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How to Create a Wiki without any Technical Know-How Using Google Sites


Wikis are a great way to communicate and work on a project with other people, but hosting your own wiki can be complicated to work with. Today we’ll show you how to setup your own Wiki page with Google Sites.

Note: naturally this post is meant for beginners, so the more advanced users should probably skip this one.

Create Your Wiki

We need to sign up for an account in Google before we can create a Wiki with Google Sites. Once you have your Google account, go to Google Sites and click the ‘Create Site’ button to start creating your own Wiki.


Google Sites has different templates that we can choose from for our website. Select ‘Project Wiki’ to start creating your wiki.

Specify a name that best describe the purpose of your wiki.

We can even make a visually engaging wiki with a selection of themes.

Google gives us the option to publicly share our wiki or share the wiki with a group of people that we are working with.

Adding collaborators and members in the wiki is quite simple. Select “Share this site” from the more actions dropdown and enter the email address(s) of collaborators you want to add.

You can invite people to collaborate on your wiki by sending email invitations.

We can even give different permissions to each person who we invite to edit our wiki.

Changing the Wiki’s Appearance

There is a lot of customization that we can do with our Wiki. Start by accessing the site management editor by clicking the ‘Manage Site’ menu.

The site editor let us customize the site layout, color, fonts, and theme.

Click the ‘Color and Fonts’ menu to change the site background, header, image, and fonts colors.

Inserting other Page Elements

Google Sites is tightly integrated with other Google products such as Picasa, Spreadsheet, Document, Presentation, etc. To begin inserting these elements into your Wiki, begin with clicking the ‘Edit Page’ or ‘Create Page’ button.

Click on the ‘Insert’ menu and choose the Google product that we want to incorporate into our wiki.

The great thing about Google Sites is that we can put our Google documents (spreadsheet, presentation) or Picasa photo album into any sites that we create in Google Sites.

Google Sites makes it easy for us to create Wikis without any technical know-how. It has a user friendly interface that allows us to create visually appealing and easy to use Wiki, just take a look at this Wiki site.

Now you can use Google Sites to create your own Wiki and use them in your work.

Google Sites

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  • Published 11/5/10

Comments (6)

  1. Daryl

    2 quick questions:
    1. If you put insert Google document into your Site, does it show the document content (& update that as the document is updated) or does it just link to the Google Doc?
    2. Does inserting a Google document use up some of your Site space allocation (100Mb I think)?

    Thanks very much!

  2. Miss Andrea Borman.

    I think that Blogger is the best place for hosting a web site as they have tools to make your blog look like a professional website. And you can also buy a domain through Blogger and Google for as little as 7 US Dollers abour 6 English pounds a year to host on your own domain. But I think if you want to create a wiki the best place is Wikispaces,where I have several wikis. They give you a lot of choice unlike some where like Wikopidia which will not let you link to any websites or upload photos. But Wikispaces lets you do pretty much what you want and you can add pages from your blog or website,add images and PDF files if you want to.Andrea Borman.

  3. Max

    Can I use my own domain to create a wiki using Google Sites?

  4. joshua

    hi this is so cool.

  5. Angela W.

    Can you hyperlink word documents into Google Wiki’s? Or does it have to be a Google Doc?

  6. Jyoti

    thanks. Can i know if I can make the site public at large, I mean can anyone post or add or correct things with any email they wanna log in with like in Wiki? I mean a complete public wiki? Thanks.

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