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Ask the Readers: Will You Use the Upcoming Adobe X Sandbox Security Release? [Poll]

It is no secret that Adobe has experienced a multitude of security problems with their PDF software recently, thus making it a very attractive target for hackers. What we would like to know this week is will you use the new “sandbox security” version when it is released or continue to use an alternative PDF software.


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Adobe recently announced the upcoming release of a new, more secure version of their PDF software that will use sandbox security technology to add an additional layer of protection against attacks. Ok, so what does that mean? The new sandbox security setup will keep PDF processing (i.e. JavaScript execution, 3D rendering, & image parsing) confined while preventing applications from installing or deleting files, modifying system information, or accessing processes. The new Protected Mode will be enabled by default and included in browser plug-ins for all the major browsers. That is definitely good news.

Now to the crux of the problem. With all the security problems that Adobe has faced recently, it is likely that many of you have already switched or are considering switching to an alternative PDF software. Is this move by Adobe enough to repair a blemished reputation in your eyes? Would you consider switching back to Adobe as your main PDF software or will you continue to use an alternative PDF software? Perhaps you have chosen to stay with Adobe through the good and bad. Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments!

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  • Published 10/20/10

Comments (24)

  1. KB Prez

    I’ve been happily using Nitro PDF Reader for awhile now. I’ll stick with it as long as there are no Adobe-like problems.

  2. Lady Fitzgerald

    Even though I have been happily using Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.0 for about a year now, I voted undecided because my scanner uses Acrobat and I don’t know yet if it will be compatible with the new Acrobat. I quit using Adobe Reader when I started using Acrobat.

  3. Luis Matoso

    I use PDF Viewer or Slim PDF. I have never use Adobe, it´s too heavy. Jesus, much more than 200M just for a reader?

  4. tyros

    Never used and never will use Adobe Reader. I use Foxit Reader, it’s light and fast and I like it :)

  5. Saso

    I haven’t used Acrobat for years and I see no need to go back

  6. oddacorn

    I switched away from Adobe Reader because of the bloat before the security issues became a problem. Don’t see any reason to go back.

    I wonder how many megs the sandbox feature will add…

  7. tneria01

    I started using PDF-XChange Viewer this year. It is so much more versatile than Adobe Reader and doesn’t have any annoying reminders like Foxit Reader.

  8. Asian Angel

    I switched to PDF-XChange Viewer this past year and have never looked back. ^__^

  9. at0mic

    i’l stick with pdf xchange, also

  10. Midnite

    I got a sneak peak at Acrobat Reader 10 and it’s only 105mb and not 200mb as Luis Matoso claims!!
    People do tend to exaggerate, don’t they? :)
    Yea, I had some concerns re: the Security issues and have been using Nitro PDF for the longest time, but I’m willing to give Adobe another shot! They’ve got some neat new features with their next release!

    Worst case, I can always uninstall it and stick with Nitro PDF!

  11. Jeff

    Foxit for me. Adobe is bloatware.

  12. tyros

    Forgive me, but 105 MB is still too much compared to Foxit’s 7 MB

  13. dood

    I’ve been using Sumatra PDF reader, only 1.6MB, every computer I visit I remove adobe’s fat and sluggish reader.

  14. Terry Chen

    I have switched to alternative PDF software for more than 3 years and I will never use Adobe again. I think Foxit Reader and PDF XChange Viewer are better choices, and I hate Adobe Reader not only bacause it is insecure but also bloated. Sandbox will strenthen its security but I guess it will make it more heavy. I will just stick with PDF XChange Viewer.

  15. yxx41

    The pdf xchange viewer is greater than the adobe reader, so, why should I switch back?

  16. Srikanth

    I have been using Foxit for a long time now.. and dunno why have to switch to any other PDF reader.
    Does Adobe reader has any advantages over others?

  17. Steve O

    I’m using adobe out of necessity. If you guys can suggest an alternative, I’d be MORE than happy to try:

    I go to school online, and many of their files are in .pdf formats. The problem I have using nitro & Foxit is that when I have to click a link inside a PDF to get to another PDF, it says corrupt or something like that, perhaps not there, I forget. I LOVE foxit, but adobe is the only one that has been able to do this for me. ANY suggestions?

  18. John Shelton

    I have tried both Foxit and Nitro a time or two in the past and I just, somehow, can’t “fall in love” with either of those two applications and have always come back to Adobe Reader. I use Secunia PSI to keep up to date on security issues and although it is quite frustrating to have such frequent Adobe Reader security updates, I guess that is better than the alternative.

  19. Ashish

    John, could you please elaborate on being unable to “fall in love”. What is it that you couldn’t like? I would really like to know what could Foxit possibly be lacking that Adobe doesn’t.

    Meanwhile, I love Foxit, never heard of Pdf-xchange, will check it out.

  20. Ashish

    OMFG, Pdf Xchange kicks ass. However, its an ass in terms of keyboard shortcuts. Fullscreen is F12, and there are much fewer shortcuts than Foxit. I think I’ll split between Foxit and Pdf Xchange.

  21. Mike Middlesworth

    I switched to Foxit some time back, but went back to Reader recently when Foxit began having problems with some files. We’ll see what happens with Reader….

  22. asdf-chan

    *rofl* Secure … srsly, when people are to lazy to take care of issues they just ignore it or put it in a sandbox. Just changing from aids to cancer.

  23. Ashish

    Oh, I’m sorry. Pdf Xchange is simply awesome. Sorry for my earlier remarks. It DOES have better shortcut facilities. You can create your own. THIS IS REALLY AWESOME. With Vimperator in Firefox and Pdf-xchange for pdf’s, I can finally ki(ck)ss, my mouse good bye. :)

  24. G-GeeK

    i see no reason why ppl us it with all that security issues,and worst of all is that it uses to much resources.Foxit Reader is great and lightweight.

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