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Use Your Linux PC to Teach Students Basic Science

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If you’ve ever experienced one of your kids saying “Mom, how do I solve this math problem? What should I do? I’m bored”, then you’ll appreciate KDE Edutainment to help you teach your kids basic mathematics and other sciences.

KDE edutainment software is designed to fill the gap in Linux’s shortcoming: that there is little software of an educational nature. It has been gaining recognition and has become a great tool to teach basic science to students on both Linux and Windows platform. Read the KDE Windows installation page to understand how to install KDE on Windows.

Mathematics Made Easy

The simplest mathematics module that KDE has is KBruch which helps kids learning fractions.

The simple mode lets students learn simple fraction addition and multiplication.

Students will learn how to solve advanced fraction problems such as arithmetic, comparison, conversion, factorization and percentage.

KBruch teaches students mathematics through simple problem solving quizzes, for instance what is the factors of 16 ?

Another interesting mathematics software is KIG that allow students to draw points, lines, line segments, half lines, vectors, circles and various other conic sections.

I suddenly remembered my first algebra lesson, start drawing a couple of lines and attach coordinates onto the lines.

Each line is defined by two points, and the coordinates of those points are displayed nearby the line. The red point in the centre is the intersection of the two lines. The equations of the lines also are displayed.

Kalzium as Your Mini Chemistry Lab

Mathematics is not the only subject that KDE covers for students. It has a cool chemistry software, Kalzium, that help them learn the periodic table;

Visualizes atom bond with molecular bond simulation;

…and even solve chemistry equations !

Geography, Languages, and More

Students will also like KGeography as a great tool to learn geography. It supports every continent and have a built in quizzes that ask students to pin point countries, cities, and flags.

It also has a set of language learning software that compliments Anki, one of our favourite language learning software packages.

KDE Edutainment caters to different age groups, starting from pre-school…

…to university students by giving a range of software to learn physics, mathematics, and graph theory.

KDE Edutainment is extremely fun and easy to use. We recommend it for anyone who like to use it as a learning aid tool.

The KDE Education Project

Zainul spends his time trying to make technology more productive, whether it’s Microsoft Office applications, or learning to use web applications to save time.

  • Published 11/11/10

Comments (9)

  1. kunu

    Thank you for this. It was awesome…

  2. Leo

    Anything similar for Gnome/Win 7?

  3. Grant

    @Leo Not much for Win 7, but the apps run fine under Gnome. When you install them, they will need to install the KDE libraries if you don’t already have them, so the install may be bigger than you expected. You need the KDE libraries for lots of other good apps anyway, so you may already have them.

  4. STiNgEr

    Great…… Keep it coming!

  5. Jure

    @Leo KDE software also runs on Windows. Just take a look at where you can download an installer from which you can also select KDE Education apps.

  6. D'Artagnan


    We discovered KDE Games recently and the kids love it.

    This looks like it will be fun AND educational.

    Thanks for the article.

    Question: can anyone tell me how to install it? I didnt find it in the kubuntu repositories and looked all over their site and havent found it.
    I am not very Linux literate but can copy-paster sudo apt-get commands with no problems.

  7. Brendan


    apt-get install kdeedu

  8. 張旭

    is there ONLY for KDE ?
    how about in Gnome ?

  9. Zainul Franciscus

    @張旭 the software also works for Gnome =)

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