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How to Add an iCal or .ICS Calendar to Google Calendar

Would you like to add an existing calendar to your Google Calendar?  Here’s how you can add iCal .ics calendar files or online calendars to your Google Calendar quickly and easily.

Google Calendar is a great tool for managing your schedule and appointments from any computer or mobile device, but unfortunately it can be very time consuming to manually enter all of your appointments, holidays, and more.  Thankfully, there are tons of iCal formatted calendars available online, and you can publish your Outlook Calendar in iCal format as well.  Here’s how you can get these calendars in your Google Calendar.


Upload iCal or CSV Calendar From Your Computer

You can quickly add appointments and more from an iCal calendar or a CVS file on your computer.  Login to your Google Calendar, then click the Add link on the bottom left column and select Import calendar.


Select the iCal or CVS file from you computer that you wish to import, choose which calendar to add the appointments to, and click Import.  Do note that the events are imported into the calendar itself, not added as an extra calendar, so make sure you want to import the calendar before adding it or you’ll have to manually remove each appointment later.


After a few moments, you’ll be shown how many appointments or events were imported.


Now you’ll see your events on your online calendar, with all the features of Google calendar such as automatic Google Maps from locations already included.


Import iCal Calendar From The Internet

There are many iCal calendars available online with everything from holidays and lunar events to calendars your church or team may offer.  If you simply click the calendar link, however, you’ll be prompted to add the calendar to your desktop calendar such as Outlook calendar.


If you want to add the calendar to Google Calendar, you’ll need the calendar’s direct link.  Right-click the link and select Copy link address to get the address.


Now, in Google Calendar, click Add as before, but this time, select Add by URL.


Paste the address you copied into the URL field in Google Calendar.  Most web calendars will be designed to open your default calendar app by default, and so will have webcal:// as the URL scheme.  Change the webcal:// at the beginning to http://, then click Add to import the new calendar.


Google may take a few moments to import your calendar if it contains a large number of appointments.


Once it’s imported, you’ll see the new calendar listed on the left under Other calendars, and the new appointments will be listed on your calendar in the same color.  You can customize or remove an online iCal calendar just like you would any other extra calendar.


Add Premade Calendars From Google Calendar

There are a number of premade calendars included with Google Calendar that you can add to your account without having to import an iCal file.  You’ll find these by selecting Add, then select Browse Interesting Calendars.


Now you can select a variety of holiday and sports calendars for your Google Calendar.  Click Preview to see what dates it includes, or click Subscribe to add it directly to your calendar.  2 clicks and you’re done.


This should you help you get the most out of Google Calendar without having to manually enter every holiday and event in your life.  If you don’t already have .ics calendars you want to use, you can find some to get you started on iCalShare or Apple’s iCal Download page.

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