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Get the Complete Android Guide eBook for Only 99 Cents [Update: Expired]

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The Complete Android Guide is a 280-page book chock full of every menu option, hidden settings, and secrets that Google’s Android has to offer, and today they’ve got a promotion where you can get the downloadable eBook for only 99 cents. That’s a great deal!

It’s at this point that we should mention that the Complete Android Guide was written by our good friend Kevin Purdy from Lifehacker, and anything he writes is going to be great. The book is available for reading online for free, but it’s much more convenient to get a downloadable PDF or epub file instead—and at only 99 cents, how can you argue?  Note: This deal ends at midnight PST time.

Update: Expired

Sorry, folks, but the deal is over now.

Update: Coupon Code!

You can get the discount by simply heading to the purchase page, and then using the following code:

android tuesday

So head over there and get your book!

How Do You Get the Deal?

The promotion works this way: You’ll need to follow @completeandroid over on Twitter, and then send them a direct message asking for the code. Since we like big beautiful images, we’ve assembled the steps for you:

Note: if you aren’t able to send a direct message right away, you might need to wait a minute for their account to follow you back.


Once you’ve completed the first two steps, you’ll get a message with the code you need to buy the book for 99 cents. That’s all there is to it—so head over there, follow @completeandroid on Twitter. Get your copy.

Complete Android Guide

Update: Alternative Method

If you’re having problems getting the code, you can email [android] at [] with the word “coupon” and you’ll get a reply.

Update 2: Coupon Code!

You can get the discount by simply heading to the purchase page, and then using the following code:

android tuesday

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  • Published 11/30/10

Comments (9)

  1. Mike

    This would require signing up for Twitter? Wow. No thanks. Otherwise, I’d definitely do it (while secretly hoping it isn’t just a “hack first, then look what you can do” kinda thing as I’m really not into hacking/bricking my expensive devices).

  2. The Geek

    No, it’s really a complete guide to Android. There’s no need to jailbreak to use the book.

  3. Atomsk

    Cant really send them a DM unless they follow you, do you mean mention them in a tweet like @completeandroid Please send me a code?


  4. Thom

    Would have but, I don’t use Google Checkout! PayPal and it would have been a deal :-(

  5. Deadly

    Is there any way to purchase the book without signing up for Twitter? I’m really interested but not enough to overcome my antipathy for Twitter.

  6. Jordan

    Just got my copy, pretty awesome deal, thats one chrismas present sorted as I don’t have an android device yet ;_; . Had a quick read, seemed pretty decent to be fair, a good deal!

  7. Cincinnati/Stan

    loved the book except my copy did not have contects in the front or index in the back?????
    it’s a pain flipping pages to find something, first book I ever had like this.

  8. DavidHS

    Presumably this is US only, as well as requiring signing up to Twitter?

  9. ZoSo


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