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Desktop Fun: Thanksgiving Day and Autumn Themed Icon Packs

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The great food fest known as Thanksgiving Day is getting close, so it is time to get your desktop ready for the holiday. Today we have a nice collection of Thanksgiving Day and Autumn Themed icon packs to help get you and your family in the mood for the upcoming celebration.

Thanksgiving Day and Autumn Icons

Note: To customize the icon setup on your Windows 7 & Vista systems see our article here. Using Windows XP? We have you covered here.

Sneak Preview

This is the example Thanksgiving Day-Autumn Themed desktop that we set up on our system using the Thanksgiving Icons 1.0 Pack shown below.

Note: Wallpaper can be found here.


An up close look at the icons that we used in our example.


The Icon Packs

Thanksgiving & Christmas

*.ico format only



Thanksgiving 2008

*.ico format only



Thanksgiving 2009

*.ico format only



Thanksgiving Icons 1.0

*.ico format only



LWF Thanksgiving Icons

*.ico format only



Thanksgiving Icons

*.ico format, a .gif format is available but would not display properly on our system when we tested it


Note: You can download these four icons separately in .ico and .gif format from the original webpage OR download the four .ico icons in a special zip file that we have put together.

Download (separate files – .ico and .gif formats)

Download (zip file with .ico format only)

I Love Autumn Icons

*.ico format only



Autumn Blues icons

*.png format only, also has bonus wallpaper included!


This is what the bonus wallpaper looks like…it comes in the following size: 1400*875.



Fall Icon Collection

*.ico format only



Fall Icon Collection 2

*.ico format only



Autumn Breeze Icons

*.ico format only



More Thanksgiving Day Goodness for Your Desktop

Desktop Fun: Thanksgiving Day 2012 Wallpaper Collection [Bonus Edition]

Desktop Fun: Thanksgiving Day Wallpaper Collection [Bonus Edition]

Desktop Fun: Thanksgiving Day Fonts

Want more great icon sets to look through? Make sure to visit our Desktop Fun section for more icon goodness!

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 11/16/10

Comments (9)

  1. Hatryst

    The bonus wallpaper in this collection can be labeled WALLPAPER OF THE WEEK !!

  2. Asian Angel

    @Hatryst – I agree with you about that being a gorgeous wallpaper. ^_^ That one turned out just right! ^_^

  3. LoverBoy

    Great work once again Angel ^_^ :) . Can you post pirates icons & wallpapers collection ? I remember the wallpaper of Pirates /howto/11767/desktop-fun-pirate-theme-wallpapers/ was awesome .

  4. Asian Angel

    @LoverBoy – Thanks for the compliment on the post! ^_^ It is always a great feeling to know that people enjoy the wallpapers, icons, and fonts we find to share with you. ^_^

    That pirates wallpaper post was fun to put together. ^_^ And I can definitely work on a pirates customisation set…get all the good stuff (wallpapers, icon packs, and fonts) together at one time. ^_^

    I do appreciate hearing from you on the kind of customisation stuff that you would like to see. It gives me a good idea of subject/theme stuff I can look for (knowing that people are definitely interested in it). ^_^

  5. LoverBoy

    Yeah your work deserve to be stick in my bookmark. :) ^_^

  6. LoverBoy

    Asian Angle here is just some pirates icons i found

    ( in both my comments above i entered wrong email its a typo :) )

  7. Hatryst

    @LoverBoy: Its not Asian “Angle”, its Asian ANGEL ;)

  8. LoverBoy

    hehe again typo :)

  9. Asian Angel

    @LoverBoy – Thanks for sharing those links. ^_^ I will add those to my notes for that pirates post. ~_^

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