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Ask the Readers: Which Version of Chrome Do You Use? [Poll]

Note: This article is part of our archive and is likely out of date.
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With multiple versions of Chrome and Chromium derivatives available there are quite a few good choices to select from. This week we would like to know which version(s) you use on your computer.


Note: Custom Chrome Canary Build icon shown above by JangMunho. Available for downloaded here.

With each passing month Chrome is slowly but surely gaining browser market share. Google has also accelerated the release schedule for the stable, beta, and dev channels to get new features into the hands of computer users quicker. It really is easy to pick a version to use on your computer based on your needs and comfort level.

Want a browser that is stable or has new nearly stable features? Grab a release from the stable and beta channels. Feeling a little more daring? Set up the dev channel on your computer. Into bleeding edge and possibly unstable releases? Then you will definitely like the Canary Builds…especially since you can run them side-by-side with one of the regular channels.

Perhaps you prefer a version that is not directly “Google branded”. You could have quite a bit of fun trying the straight Chromium Nightly Builds. Worried about privacy issues? Then SRWare’s Iron Browser is the one you want. Need extra features such as mouse gestures and IE Tab integration built-in? Grab a copy of ChromePlus. Or if you are a avid user of various online social services, then you should take a look at Flock’s new Chromium-based betas with a built-in sidebar. And finally on our list is Dragon Browser, Comodo’s entry in the Chromium Browser field.

With so many choices available it is tempting to try them all. Which version(s) do you use? Do you prefer releases that come from Google or others that have become available? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Multiple selections (up to a total of three) are enabled on this poll.

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Now that you have finished with the poll you may be interested in trying some of the versions mentioned here. You can download or setup the versions that you are curious about using the links below!

Set up the Stable, Beta, Dev, and/or Canary Channels of Google Chrome

Download the Chromium Nightly Builds

SRWare Iron Browser Homepage

ChromePlus Browser Homepage

Flock Browser 3.0 Beta

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 10/6/10

Comments (36)

  1. Hatryst

    Hey, where’s chrome OS? ;)

  2. trm96

    I believe they are talking about web browsers not OSs…

    I use Beta Channel of Chromium BTW…

  3. Atomsk

    Man I have never heard of those Chromium Derivitives. Sounds interesting will have to try them

  4. Steve

    Never knew these flavors were out there. Looks like I’m in a whole new candy shop!

  5. Abba Dabba

    Where is “Firefox”?! =D Seriously though, I’ve tried Chrome and several of its variants a few times and always go back to FF – the only browser that has tempted me recently is IE9 which (IMO) blows Chrome away – if it had ad and script blocker extensions I’d switch to IE. Chrome has just never done anything for me, maybe I’m not a typical user but it’s just another “also ran”. If I were going to run Chrome I’d probably run Iron. Oh, I tried Chrome OS too and couldn’t stand it for more than a few minutes – it’s way too limiting – one of the netbook remixes is a much better option – MeeGo is pretty nice but I’ll probably stick with Windows 7 (I’ve been a Linux user since the mid 90s and was “Linux only” since around 2005ish but Windows 7 brought me back to Microsoft – it’s that damn good). Enjoy your pie!

  6. A340-600

    I’m on Chrome beta, but lately there doesn’t seem to be a lot of differences between the channels, specially the beta and stable channels. Before, the beta channel would have new feature before the stable channel.

  7. zmnatz

    I’d use Chrome Dev Build only but my office doesn’t like chrome for whatever reason and uninstalls it from our computers. They haven’t caught on that Iron is the same thing yet, so I can still use that.

  8. Enes

    Chromium Nightly Builds, almost every hour updated. :)

  9. Chris

    Until Chrome is able to provide a Favourites sidebar like FF, I am not going to use Chrome if I can help it.

  10. Brad

    Other then the BETA and Dev I didn’t know there were any other versions of Chrome.

  11. Plonk

    SRWare Iron ATM. I’ve tried Comodo Dragon but found it quite depreciated (and ugly).
    I’ve never heard of Flock, thx !

  12. nixdagibts

    ChromePlus, my one and only love.
    – mouse gestures (even for internal sites)
    – integrated adblocker

  13. KB Prez

    I had no idea there were so many Chromes! I’ve installed the plain vanilla Chrome several times. I keep hearing how fast it is and had intended it to replace FF. But I always ended up uninstalling it because I just didn’t use it very much. At the moment, it’s still uninstalled. IMO, FF with its many add-ons is just better – particularly for ad blocking.

  14. Rambaldi

    Iron Browser. I would never use Google Chrome, it’s a huge privacy risk. My default browser is IE9 beta by the way.

