Have you ever wondered just how far you’ve moved your mouse? You might be surprised to know that it doesn’t take long before your mouse has actually moved a couple of miles.

Thanks to forum member ScottW, our own Microsoft MVP, for the idea for this article.

Use Mousotron to Measure Mouse Distance

Mousotron is a little application that measures not just how far you’ve moved your mouse, but also your keystrokes, mouse button clicks, and even the scroll wheel usage. It lives in the system tray, but it also has a widget that displays on the desktop.

The only problem is that the default setup is really quite ugly…

If you head into the setup, you can change the Orientation to Vertical and the Background to No Colors. You’ll want to choose the correct size of your monitor if you want accurate measurements as well.

Once you’ve changed those settings, the window is much more pleasant to deal with.

And of course, it minimizes right over to the system tray anyway, so no need to have it up and running all the time.

Download Mousotron from blacksunsoftware.com

Using KeyCounter for Counting Specific Keystrokes

Ever wondered just how many times you hit a particular key on the keyboard? A simple little application called KeyCounter will check exactly which keys you are using, and how many times you are using each one.


When you first start up the application, nothing will show up in the left-hand pane. You’ll have to either choose a single key to monitor, or just choose the “All the above keys” radio button, and the “Add keys to list” button.

Download KeyCounter from donationcoder.com

So… just how many times have you typed geek today?

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