Friday Fun: Joy Words

By Akemi Iwaya on October 8th, 2010

The week is almost over now, so it is time to kick back and have some fun this afternoon. This week’s game will challenge you by testing your word creation fu.

Joy Words

The object of the game is to create as many words as possible using a given set of letters. You will only have two and half minutes per round, so think fast!


Here is a quick look at the instructions and the amount of points awarded for words based on the number of letters they contain.


Once you click on New Game you will be presented with a word board like this. In the upper left corner you will see the remaining number of words that can be created using the given letters. In the lower right corner you can see your score and the time remaining.

To select a letter just click on it with your mouse. If you misspell a word you can click on Clear to start over. Once you have a word ready to try click on Enter to test it. If it is an acceptable word then it will appear on the left side of the window and be highlighted with a purple background behind the letters. Keep in mind that people’s names and abbreviations will not be accepted by the game.

Note: You will be able to shuffle the letters as many times as desired in order to help generate word ideas.



Here are some example word boards from when we tested the game. As you can see the number of words that can be created on each board will vary quite a bit. Once the round has finished the words that you did not guess will be filled in and highlighted by a blue background. In each of the boards shown here we were able to fill in the six letter word and move on to the next round. There will be some boards that have more than one six letter word possible, but so long as you get one of them you can continue on to the next round.





Play Joy Words

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  • Published 10/8/10
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