Ever find yourself needing to acquire information about a particular domain but want an easy way to do it? Now you can with Win32Whois.


Getting started with Win32Whois is extremely simple. There is no install process to deal with, just place the exe file in a location of your choice and create a shortcut (terrific!). When you start Win32Whois, this is what you will see. To get started, enter the domain address that you are curious about and click “Go”.


For our example, we entered “www.howtogeek.com”. The results came up very quickly and as you can see by the scrollbar, there was quite a bit of information returned (very nice!).



Win32Whois can provide a quick and easy way to find the information that you need about a domain. This is definitely a nice reference tool to have on your system or USB drive.


Download Win32Whois (version 0.9.14)