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How to Check Your Facebook Messages Spam / Junk Email Folder


Normally when you don’t get an inbound email message that you were expecting, you’re supposed to check your Spam or Junk Email folder—in the new Facebook “Email” (Messages) system, it’s not quite as obvious how to check that folder. So here’s how.

Note: If you don’t have the new Facebook Messages, you can head over here to sign up for an invite.

Checking Your Spam / Junk Folder

First you’ll want to head to Messages, and then click the “Other” folder.


Then down at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a tiny little link for “Junk”.


Alternatively, you could search for is:spam in the search box from the main screen.


Either way, here’s those messages that you were wondering about.


Marking a Message as Not Junk

Once you find a message in the folder, you’ll want to open it up, and then use the Actions menu to choose the “Move to Other” option.


For some reason, if you choose “Not Junk”, the message completely disappears—we’ll assume they will fix this at some point.

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  • Published 11/23/10

Comments (15)

  1. Loren Kallwick

    I don’t have an “other” under messages. Mine only has “updates” and “sent”

  2. The Geek


    That’s because you don’t have the new Facebook messages yet – you’ll have to request an invite with the link above.

  3. Rebecca Salman

    I requested an invite and still no facebook messages.. :(

  4. Tony

    How long do the invites usually take?

  5. sardar Panjsheri afghanistan

    well,, this help really worked.. thank you so much.

  6. carla adriana

    nao consigo ver minha pasta de lixo eletronico pois nao lembro mas da minha senha quero saber o que vc podem faser por mim obbrigada.sim como vou ver o comentario de vcs .

  7. cypherstream

    There is no actions menu. I need to leave out of a spam conversation to stop my phone from going off non stop at all hours of the night. help?!!

  8. Cathy Hartley

    I don’t see an actions menu. How can I get that?

  9. harpreet

    no other option in messages…. even i requested an invite


    email potvrda



  12. amanda

    how long does it take to get invite

  13. Hhappy Smalleyesboy

    yeah, it worked. thank you very much.

  14. mohini

    ki kr6is?

  15. nadim

    It worked thx

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