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How to Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to RTM (Final Release)

The final version of Windows 7 was released yesterday for MS Technet subscribers, but you can’t upgrade directly from a pre-release version—at least, not without a quick and easy workaround, and we’ve got you covered.

The Problem

Windows 7 checks whether or not the current version you are running is a pre-release copy, and prevents you from upgrading further. For reference purposes, this is the error you’ll see when you try and upgrade.

Windows 7 can't upgrade error

The Solution

The solution is to edit a file inside the Windows 7 DVD—which you’ll have to extract to the hard drive to proceed.

  • If you are using an ISO image for the installation progress, you can use the awesome 7-Zip utility to extract the ISO to a folder on the drive.
  • If you are using an actual DVD, you can simply copy all of the files from the DVD to a folder on your hard drive.

Once you’ve extract the files, browse down into the “sources” folder to find the cversion.ini file.

Windows 7 CD files

Once you’ve opened up the cversion.ini file, you’ll notice that the MinClient line has a value of 7233.0, and since the Windows 7 RC release is build 7100, you can understand why it’s not working.

Editing cversion file

All you need to do is change the MinClient value to something less than the current build you are using. For the RC release, you can change it to 7000.

Editing cversion file 

Now you can simply launch the setup.exe file from within the folder, and do the upgrade directly from the hard drive. Once you’ve started the setup, click Install now.

Windows 7 upgrade startup

Once you get to the type of installation screen, choose to Upgrade the existing install.

Windows 7 choose upgrade type

Once you reach the Compatibility Report screen (if it doesn’t show up at all, be happy about it), you’ll see the list of applications that probably won’t work once you upgrade. Realistically most of these apps will work just fine, but the important thing is that you’ll be able to upgrade.

Note: You could always smooth the upgrade process by removing any apps that have compatibility problems, before you do the upgrade.

Windows 7 upgrade compatibility report

At this point, the upgrade should start working, and will take a rather long time.

Windows 7 is upgrading just fine 

Important Notes

There are a few important things to keep in mind when you are upgrading to the final version:

  • The Windows 7 beta or RC releases were Ultimate edition, so you’ll only be able to upgrade to the RTM (final) if you are installing Ultimate Edition.
  • Whenever possible, you should really backup your files and do a clean install. There are less headaches this way, and you get the benefit of a nice clean profile.

Happy upgrading!

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  • Published 08/6/09

Comments (202)

  1. Amr ElGarhy

    If i downloaded and installed this RTM version, when it will expire?

  2. The Geek


    RTM is the final release. As long as you have a license key, it shouldn’t expire at all.

    Otherwise, it’ll expire in 30 days, though you can extend the trial version:

  3. doronb2

    I installed my language (MUI) in the RC. Did Microsoft published MUI for other languages for the RTM too??

  4. Michael

    Hi Geek,
    If I have a Beta key (7100), it won’t expire? Or would it just expire in March 2010 (I think that’s when the Beta was supposed to expire)

  5. Nakodari

    Excellent Tip! =)

  6. Sunsmasher

    @Michael above:
    If you only have a beta key, it will expire in March 2010.
    It’s only if you have an RTM key that it won’t expire ever….

  7. WB3000

    To modify the ISO permanently, consider seaching for the config entry with a hex editor. It saves you the time of extracting the ISO, and leaves you with the same result.

  8. Bill

    This is an EXCELLENT writeup. I know that many people have been wondering about doing a straight upgrade from RC to RTM. For about 2 months I was using the RC then did a clean upgrade to RTM and will never look back. Great info, I will refer people to this link that ask me.

  9. whiplash55

    From Ed Bott’s blog on ZDnet you can install any version of Windows 7 from the RC by using the same technique as before but editing different files.
    “To unlock those other editions, you need to follow the same procedure as in the previous item, copying the files from the Windows 7 DVD to a local folder. Open the Sources folder, find the file Ei.cfg, and delete it.”
    So if you want to use the RC for a while and don’t want to shell out for the Ultimate version when you buy it simply install the version you intend to buy later.
    Full article link:

  10. Ian

    @WB3000 thanks for the tip, that worked well for me and was much easier and faster. If anyone wants to, you can find this value at offset 09AE0817.

  11. Nguyen

    Hi, I had Window 7 installed already, but doesn’t have the final version I think.

    so I did your step, but the file wouldn’t allowed me to save to 7000. It completely return to my original version. What can I do?


