Note: This extension currently only works for Windows, but it probably won’t be long until it’s ported to Mac and Linux.

If you’re a Google Chrome user and you’ve been wondering why there isn’t an option to set an image as wallpaper directly from the browser, there’s now an extension that can do this for you.

Install the Extension

Head over to the Set image as wallpaper download page, click the Install button, and then simply right-click directly on any image file on the web—making sure that you’re clicking on the large size of the wallpaper and not a little preview.

For instance, we found this wallpaper from our Mirror’s Edge wallpaper collection, clicked through to the full-size image, and then right-clicked to get to the set wallpaper menu item.


From this screen you can choose whether to stretch, tile, or center the image, and then click the Set wallpaper button. And just like that, you’ve got the image as your wallpaper…

Uninstall the Extension

If you don’t want the extension anymore, you’ll need to head to chrome://extensions in your browser, or use the Tools –> Extensions menu item to get there. You can then click the Uninstall link from this page.


So there you are, the solution to your problem.

Download Set image as wallpaper Chrome Extension