  15. at0mic

    i couldn’t keep english as the default in iron but i liked the privacy. also comodo seemed faster than google, and had no privacy concerns with comodo. all the extensions worked perfectly. but like mentioned above, they need to work on the ugliness. i would use comodo as my default (or any other browser) if it supports noscript.

  16. Virgil

    Look at all the cowards using the stable channel! Life isn’t worth living without a browser blowing up in your face every now and then. @Rambaldi “Google Chrome, it’s a huge privacy risk” You’re basing this on what? And IE isn’t a privacy risk?

  17. MisterAwesome

    Opera 10.70

  18. Kevin

    Chrome stable on Windows and Chromium Beta on Ubuntu

  19. Joseph

    I use the Stable version of Goggle Chrome running in Ubuntu. Google Chrome used to give me trouble but with its recent new version it works a whole lot better. I had always used Firefox. I have to admit that I did not like Chrome when I first started using it, but loved its speed. It took me a while to make the switch. I had to force myself to use it, but I am glad I did.

  20. Rambaldi


    Among others, Google Chrome creates a unique ID trough which a user could be identified. No such thing with Iron Browser (and IE for that matter).

  21. insanelyapple

    SRWare Iron – because i dont like “extras” from Google. Tried Flock but it doesnt satisified me; switching from Gecko to WebKit wasnt a good idea imo.

  22. glennym

    I use Chrome beta. Never heard of these others but I would definitely look into something that makes me feel a little more secure like SRWare Iron.

  23. tom

    @Virgil Yeah sure because google sending every single keystroke at their servers isn’t a privacy concern?

    Everything you type in the so called omnibox is sent to google’s server.
    There is also the famous chrome e-tag.

    The automatic update without asking you, etc

  24. icabod

    I’m currently using Chrome Beta channel. Regarding the “unique ID” there are ways to remove it from Chrome (google “unchrome” to find information).

    My question regarding the ofshoot projects (Iron, ChromePlus, Comodo) is how often are they updated? Chrome itself seems to be “silently” updated quite often, fixing security issues and the like. How long on average does it take for these fixes to flow into the other projects?

  25. Ryan

    I use the one you can download from filehippo. I believe that’s only the beta version

  26. Dave

    You guys who are worried about privacy… let me get this straight. You don’t trust Google with your information. Okay, I understand that. But you somehow trust this no name company that came out of nowhere to release Iron instead?

    Iron does nothing special that isn’t already user configurable in Chrome. Iron is just Chromium which is released practically ever hour.

    Unique ID? It’s long gone.

    Your typed searches in the omnibox? That’s a simple option called “Suggestion services” which is
    also available in Firefox.

    Iron is nothing but a third party trying to make money with adsense by playing with people’s paranoia.

  27. Erez

    Haha, I didn’t know that there is so much versions..

  28. rroberto18

    Chrome 6 is deconstructing before my eyes, so I may not be using it for long as my default browser.

    My biggest beef is the much-reported failure to bring up tabs from the previous session, even when the setting is done properly and the open tab numbers are as small as two.. Help Forum suggested a workaround, but it’s not reliable either. And no Google Forum seems to be moderated by Google employees, so no one’s listening.

    Google should fix this but they’re ignoring it along with GMail’s current snails-pace speed across all browsers for a growing number of users. Same growing number of complaints on Help Forum with no fix in site.

    No customer support IS doing evil. It’s also bad business. I wouldn’t touch Google TV since I don’t think cable TV operators or TV manufacturers will be able to provide knowledgeable customer support for Google services. It takes knowledge Google isn’t known for sharing.

  29. julia montalvo

    I love to use ever one ,I install or uninstall and reinstall .I love Goggle stuff ,and chrome,however FireFox is my main lover.I intend to keep both.Each,chrome and Firefox supply my needs.

  30. Urichhai

    Downloaded it once and uninstalled it about 1 hour later. IE8 is my browser and google is my engine and has been working for me. Maybe if I blew up my power rig and was forced to use a netbook maybe I would try it again.IMHO google is trying to hard to be bigger than they are.

  31. GabrielLuis

    I’m so out-dated.. the only Chrome I know is the stable, beta and dev, which to me is synonymous to production, testing and development… after seeing those varieties above – I really felt out-dated. Signs of old age.

  32. aditya sharma

    Google Chrome 7.0.517.0

  33. Roi

    Try the bookmark manager in Chrome

    @KB Prez
    Chrome has it own AdBlock extension

    You are the first one I have ever met to say IE is better than Chrome. People really are dumb.

  34. Jon

    I use Opera. It has everything already included with a vanilla install. No need for extensions or Google.

  35. Jan

    I never heard of these things not until now.

  36. Emir

    7.0.544.0 beta

    where can i find the 64 bit ver. of chrome???

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