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Awesome Desktop Wallpapers: The Windows 7 Edition

Today we’ve got some awesome, high-quality, and just generally amazing desktop wallpapers for your system tweaking pleasure. Unlike some of the previous roundups, we made sure to only pick wallpaper with large resolution versions available.

Click on the pictures to see the full-size version, and you’ll need to use the Download link on the left side of the download page to get the gigantic, high-quality version. All of these should fit any widescreen desktop, even large ones. Note: this first one is the official RTM wallpaper.

Official Windows 7 RTM Wallpaper 

The Original BG Win7KOI

Windows Se7en

Windows 7 Starter 

Red Starter

Windows Seven ... 7 ... V2

Windows Se7en 7232

Windows Blue Screen of Death

Windows Seven Blue 

Windows 7 illegal Edition

Windows 7 Blue Wave

Windows 7 Green Starter 

Windows 7 Login Wallpaper 

Windows 7 Background

Windows 7 Flag

Windows 7 Alternate

Win7 V2

Broken Windows 7 

Got some ideas for the next wallpaper roundup? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Published 08/14/09

Comments (31)

  1. Nite

    Beautiful! Thanks!

  2. HappyAndyK

    Truly awesome, esp the Blue Screen one :)

  3. Vaughn

    I really like some of these, but DA is blocked by our corporate network. Could someone zip them up or give alternative links?

  4. JustInspired

    LOL “Illegal Edition”
    Not one from Microsoft then. :)

  5. Sid

    Could you put all the snaps together in a rar file and give us the link ..These are totally uBer cool…

  6. beer.snob.chick

    Love the BSOD wallpaper! :D

  7. Bin

    That Broken Windows 7, is awsome…

  8. Brian Muse

    Very nice. I particularly like “windows 7 blue”. Great use of colors throughout them all, though.

  9. Juliette Guard

    I am looking for the colorful turtle theme. Please won’t you help me?

  10. Kalle

    How can I download every wallpaper at once?

  11. Latest Gadgets

    Thanks for this compilation I’m now using the windows 7 broken pane theme! it’s really awesome. thank you very much. Can i request some techie version of this windows 7 wallpaper.

  12. JonMCC33

    The Broken and BSOD are classics! Nicely done!

  13. Kamy

    Guyz , U R Doin A fantastic Job..Evrythng Dwn Here Is Fabolous..

  14. unknown

    i found out a way to save the wallpapers with out buying it…………………………………………………………… or did i?

  15. Tangmeister

    I want to answer the question you’re all asking…

    Deviants on DeviantART work very hard (usually) to get their work completed and published. They can often have a hard time getting the attention they want, and so the download counter and view counter are what give a lot of the motivation.

    By uploading your own copy you could make someone’s day very, very bad.

  16. Ankit

    I am new to it. So when I clicked the link on the image I directed to Deviantart where there was an option to download the image but when I clicked download, another windows opened and nothing happened. Please tell what to do to get these wallpapers

  17. farheen

    not bad,these are too bad pics i had ever seen,ok ok

  18. easy ed

    How can I add my own pics to the list?

  19. kradangel

    awesome wallpaper

  20. Harry Killian

    Where’s the download page to get these wallpapers?

  21. malik salman

    nice wallpapers , no doubt but not that what i was looking for.

  22. someone

    very beautiful

  23. lee

    thanks guys!good work! love it..

  24. domacin

    Nice wallpapers.

  25. sayon

    o love you ….

  26. Tom2e

    The link to the BSoD wallpaper is broken. Can you please fix it, because that’s the one I really like.

  27. kunal kumar sinha

    it really awesome…

  28. George

    Installed the illegal edition one on my dad’s. He got a fright (thought ms knew his pc was illegit)!!



  30. donkey kong fan4 life

    @Harry Killian

    u suck

  31. donnamarie

    Love em all, thank you for your awesome effort, keep up the fabulous work.
    Donna Marie :)

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