  12. David

    Just to make sure I’m following — is this intended to be done at the stage of upgrading Vista to 7, or after already installing the 7 RC? I get the impression it can be done at either stage, but I just want to make sure.

  13. Tan The Man

    Looks good to me…

  14. Brotherman

    You only need to do this if your upgrading from Windows 7 RC to Windows 7 RTM, you don’t have to do this to upgrade from Vista!

  15. Greg

    Thanks for the info! So i did what was above, and had to switch the minclient to 6900 to be below the minserver which was at 7000. It went through a bunch of updates, but still tells me on the bottom right on the desktop that I am running Windows 7 evaluation copy build 7100. Does that mean that it didnt go to RTM?

  16. hoopbull

    Thanks for the info! So i did what was above, and had to switch the minclient to 6900 to be below the minserver which was at 7000. It went through a bunch of updates, but still tells me on the bottom right on the desktop that I am running Windows 7 evaluation copy build 7100. Does that mean that it didnt go to RTM?/

  17. Michael

    Hmm, I didn’t realize I couldn’t use my valid Windows 7 RC key on the RTM edition.

    I guess I need to reformat? Or I can somehow “upgrade” back to version 7100 again?

  18. miao

    another issue, if you have copied the files from the installation DVD, make sure the file is not “read only”…

  19. Brad

    Worked great with the technet Windows 7 RTM upgrading over 7 RC1
    Thanks Geek, saved me alot of time

  20. David

    Does this work for updating the beta to the RC, too? Just curious!

  21. Nicholas

    I have the same problem as Michael, can someone please answer this question…thanks

  22. ScottW

    @Nicholas, you can’t use a Windows 7 RC product key to activate Windows 7 RTM. You will need to get a new RTM product key from MSDN or TechNet where you got the official download of Windows 7 RTM.

  23. Trey

    Is this upgrade from RC to RTM done before or after activation of the RC? And how will I get an RTM key? Thanks…

  24. Mike

    Hello where can i get a RTM key?

  25. Chris

    Great tip – worked just fine thank you! But I do wonder why MS do not allow upgrade from the RC, just wonder if it will come back to bite me later.

  26. xLiL' Sm0k3x

    @The Geek

    What is the serial? Or else where can I get it?

  27. Craig

    I also changed 7077 to7000 and upgraded, and the result was the bottom right corner telling me that it is an evaluation copy. Any fix for this?

  28. Niklas

    buy one?! nothing is for free….

  29. RTMKey

    The RTM key is a full license key. The RC1 key was a free “beta” key. you need to go buy it, or get ones from or technet.

    No free “serial” unless you plan to p1r@t3 it.

  30. Stig

    This works, thanks a lot from Norway!

  31. G.K.


    What about the other way round? Is it possible to pretend your currently installed RC1 was an upgradable build? E.g. registry hack or whatever, so you don´t have to tweak those files on the DVD, but on your system.


  32. John

    This did not work for me. I have a 100mb “System Reserved” partition and when Windows 7 does the upgrad it complains that it needs 15 mb free, then aborts. I show that partition only having 9mb of data. It appears I may have to do a clean install unless someone knows how to work with that system reserved partition?

  33. BinaryAgent

    I have the same issue as John. The 100mb “System Reserved” partition only has about 10mb of free space. I mounted the partition but don’t see where the 90mb is so there’s no chance to clean it up.

  34. Elfo

    Wow… this seems so simple, you would think they would have made it somewhat harder to hack.

  35. Lelouch

    Will this still work if I try to upgrade from the RC to Win7 Professional?

  36. Chris

    Hi, will this work if my Windows 7 RC OS is on the same partition as all my other personal files?

  37. Gustavo Tandeciarz

    Great write-up…I’m going to link it in my article which describes how to successfully upgrade from RC Ultimate to RTM Enterprise.

  38. dmackdaddy

    FYI, you wont be able to update Ultimate to anything other than Ultimate, so you still might be screwed like me, since the copy of RTM i have access to is Enterprise!

  39. GL

    Dosen’t Work For Me…

  40. Rich A

    @Ian: Thanks. That was the offset for the x86 ISO, though. If anyone’s interested, the offset for the x64 ISO is 0B68B017.

  41. scmaster53

    So why cant we upgrade from RC to RTM? Sounds like MS wants their $100 extra for a full version… ughhh Win7 is nice but MS is still a pain.

