Geek Fun: Skip Through YouTube Videos with the Number Keys

Have you ever been watching a YouTube video and want to get to the good part quickly without waiting for it to load? Today we have a cool tip showing how to use the number keys to navigate through videos the easy way.

When you’re playing a YouTube video, it can be very annoying waiting for it to load so you can get to the point you want.


Use Number Keyboard Shortcuts

For this trick to work, you need to click on the Play button first, and make sure the progress bar is showing,then hit any number key on the top row to skip through the video (the number pad didn’t seem to work). It will move forward or back based on increments of 10%. For instance, here we hit “5” to get 50% through the video.


To get back to the beginning of the video just hit zero.


Or hit the 9 key to skip 90% into the video near the end.


Unfortunately one caveat is you can’t skip through the commercials. Also, you’ll want to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed.


This is a cool trick that allows you to skip to different sections of a video on YouTube just like you would with a DVR or Tivo. It should work on any video on the YouTube site, and in any of the major browsers…Awesome!

Head to YouTube and Try it Out for Yourself

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