Our monitor only gives us a limited space to edit Word documents. Jumping from one page to another consumes too much time, so today we will show you some simple tips to maximize the Microsoft Word editing area for a better writing experience.

Split The Editor

Open the view tab to access the ‘Split Window’ icon and position the split bar just below the part that we want to keep static.

With the document split into two panes, we can work on one pane while keeping the other pane static for reference.

Each window pane acts like a separate window and we can adjust each the look and feel for each pane. For instance we can set different zoom levels for each pane.

We can even set different layouts in each pane for better editing. For instance, we can keep the top pane in ‘Print’ layout while working on ‘Outline’ layout in the bottom pane.

Click on the ‘Remove Split’ button to remove the window split.

Arranging Multiple Word Windows

Click on the Arrange All button to stack two Word Document windows vertically.

Arranging multiple Word windows into a tile is very useful when we are working on two documents and we need to reference both documents at the same time.

Click the ‘side by side’ button so that Word aligns the two windows vertically to allow us to compare the two documents and work on them more effectively.

We can set Word to scroll both windows at the same time for easier navigation by clicking on the ‘Synchronous Scrolling’ button.

Microsoft has designed the view tab to give us simple solutions to maximize Word’s editing area for better writing experience. We hope that our simple tips increase our reader’s productivity with Word. Do drop us some comments if you have any other productivity tips with Word.