Going to a lot of night parties? We all know that the flash will give your pictures red eye, but here’s a simple way to use freeware Paint.NET to remove the red eye from any of your pictures.

Paint.NET has a simple tool for doing this called the “Color Replacement Tool,” illustrated here. Shortcut key will give it to you.

You can adjust the colors you want to change in your colors panel. In the illustrated image, the Primary color should be black, and the Secondary color should be red. This means I will be switching the reds in my image with the black in my color palette.

Adjusting “Brush Width” will also make it easier to paint. Since the eyes in this image are quite large, a width of 100 seems appropriate. Adjust the tolerance or the Secondary color if this technique doesn’t remove the red eye from your image.

With a single brush stroke, the red eye is gone.

Painting over both eyes takes mere seconds. If you don’t already have Paint.NET, it is a free download for Windows.