but nothing has changed. Same with the screensaver update. I have a Kindle 3G showing Version: 3.2.1. Appreciate any help.

  249. Ucada

    This works perfectly!!! It surprised me a little when the update of the first one said it was unsuccessful; however, continuing doing it solved all the problem. Right now, I can change my screensaver at will. :D Thanks so much!!!!!

  250. Jessie

    I installes the hacks on my 3 Wifi w/ads, but I have to leave my kindle for about 8 hours before seeing MY pics, otherwise I just have “please connect wirelessly for special offers”. Then, when I switch it on then off, it still has “please connect wirelessly for special offers ” What can I do?

  251. roman

    I just uncracked my kindle to send back my cracked display kindle. My new kindle is 3.3 and will not crack. Are there updated bins for 3.3?

  252. Dan

    I originally tried to use this jailbreak with my Kindle 3G v3.2.1 and it didn’t work… I have now applied the update from Amazon and it is now v3.3 so I’m thinking of trying it again..

    Has anyone had any luck on version 3.3 yet?

  253. Gisele

    Hey man, I’d love if you show how to jailbreak the Kindle 4.

  254. somone

    does this work with the new “Kindle Classic” that came out in September 2011?

  255. Rory

    You guys need to link to the new jailbreak version 0.10

    If your kindle has upgraded itself to v3.3 already, you need to use the latest version of the hack

  256. Rudy Schumann

    I successfully ‘jailbreaked’ the 3 Kindles in our home. It was too easy.

    There are new Kindle models now. Can the same process be used on them. In particular the model that does not have the keyboard, four buttons under the screen.

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