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CCleaner 3.0 Adds HTML5 Cookie Cleaning, Drive Wiping and 64-bit Support


The latest version of system cleaning application CCleaner is out, with a lot of new changes under the hood like 64-bit support, cleaning HTML5 local storage, a drive wiper tool, and better support for Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome.

Just in case you haven’t read them, make sure to check out our guide to creating a shortcut to run CCleaner silently, and how to setup CCleaner to automatically clean your PC on a schedule.

What’s New in CCleaner 3

The first thing you’ll notice when you go to download the application is that they have a “Priority Support” option and the download button sends you to a page where you can buy it for $24.95—but it’s actually still available for free from their Builds page.

The next thing you’ll notice when you start it up is this dialog, which asks you if you’d like to intelligently scan for cookies to keep—a very useful feature so you don’t get logged out of your email clients when you run CCleaner.


Here’s the full change list for the curious:

  • New CCleaner 64-bit native EXE.
  • New UI graphics and icons.
  • New internal scanning architecture.
  • New Drive Wiper tool screen under Tools section.
  • New Intelligent cookie keeping functionality.
  • Improved support for IE9.
  • Improved support for Google Chrome.
  • Improved HTML5 Database Storage cleaning.
  • Added support to clean Microsoft Silverlight Isolated Storage.
  • Added support for AVG AntiVirus 10.0, Audacity, LogMeIn Hamachi, BitTorrent and Windows Game Explorer.
  • Improved support for Vuze.
  • Added new environment variables: %SystemDirectory%, %SystemDirectory32% and %SystemDirectory64%.
  • Improved Registry backup to address problems when saving values.
  • Improved cleaning Windows Log Files for 64-bit OSs.
  • Many UI improvements and bug fixes.

You’ll notice the new icon is slightly different…


The application really looks the same otherwise, it’s just improved. Make sure to ignore any toolbar installation requests, or just grab the portable version.

CCleaner Home Page

Download CCleaner Slim and Portable versions

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  • Published 10/29/10

Comments (15)

  1. Theo

    W7 did exactly what is showed, seems to run but doesnot end and i cannot find succes result
    please check for yourself and help what is wrong. THX

  2. Steve O

    I LOVE Ccleaner! This program has helped me so many years. Ccleaner is like my dog. Loyal, does what its told and doesn’t chew on my slipper. I genuinely <3 Ccleaner

  3. Abhishek K. Pandey

    I love CCleaner.

  4. ed

    Endorsement for CCleaner. Used for 6 years–after every internet session, after every download and before logging off. For the registry, whatever CCleaner identifies as an issue, I fix it, without saving. Never knowlingly had a problem using CCleaner. Great tool, promotes a sense of well-being.

  5. Agustin

    I am in love with CCLEANER TOO =D

  6. Terry Chen

    CCleaner, I believe, is the best software in its category. I am really glad that it keeps improving!

  7. DaveyNC

    Ok, I love CCleaner too, but how do you clear the HTML5 cookies? Simply by clearing them the usual way?

  8. DaveyNC

    I mean, the same way that you clear all the other cookies?

  9. Jon

    I avoid registry cleaners. They never do anything good.

  10. Guy

    @ Jon
    Although the cleanup of registry files is negligible in improving system speed, CCleaner has helped me solve a client problem in the past. I don’t recommend uninformed people touching the registry in any form, but CCleaner will prompt you to backup the entries before they’re removed. I can also say that using CCleaner’s registry cleaner has never been the cause of any problems I’ve encountered.

  11. rroberto

    I didn’t get the Intelligent Cookie Scan pop-up so I couldn’t perform it.

    Is there a way to force the pop-up to appear so it can be launched?

  12. raytracer78

    LOVE CCleaner – HATE the new ver 3.0 Icon. Looks horrible.

  13. Player2703

    The best Software out there..

    Clean. Fast. Intuitive. Most of all does the job


    And i like the new logo!! Its all Good LD

  14. Nitesh

    Roberto, right click anywhere on the cookies plane and click intelligent scan

  15. alvinkhorfire

    It appears that the slim version for CCleaner 3.04 is no longer made available in Sigh!

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