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Make the Mac OS X Clock Show a Drop-Down Calendar

Ever since I started using my new MacBook Air as my primary non-work laptop, I’ve been frustrated that you can’t just click on the clock to show the calendar, the way Windows 7 does. Here’s how to fix that.

Of course, the heart of this article is nothing more than a tiny piece of freeware that does the work, but after doing a little tweaking I figured out that you can make it look like the default clock & date.

Setup Your Drop-Down Calendar

The first thing you’ll want to do is download and install MenuCalendarClock, which is actually a freeware application even though the page makes it look like shareware—you can pay for additional features, but the core features are free.

Once you’ve got it running, head into Preferences -> Menu Item and show the clock, change the format to match what you’ve got the OS X clock set to, and then uncheck the “Show Calendar Icon” checkbox.

At this point, your clock will look the same as the built-in one, but this one shows the calendar when you click it. You’ll probably want to head into the Date & Time settings and remove the built-in clock from the menu bar.

If you head into the Display -> Advanced section of the MenuCalendarClock preferences, you can also hide the dock icon, which works just fine even though there is a warning about it.

At this point you’ve got a drop-down calendar on the menu bar clock. Pity it’s not built in. Also, thanks to @Jishenaz for the tip.

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  • Published 11/26/10

Comments (11)

  1. Prashant

    Thanks a lot. I always used dashboard to see the calender and thought that I need to wait till next update of the OS X to get this feature.

  2. Frank Webber

    Bit thanks. A missing feature for me as well.

    The other missing feature was Win+Left/Right/Up/Down, which I get some relief with Divvy – but still not quite as good.

  3. carlos

    iSats Menus offers this among many other things. But i think now there is no free option.

  4. davidtb

    Gee uh, that’s pretty neat.. what else can a Mac do for free?

  5. Tillman

    Thanks, I like this feature a lot.

  6. Soren

    Great tip, thanks a lot!

  7. Charnita Fance

    I have been using this app for awhile – I LOVE it. Really comes in handy for viewing assignments I have due for school.

  8. Scott Volltrauer

    I just found your web site this week and I’ve used three tips already!
    Thank you for sharing your, and others’, insights.


  9. Migabri

    Installed today. Ty.

  10. vicky

    The hide dock icon is greyed out. It says I need administrator priveleges, but I have?

  11. REG

    AWESOME tip….AWESOME site.

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