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Access Frequently Used Items in Windows 7 with Jump Lists

Finding a way to easily access recently used files, folders, and websites could be annoying in previous versions of Windows.  Today we take a look at the new Jump List feature in Windows 7 that allows you to quickly access recently used items.

Using Jump lists 

To access jump lists Right-click a program icon on the Taskbar, like in this example of Internet Explorer.  Notice too that you can pin those items to the Taskbar if you wish.


When you have the jump list open click the first letter of an item to jump between them.


Here is an example of the Jump List feature in the Start Menu.  This makes it easy to access recently opened items as well.


Periodically you might want to clear out the jump list history, to do this Right-click on Start and choose Properties.


Now under the Start Menu tab uncheck one or both boxes under Privacy to clear the Taskbar or Start menu item history or both.


This is an awesome new feature in Windows 7 that makes navigating items a lot faster.

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 08/27/09

Comments (10)

  1. Michael

    I have an issue in which I can no longer pin a folder to my Explorer Jump List. It worked originally- it was pinned, but after a week or two, the folder was suddenly gone. Worst, it doesn’t show under “Frequent” either even though I go to that folder all the time. I have attempted to reset the settings by disabling reenabling the store and display setttings under the taskbar, but it still won’t appear.

    How can I manually pin it if it won’t show up anywhere?

    The recent/most frequent list is wrong- I don’t think it updates any more for Explorer, while for other programs it seems fine

  2. Simplify PC Solutions

    Jump Lists are one of those Windows 7 features that seem like a small addition, but once you start using them, it’s impossible to get along without them!

  3. Howard

    my jumplists are either always empty or not activated … just have the pin and close

  4. Bob

    Hardly awesome when the user cannot control the jumplist herself.

  5. SICFux

    @Bob “Hardly awesome when the user cannot control the jumplist herself.”
    Sounds like you have control issues! FYI the lists are meant to do the thinking for you so that you may have more time for email, farmville, or whatever it is that you do. If you want a controlable jumplist, try a toolbar.

  6. Computer Tech

    I have to totally agree with other posts, ever since I started using jump lists after moving from Vista to Windows 7 I find them extremely handy! They are especially useful in the corporate environment and I use them often to access recent docs.

  7. jean helft

    and how do you download these jump-lists?

  8. Rod Leggett

    To Michael – If you use a register cleaner – check the settings – some register cleaners automatically clean that out Expolorer pin settings

  9. iphoness

    nice article. I’m struggling with several these issues.

  10. jazzron

    I just use stardock. everything i access can be put in the bar, and i can have it so that the icons are floating, and disappear when im not hovering over them….

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