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How to Search Google Docs from the Chrome Location Bar

If you’re a Google Chrome user that also uses Google Docs, you can save yourself a lot of time by adding Docs to the search bar so you can easily search all of your documents with just a few keystrokes.

Of course, this is basically the same technique that we already covered when we explained how to search Evernote from the Chrome location bar, and it’s very simple—but since we use it almost daily we figured we’d cover it anyway.

Add Google Docs Search to Chrome

Right-click on the location bar and choose Edit Search Engines from the menu, and then click the Add button.


Now you’ll want to put in a name and keyword, and then under URL add one of the following URLs depending on whether you’re using Google Docs or Google Docs for your domain. Make sure to substitute your custom domain name in the second one.


Now you can simply type in your keyword, hit Tab or space, and then start typing your search.


And that’s all it takes… now you’re searching Google Docs easily.


If you want to understand how this all works, check out our guide to keyword shortcuts in Google Chrome.

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  • Published 10/19/10

Comments (3)

  1. Roi


    Now do you know what to use to search Gmail from the omnibar?

  2. Josh

    Have you tried this since they updated Google Docs yesterday? They’ve changed Labels to “my collections” and have changed the interface a bit. Anyway, with this update searching my docs in the Chrome search bar no longer works.

  3. wandersick

    @Josh You may use this instead:

    This one is from Google Support forum. Credits to dwight.stegall


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