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Desktop Fun: Apple and Mac Styled Icon Packs

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Are you a fan of Apple’s electronic products and Mac’s smooth aesthetic look? Now you can add that elegance to your own system with our Apple and Mac Styled icon packs collection.

Note: To customize the icon setup on your Windows 7 & Vista systems see our article here. Using Windows XP? We have you covered here.

Sneak Preview

This is the desktop that we set up on our system using the iPhone Toolbar Icons Pack shown below.

Note: Wallpaper can be found here.


Here is a closer look at the icons we used.

Update: Based on reader requests, here is the link for a zip file containing the five converted icons shown in our example desktop. Apple Example Desktop Icons


The Icon Packs

Leopard Folder Replacements

*.png format only



Hardwaremx Win

*.ico format only



iPod Nano Chromatics

*.ico format only



iPhone 4 Mini Icons

*.png format only, choose between black border, white border, or use both!




iPhone Toolbar Icons

*.png format only, special white monotone icons set!



FAriCon -full apple-

*.ico format only



Apple Hardrives

*.ico, .png, and .icns format



Steel Drives 3.0

*.png and .icns format



Special Note: The following icon packs have the same style of icons, but we have included the different colors available to help you match them up nicely to your particular color scheme and/or system style.

Snow.E Lime

*.ico format only



Snow.E Strawberry

*.ico format only



Snow.E Tangerine

*.ico format only



Snow.E Jaguar

*.ico format only



Snow.E Aqua 2

*.ico format only



Snow.E Graphite 2

*.ico format only



Snow.E 2

*.ico format only, icon mega pack with 221 icons!







Wanting more great icon sets to look through? Be certain to visit our Desktop Fun section for more icon goodness!

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 11/2/10

Comments (12)

  1. Hatryst

    That is SO cool :D
    Thanks a lot !!

  2. Asian Angel

    @Hatryst – You are very welcome and I am so glad that you like the batch I put together in the post. ^__^

  3. mike

    Fantastic. I use the mac @ work and love the icons. Should look great on my win 7 pro & win7 ultimate thank you

  4. Hatryst

    You’re right Angel… Its the one of the best and the biggest icon batch published on HTG ;)
    Keep it up !

  5. LoverBoy

    @ Asian Angel the desktop screenshot you posted from which icon pack you taken Network icon ? I thought its from Iphone Toolbar Icon pak so i downloaded it but when extracted no one icon from both 30 pixel , 60 pixel png folder of both normal & _mac osx folder open ! I am using windows 7 ultimate . Can you post that network icon only ??

  6. Asian Angel

    @LoverBoy – I converted the icons shown for the example desktop above from .png format to .ico format using IcoFx. ^__^ Here is a zip file containing all five converted icons shown above (in case you decided that you liked the other four later as well):

    Apple Example Desktop Icons

  7. LoverBoy

    Thanks Angle. i Like your work very much

  8. LoverBoy

    Update : Sorry to say but that icons not open up in windows 7 default picture viewer any info ??

  9. Asian Angel

    @LoverBoy – To use those icons you will not need to open them in a regular photo/image app (unless you want to modify them). If you want to modify them use these links for IcoFx. ^__^


    IcoFX Tutorials

    Create Icons the Easy Way with SimplyIcon

    If you just want to use them as they are, then go to the article linked to right beneath the intro paragraph at the top of this article. That will get you nicely on your way to a new desktop look. ^__^

  10. Hatryst

    Or, if you don’t want to use IcoFX, use this instead:

    Free web based app. I used it for creating these Mac PNG icons fo ICO files, so i can use them in windows ;)

  11. Hatryst

    Oh, i had some typos in the last post !
    I used this web app to convert these “.png” icons that Angel posted, to “.ico” format, so that they can be recognized as icons by Windows 7.

  12. Soheil Gonzalez

    They are fantastic. Thanks.

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