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How to Create an Alarm Clock Shortcut on Android 2.2 (Froyo)

If your Android phone is running a stock version of Froyo, you might have noticed there’s no way to create a shortcut for the Alarms panel, which can be frustrating if you use your phone as an alarm clock. Here’s how to do it.

Note: this probably won’t work on HTC phones with a customized interface, because they often have a completely different Alarms application. But… you can probably use the same technique to create a shortcut to the HTC Alarms panel.

Just so we’re all on the same page, this is the Alarms screen that we’re talking about:


Create the Shortcut to the Alarms Panel

To create the shortcut, you’re going to have to install an application called LauncherPro, which is actually a really excellent Home screen replacement—you should definitely check it out. However, you don’t have to use it as your home screen in order to make this work.

First search for LauncherPro in the Market, download and install it, and then when you hit the home button you’ll be prompted to choose the home screen you want to use—if you want to stick with the default home screen, press the “Use by default” checkbox and press the Launcher item.


Now long press somewhere on the desktop, and choose Shortcuts –> Activities, which you can see is using the LauncherPro icon.


Now browse down in the list until you find Clock, and press it to open up the sub-items. From there you can choose the Alarms item that says underneath it.


And just like that, you’ll have an Alarms icon on your home screen.

Once this is done, you can uninstall LauncherPro if you want to, and the shortcut will still work.

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  • Published 10/7/10

Comments (10)

  1. Ron

    You could do the same with ADW Launcher. It allows you to create custom shortcuts, using Activities too.

  2. Mohan

    Ah this is cool. How-to-geek you need to add a android android tab up the top, it’s become more and more popular and will be even more when android tablets comes out.

  3. Chuck Steel

    I just added a shortcut to the Clock app like I normally would. Just one more click to get to the Alarms.

  4. Logan

    You can also use beautiful widgets. I enabled the function so that when i press the time it opens up my alarms.

  5. Todd

    I have a Droid X with Froyo, but can’t find the same Alarm Clock app. I guess Motorola or Verizon are not using the stock version of Froyo. Is there any way I could get to the stock version?

  6. Geraldo

    So I just installed Launcher Pro for no reason. Didn’t know I could do that with ADW. I’ve been waiting forever to be able to have a shortcut just for the alarm. I have a G1 still and that’s the one thing I miss from Android 1.6. I’m running 2.2 thanks to Cyanogen, Chromatic, and others.

  7. Slipstream Apps

    Try the app ‘Alarm Clock Launcher’ in the Market. It puts a shortcut to the stock alarm clock in your application drawer and doesn’t do anything else. It’s awesome.

    btw, I made the app, and use it nearly every day to change my alarms, it works perfectly on the original Droid.

  8. Jelis

    Oh dear god, thank you. The lack of that shortcut had been rather annoying. The app by slipstream apps didn’t work on my HTC Desire HD (it just created a shortcut to clocks rather than alarms, though by the look of reviews it works fine on other phones), but your method worked like a charm.

  9. ronga

    Thanks a lot for this help.

  10. Elle James

    The alarm doesn’t stay when you delete Launcher Pro

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