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Desktop Fun: Need for Speed Wallpaper Collection

Are you a passionate fan of the Need for Speed series or racing games in general? Then start your engines, turn up the radio, and get ready to race with our Need for Speed Wallpaper collection.

Note: Click on the picture to see the full-size image—these wallpapers vary in size so you may need to crop, stretch, or place them on a colored background in order to best match them to your screen’s resolution.















Note: At 6236*2268 pixels this last wallpaper will need to be decreased in size before being placed on an appropriately sized white background matching your monitor’s resolution.


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Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 12/4/10

Comments (23)

  1. Hatryst

    Awesome… Been waiting for this collection !!

  2. Asian Angel

    @Hatryst – I had a feeling that you would enjoy this particular wallpaper collection. ~_^

  3. Hatryst

    Life is about 2 things: Cars and Computers ^_^

  4. LoverBoy

    @ Asian Angel – Good work but you missed the superb car my all time favourate “BMW M3 GTR” from NFS Most Wanted . And Do you found NFS Most Wanted Font anywhere ?

  5. Asian Angel

    @LoverBoy – Some of the really good images I found were just too small to use, so I did not get to include some of the other cars. :(

    As for the font try these two out…they should be rather close to what you are wanting. ^_^

    Most Wasted

    Grand Stylus

  6. Hatryst
  7. Katt

    Nice set of pics, however the one with the lady cop is a bit disturbing as she seems to be portrayed as some sort of bondage mistress in a cop uniform. Being arrested and cuffed in real life is definitely not fun and games. I like the games and realize they are games, its just that there are certain themes that are not appropriate in these racing games. Plenty of adult websites for that sort of thing.

  8. graham carr

    more chicks sitting on bonnets needed

  9. Asian Angel

    @Katt – Wa…I guess you and I got totally different impressions from the second wallpaper. O_o

    When I picked that one out my impression was that she was giving a no non-sense “look” that said “Drive too fast around here and I will get you. You go to the lock-up and your car goes to the impound yard.” ^_^

  10. Asian Angel

    @Hatryst – Great pic of the BMW M3 there. ^_^

  11. vivek

    @katt-you’ve a valid point..I guess pointing that out will make the editors here realise that..

  12. Asian Angel

    @vivek – I honestly do not see where either of you are getting the bondage mistress bit at with that pic. All it is is an image of a no non-sense female police officer from a game. It would be a sad state of being if female police officers were seen as or considered nothing more than fetish fantasy material.

    The image was not added with any sexual-related intent whatsoever and will remain a part of this wallpaper collection. Please clean your minds up…

  13. LoverBoy

    @ Katt & vivek – There is nothing wrong i that pic. And i love to get arrested from that beautiful lady :)

    @ Asian Angel – Thanks for the fonts.

    @ Hatryst – BMW M3 GTR & NFS Most Wanted is the best game i think in whole NFS Series. BTW do you have NFS Pro Street ? If so check that is there is BMW M3 GTR Police Car as shown in this pic

  14. Asian Angel

    @LoverBoy – You are very welcome for those fonts. ^_^

  15. LoverBoy

    @ Asian Angel – the font Most Wasted you posted is very very close ( Exactly ) as that of NFs Most Wanted And check this pictures you might like to add them in main post

  16. Katt

    @ Asian Angel – I just prefer to play games and be able to buy games that I can play in front of my kids or with my kids. If you want something else that’s your choice and its OK with me, just not in my house if you know what I mean, so yes I’m quite sensitive to these issues. Racing games are something my family plays a lot as we are quite car oriented.

    Getting back on topic Carbon was not one of EA’s better efforts. The older games were a lot more better. Some wallpapers from earlier NFS games would have been nice.

  17. Katt

    @ Asian Angel – Quote: It would be a sad state of being if female police officers were seen as or considered nothing more than fetish fantasy material.

    I agree with what you just wrote there. BTW I am female and find that a lot of video games do portray women pretty much as you have described, DN3D, GTA, etc. We have already reached a sad state.

  18. Hatryst

    Oh come on, its just a video game !
    What are we discussing? People can’t appreciate the rest of the wallpapers, but can criticize the first two wallpapers. Even i didn’t like those first two, but i gave a thumbs up to the author (Asian Angel) for an excellent job on finding the rest of the wallpapers. So please, be calm, the author must’ve noted down the problem, and hopefully it won’t happen again.
    Keep it up Angel ^_^
    (in the right way so that everyone likes !)

  19. Jerry

    Hot stern looking chicks with handcuffs and fast cars, OH YEAH!!! Moar please!

  20. Asian Angel

    @Katt – Yes, it is truly sad that women have been reduced to nothing more than eye candy and have been objectified in far too many media formats. :(

  21. Asian Angel

    @Hatryst – Thanks for the positive support. ^_^ It is very much appreciated. ^_^

    Believe me, those first two wallpapers are “extremely regular” in comparison with SO many of the other NFS ones that I found. O_o

    I included those two wallpapers because the first one represented a “can-do” kind of woman when it comes to driving a racing vehicle and the second because she is a no non-sense police officer. Both dressed respectively/normally and up to whatever challenges come their way. ^_^

  22. Asian Angel

    @graham carr & Jerry – Gentlemen, please try to calm yourselves, ok?

  23. Asian Angel

    On that note I am hereby locking down/closing the comments on this post. All of this has been discussed enough…

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