    And is this legal? I dont want to be doing something that can get me in trouble….

  42. chris

    i cant change the cversion file becuase it doesnt let me save it.. what shall i do.

  43. Ant

    Chris, make sure the file is not read-only. If you extracted from a DVD you’ll have to turn off the read-only feature in the file’s properties.

  44. progmanos

    I’m getting the following error:

    “Windows was unable to create a required installation folder.

    Error code:0x80070013”

  45. Dude

    I cannot edit the cversion.ini file. I do that and it asks me if I want to update the archive and I say yes. Then it says the file cannot be updated and shows the temp file location…. I downloaded a hex editor like someone said but I have no clue what to do with it…

  46. joemel

    Hi, I had Window 7 installed already, but doesn’t have the final version I think.

    how to do. to hack for not expired the windows7

  47. Bryan Lister

    I am running the 32 bit version of 7200 evaluation. When Windows 7 is released in October, could I use this technique to upgrade to the 64 bit Ultimate version, or can you only go 32 bit to 32 bit, or 64 bit to 64 bit?



  48. Anonymous

    When will Windows 7 actually do something I can’t in Linux? Oh wait. It won’t. In fact, I can do lots in Linux that Windows 7 will never do. I’m not switching back just because idiots hype Windows up like this.

  49. Rudebw

    Will this upgrade from RC to RTM leave win7 activation till 2.3.2009 or will upgrade revert it to 30 days trial?

  50. Alex

    I tried this on the weekend and followed the instructions, after the initial prompt to go online. I was given another one later to update Windows 7. Also that the upgrade encounters errors with some versions of software, for me it was Nero so I had to uninstall. I did so then continued with the upgrade. But now I’m given a screen saying the upgrade was unsuccessful and my computer will restart. Now it just does that continuously.

  51. aryan

    sir i am not getting any option for upgrading instead i m getting 2 options ” go online to get the latest updates for installation (recommended) & another 1 is do not get latest updates for installation…can u plz help..? i m using build 7100..

  52. JessSayin

    Don’t think it worked for me. Went through the whole enchilada and it still reads, 7100 at the bottom.
    Used the same 64 bit key for the RC since your article doesn’t say anything about getting a new RTM key.

    (Here’s a cool ‘How To’ for you: Put the date on your articles)

  53. Geoff Costello

    I did the whole thing to from my RC Build 7100 to my Technet RTM release, running of the hard drive. Basically it wouldn’t accept my RTM leys and only wanted the RC keys which turns out to be because it still thinks the build is RC 7100 even after the run..

    Help!!! I Really would like to use by RTM license without a full reinstall!!!!

  54. don

    I am so glad my Dad told me about “How to Geek”. It is a priority email I receive all the time. There are so many useful bits of info to be had and they all work, or at least the ones I have used. Keep up the good work everyone…don

  55. jason

    u just saved me ‘ton of time and hassle…cheers mate’
    i wounder how u figured that out hmm;)

  56. xp64

    Just pre ordered win 7 professional 64 bit. Question is:
    Can I upgrade from vista 64 ultimate -> win7 pro 64 bit, and will it be a smooth upgrade or a clean install?

  57. Ed B

    There is a stipulation on the upgrade, you are suppose to upgrade to a compatible version of Windows 7. Example, Vista Business to Windows 7 Professional(Business), Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium. Upgrading Windows RC, which was Ultimate, should upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. You also have to upgrade from 32bit to 32 bit and 64bit to 64bit, you cannot cross upgrade 32 to 64 bit or 64 to 32bit.

    However, there are sites that have found out how to unlock the version type, but you still are required to stay with the 32 to 32 or 64 to 64 bit.

  58. David

    Ed B, I haven’t tried it yet as my WIn7 Pro upgrade preorder hasn’t arrived, but apparently you CAN upgrade from Vista Ultimate to Win7 Pro, or other similar variations. The catch is that you have to perform a clean install.

  59. michael

    I’m getting Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit today. I will try this procedure and see if it works. I’ll add another comment later on today with the results.

  60. Chris Dondanville

    So I have RC1 installed and I did my duty and gave M$ my money for Windows 7 Home Premium. Am I to understand there is no way to “upgrade” this since the RC is Ultimate? Was Hoping there was and easier way than a full reinstall.

