Rainmeter skins are great—you can use them to display all sorts of system stats on your desktop, but unfortunately they are too easily moveable with an accidental click of the mouse. Thankfully we can easily fix this.

This is the second article in our series covering Rainmeter for Beginners, so if you haven’t already, be sure to read the first part, which covers the basics of installing and using Rainmeter, including how to enable skins and work with them.

Make the Rainmeter Skin Stick to the Desktop

It’s easy to make a skin stop moving when you accidentally click on it—just right-click on the skin and choose Settings –> Draggable from the menu to disable the dragging option. You’ll have to repeat this process for every single theme element once you’ve put them in the place you want.

If you want to make it so the skin really acts like part of the wallpaper, you can also use the Settings –> Click Through menu item, which will make it so it completely ignores any clicks—for instance, in this example I’ve right-clicked on the widget and the desktop menu still shows up.

Of course, once you do this the skin won’t be moveable at all, so if you do decide to move it you’re going to need to use the Rainmeter system tray icon—for example, this example was the Gnometer\System widget, and then the Click Through setting is easily accessed from there.

Change the Draggable Setting Globally

If you’ve already got loads of widgets on your desktop arranged just the way you want, you probably won’t want to make the changes manually for each widget, but what we can do is change the Draggable setting globally with a quick trick.


You can open up RainBrowser and click the “Edit Settings” option under “Global Actions” at the bottom of the window to get to the settings file.

Or you can just paste this into your Start Menu run box to get straight to the file:

notepad %appdata%\Rainmeter\Rainmeter.ini

Now do a search and replace to change every instance of Draggable=1 to Draggable=0 using Notepad’s Replace feature.

Use the tray menu option to do a “Refresh All”, and you’ll be done.

Now all your widgets should stay in place.

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