Have you ever found yourself needing a printable list or text file of the contents in a particular folder or location on your computer? Now you can have that list or text file in a matter of moments with Directory Print!


Directory Print does not require installation. Simply place the exe file into a folder or location of your choice, create a shortcut, and you are ready to go. Whenever you start Directory Print up, it will display the contents of the folder or location that it is in by default.

Directory Print in Action

To get started, navigate to the folder or location with the contents that you would like to view using the drop-down directory menu at the top. Once you have your chosen directory displayed, you can choose to either print a list of the contents or save the list to a text file.

Notice that you can make adjustments for what is and is not displayed in a particular folder or location (i.e. System Files, Read Only).

Note: Directory Print will display the various file types, but not any sub-folders located in the folder or location being viewed.

And the Text File?

Here is a look at the text file that Directory Print created for our example. Very nice!


Directory Print can be an extremely useful tool if you suddenly need to print out or create a text file list of the contents of a “My Documents”, “Music”, or other type of folder.


Download Directory Print (version 2.1, trialware)

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