Friday Fun: Steam Droid

By Akemi Iwaya on October 22nd, 2010

It is Friday once again and time to let off a little steam while waiting to go home. This week you get to help a steam droid hero set its’ fellow droids free while fighting the bad guys.

Steam Droid

The object of the game is to help the steam droid hero free its’ fellow droids while defeating the slaver droids and other enemies encountered along the way.


Here are the directions for the game. Game play is quick and easy using the four arrow buttons (or W, A, S, and D), the mouse, and the left mouse button.


You can select the level you need to start on and set the difficulty rating you like best for game play.


The final screen before starting to play will be the Scrap Shop. You will see your first objective at the top and get a good idea how much upgrades for your steam droid will cost.


This is your starting point in the game. Notice the small targeting circle in front of the droid…use your mouse to aim and click the left button to fire. You can monitor your steam droid’s health and stats at the top of the window.


Take that evil slaver droid! Once you destroy a slaver droid you will need to get to the Scrap Token quickly, otherwise it will disappear.


To set your fellow steam droids free just walk past them…their ankle shackles will automatically pop loose. You also get five hundred points for each droid freed!


Continue through the level setting your fellow steam droids free and destroying slaver droids until you see the signpost. Once you reach it you will have successfully gotten through that level.


Once your steam droid has reached the signpost you will be presented with a screen displaying your statistics for the level just completed.


Before starting the next round you can acquire upgrades if you have enough Scrap Tokens to purchase them. You will also see your next objective (with hints) at the top of the window.


Play Steam Droid

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  • Published 10/22/10
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