Have you ever wanted someone to send you a file that was too big to email?  Here’s how you can turn your Dropbox into a way for others to send you files without any hassle.

Dropbox is one of the best file sync services available, and we use it all the time to share files and folders with friends, family, and colleagues.  However, sometimes you’ll need to get files from someone who can’t figure out how to use Dropbox, or who you don’t want to share a folder with all the time.  For these occasions and more, it can be helpful to have a way for someone to send you a file one time via Dropbox.  There are two great services that make it easy to get files uploaded to your Dropbox, so keep reading and see which is best for your needs.

Request Files for Dropbox via Email

Have you ever struggled with emails filled with 8Mb Tiff files from colleagues that didn’t know about Dropbox?  When you need files from someone who only understands email, or just want a quick way for anyone to send you a file you need via Dropbox, AirDropper is a great service that can bridge the gap.  It lets you request files via email and then lets others send them to you securely via Dropbox.  To get started, browse to the AirDropper site (link below), and click Start.

This will send you to your Dropbox account, so click Allow to approve it connecting to your Dropbox.

Back at AirDropper, you can now enter a request for files from your friend.  Enter your email address, up to 10 address of people you’re asking for files, then enter a request name and message asking for the files, and press Send.

Moments later, your recipients will see an email from AirDropper with a secure link to send you the files.

This will bring them to a special AirDropper page where they can add all the files you requested to your Dropbox.

Once they’ve added files, they’ll be able to see the file names and whether the files are small, medium, or large.  Once everything’s selected, they’ll press Send to zip the files to your Dropbox.

As the files are uploading, they’ll be able to see the progress on the file names.

AirDropper will let them know when the files have been sent, and you’ll immediately see them popping up in your Dropbox.  Now you can easily get even the largest files sent to you without having to make sure others have Dropbox installed and setup.  And you’ll get to do it with a cute webapp, too!

Create a Secure Page For Dropbox Uploading

Another way you can get files sent to your easily via Dropbox is with DROPitTOme.  This free service lets you create a password protected website where anyone can upload files to your Dropbox anytime.  Whether you’d like to have a Submit button on your blog for reader submissions, or you just want an easy way for your friends to send you pictures, this is a great way to let people send files to your Dropbox.  To get started, browse to their website (link below), and click Register.

This will direct you your Dropbox account.  Click Approve to let DropitToMe connect to your Dropbox account.

You’ll now be sent back to the DropitToMe signup page.  Enter a username, email, and password, but use different ones from your default Dropbox password and username to keep your account info safe.  Then, in the last box, enter a password for others to enter when they’re going to upload files to you.  Click Register when you’re done.

When you need someone to send you files, just send them the link to your DropitToMe account, which is http://dropittome.com/your_username.  They’ll have to enter the password you set and then click Login to send you a file.

Now they can just click Choose File and select any file up to 75Mb large on their computer to send to you.

Seconds later, you’ll have the file in your Dropbox.  You can keep using this as long as you like, so anytime you need someone to send you a file, just send them the link to your DropitToMe account and the upload password, and then

If for some reason you decide you don’t want to use DropitToMe anymore, you can remove its access to your Dropbox account.  Just login to your Dropbox dashboard, open your account settings, select the My Apps tab, and then click the x button beside DropitToMe.

Alternately, if you have a hosting account and would like to run your own personal Dropbox uploader, you can download a PHP script, along with a CSS file and images ready to make your own custom Dropbox upload page.  Just substitute your Dropbox account info in the PHP file, then upload all the files to your server and you’ll be ready to go.  If that sounds too complicated, DropitToMe is a great alternative that works just as good.

With these options, getting files from friends, family, or just people reading your blog is easier than ever before.  If you’d rather be able to always share files directly, make sure to check out our article on setting up folder sharing in Dropbox.  Dropbox is an amazing service, so if you’re just getting started with it, you might want to check out some of our other articles about Dropbox as well.

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Download the Dropbox Uploader Script [via Addictive Tips]

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