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Beginner: How to Assign Tasks to Other People in Outlook 2010

The Tasks feature in Outlook is a great way to keep track of what you need to get done, but it’s also a good way to help collaborate with others and assign tasks to them. Here’s how to assign tasks to other people easily.

Note: the ability to assign tasks to others has been around for a while, so you can use it in previous versions out Outlook as well, it’s just in a slightly different place.

How to Assign a Task to Someone

There are a couple of ways you can assign tasks, including while you’re creating a new task—all you need to do is click on “Assign Task” on the Ribbon.


Or while you’re looking at the Tasks pane in Outlook, you can right-click on it and select Assign Task from the menu. This should work from any of the Tasks views.


Now you just need to enter the email address of the person who you’re assigning the task to.


Then the person you assigned the task to can add it to their list and send updates on it.


If you’re new to Outlook and the Tasks feature, this should get you started, and don’t forget to delegate your tasks!

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  • Published 10/14/10

Comments (5)

  1. Wevenhuis

    Can the task assignments be sent to emails on other platforms, or does the receiver need outlook?

  2. Badger

    I’m trying to create a task for myself, but link it to a contact so that I can be able to search all of the things I want to do for that particular contact. How do I do this in Outlook 2010?

  3. fly2hi

    Not surprised you haven’t rec’d an answer Badger. looks like its impossible. Or is it a case that only a few of us work this way and others don’t understand the problem. In 2002 it was easy, I could be viewing a contact, click ‘actions/new task for contact’, opens a task window already linked to that contact..easy

    Now it seems in 2010 i have to create a new task, then ‘assign’ it to the contact which means searching for the contact that is right in front of me. Granted, not a huge problem, but when you’re working like this non stop it is a real pain.

    It’s nothing to do with ‘assigning’ a task as in sending someone an email about it, you just want to link it as a way of keeping notes related to that contact, bit like onenote, but with more options

  4. tech.exec

    Question: After I assign a task to an employee, he can of course send a status report. However, there are times when I sit with the employee 1:1, and now I want to update his task, with a new info he added on our face to face meeting.
    Unfortunately, it seems I cannot do it. After the task is assigned to him, I cannot update the task myself, only the person who’s the task assigned to can do it.

    Can this be resolved? It’s a real pain without this feature. It means we cannot co-work on the same task.

  5. Diddy

    I have no problem assigning tasks, but I am looking for more information on how to view the tasks from a management standpoint. I have figured out how to “share” tasks and I am looking to see if anyone know how to view the subfolders from the task owner. When viewing shared tasks, I can only see the tasks that have not been put in a folder. any suggestions?

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