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Install Windows Live Essentials In Windows 7

So you’re starting out fresh with the new Windows 7 operating system but notice there are some of your favorite Windows applications missing.  Today we take a look at the Windows Live Essentials installer for getting your favorite Microsoft applications set up.

With the Windows 7 release Microsoft left out several previously bundled applications like Mail, Messenger, and Photo Gallery.  These apps are now branded as their Live Essentials suite and are available as a separate download.  This allows Microsoft to update and improve on these features without causing disturbance to the core operating system.

Installing Live Essentials

To start getting those MS apps you love back go to Start \ Getting Started \ Get Windows Live Essentials


You will be brought to the Windows Live page where you can select your language and download the Windows Live Setup executable.


Choose from the list of MS programs to install.  Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and more are all available to download.


A progress screen is displayed while your selections are installed.  The amount of time it takes will vary depending on which and how many programs you choose.

5 - progress

After the programs are installed you will see them in the Start menu under Windows Live.

7 on menu

Windows Live Applications

Windows Live Mail replaces Outlook Express and Windows Mail that was included with Vista.  It is a great full featured email application with Calendar, RSS Feeds, and has the ability to check multiple web accounts.  If you don’t want to pay for Outlook this is a great way to handle your email needs.


Windows Live Photo Gallery provides a free way to store, organize, and share all of your digital photos.  It also lets you easily edit photos, view in a slideshow presentation, and share them on the web.


Of course you know Windows Live Messenger for instant messaging, exchange pictures, and play games with other MSN users.


Movie Maker beta replaces Windows Movie Maker that was include with XP and lets you import photos, video clips, and music into your own personal video.


With these popular and commonly used applications Microsoft will be able to improve and update them on a more regular basis without making the user run through a lot of update and patches.  This also makes for an easier installation and give you more choice in what you do or do not want to install.  Make sure to also check out our articles on how to Backup Windows Live Writer Settings and using Windows Live Family Safety Filter to help protect your children on the PC.


Download Windows Live Essentials Installer

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  • Published 08/17/09

Comments (12)

  1. LocalToast

    I think I’ll pass on this one. :P

  2. Louise Lloyd

    Windows 7 is pretty awesome, I have noticed improved speed with everything.

    Good tutorial on installing windows live stuff, I simply used the windows update and selected to receive updates on more microsoft products and it automatically downloaded and installed.

    If any peeps have probs installing windows 7, in particular a problem installing software on windows 7 reinstall widows 7 ensuring you do not have your wireless router plugged in during setup.

    Thanks again.

  3. Robert

    Do you geek never get tired of windows 7

  4. Mark

    I think Live essentials is pretty good, you can now get Gmail with the mail app, they just need a good way to utilize your 25 GB of free storage they give you with Sky Drive.

  5. MikeBravo

    You might want to revisit your post on the Family Safety applet. I am not the only one who does not think it works as well as the How-To geek thinks it does.

  6. Miguel

    I´m using windows 7×64 and when i install windows live photo gallery it doesn´t show in the default programs,does it happen to anyone else?and does anyone know a way to fix it?

  7. Aleece

    There are so many programs on the hard drive of my new Windows7 computer,my question is how to uninstall them. I don’t know their names nor where they’re hidden.I got a terabyte hard drive to use for graphics, but it has been almost used up by Martha Stewart’s recipes and instructions on wrapping packages..

    If you want to help a Wndows ignoramous, please tell me how to get rid of the junk–

    Thanks, Aleece

  8. Joanna Levesque

    I am so not happy with this i dunno know n when i click on the download thing i already have the programs but i dun have the windows live movie maker only!

  9. David Aris-Sutton

    There is a problem with this release of live, if you, like me are sharing items over a network with an unbuntu machine and have password protected sharing turned off you will find that your drives will show as locked after install. Can’t find a solution other than to uninstall the beta release

  10. Judy

    When I first got Windows7 I installed, “Windows Live Essentials,” and all was working well in the “Windows Live Photo Gallery,” program until yesterday when Microsoft sent an update, which of course, I accepted.
    Now when I click on an individual picture using Windows Live Photo Gallery it goes to a screen with limited tool bar options. I’ve lost the FIX option!!! What happened? This was a great quick tool for fixing a Photo.

    Old tool bar: File Fix Info Publish Email Print Slideshow

    New tool bar: Edit,Organize,Share File PhotoEmail Print Slideshow

    Thanks, Golfer29

  11. Jayston

    The only good thing about essential 2011 is movies maker , i see there are more movies effect now , but other than that , the messenger and all the other degraded. Read the other tech forums , I’m not the only one complaining about it. And it screen freezes a lot if you try video calling / webcam-ing.

  12. rrrrrr

    suck me off

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