  61. Kevin

    I bought a laptop off of Craigslist from a guy here in a town a couple weeks ago that had build 7100 on it. The guy works for a local ISP and told me that their company had bought a activation key for Win 7 for all the network guys to upgrade once it was released. He sent me the key in an email, and it looks like legit key but I have no idea how I can use it to upgrade the laptop, any ideas?

    I’m not looking to do anything illegal but according to him it is a legitimately bought Win 7 key, he just didn’t need to use it for the laptop because he had bought a Mac- which is why he was selling the laptop in the first place.

  62. Spencer

    Can I modify the file and burn everything to a disc to have a disc that will work?

  63. Sean

    With the final Windows 7 build (7600), I’m having tons of problems installing over the RC (build 7100). The upgrade freezes at a few points for hours at a time. I haven’t been able to get beyond 42% on the final step (it just sits there).

    Hope others are having a better experience. At this point a clean install sounds like the only way to do this.

  64. Tor R

    Do I need the full version or upgrade version from the Microsoft website to upgrade from RC ?


  65. gderidet

    If I understand well, for one time Microsoft “offered” us a free Windows 7 evaluation copy, they screws us deeply by delivering only ‘free” Ultimate R.C versions then obliging us to upgrade to Ultimate final version only.

    That’s not very fair because I was on Windows Xp before this “experience”. So, in March 2010, and perhaps before, I thing my upgrade will be from Windows 7 Ultimate R.C to… Linux ! with a neat Windows partition erasing.

  66. michael

    Ok. I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit using the above mentioned procedure. It worked. However, there’s a screenshot that is missing in the procedure. After you get to the Install Now screen and click on it, you get another screen asking you to either Go online to get updates or Don’t go online to get updates. Click on the second option( you can update Win 7 after you successfully upgrade first) and you’ll get to the screen where you can select Upgrade or Custom (advanced) installation. Select Upgrade and let it fly for about 30-45 minutes.

    After your installation is complete, you’ll be asked to enter a product key. Enter the product key on your Upgrade Win 7 DVD sleeve, NOT the product key Microsoft gave you for your Win 7 Ultimate RC.

    Activate your Win 7 online and you’ll be good to go.

  67. MR.CABLE

    I bought the windows 7 home premium 3 computer upgrade on the release date, just got around to installing it on my media center computer tonight, which was running Windows 7 RC1.
    The install went great it only told me I couldn’t UPGRADE since the old version was Ultimate, I had to do a CUSTOM install. When I did this it moved all my old files to the C: drive in a folder called “old windows”. I did have to reinstall all my programs, But being a media center computer I didn’t have much.

    So YES you can install Windows 7 home premium UPGRADE over the Windows 7 RC

  68. John

    Help! I’m confused. I’ve followed all these steps, but when I run the setup.exe from the folder after saving the changed version file, nothing happens when I click Install Now. Any ideas?

  69. Mark Camble

    Do you have to backup your files in order to install this or can you just leave them on their? Cause most of my files i have are located in my D and E drives and when i originally installed the RC, none of these files were deleted when i chose to upgrade. So by downloading this, i won’t be prompted to do a custom install like it recommended me to?

  70. Mark Camble

    I bought the windows 7 home premium 3 computer upgrade on the release date, just got around to installing it on my media center computer tonight, which was running Windows 7 RC1.
    The install went great it only told me I couldn’t UPGRADE since the old version was Ultimate, I had to do a CUSTOM install. When I did this it moved all my old files to the C: drive in a folder called “old windows”. I did have to reinstall all my programs, But being a media center computer I didn’t have much.

    So YES you can install Windows 7 home premium UPGRADE over the Windows 7 RC

    I was told to do the same thing on my computer, and when i originally did this on my XP to Windows RC version, it moved my C files from XP to a windows old folder like you said. But if i do this from the official version, will it also keep your files from your other addition drives? Cause i have a 2 other drives that weren’t touched when i originally updated to the RC version, and i was wondering if this would be the same case with this verison as well.

  71. Olli Männistö

    According to guys, yes you can manipulate the W7 RC version string so the RTM Home Premium or Pofessional will happily upgrade it with no reinstalling software needed..

  72. MR.CABLE

    To help save from confusion this is my experience for upgrading Windows 7 RC to Windows 7 Home Premium using the the Family pack Upgrade disk. This is a store bought setup disk, not a downloaded one.

    Hi John,
    I did not have to do the step outlined in this form. I had the computer running windows 7 RC on, then inserted the windows 7 Home Premium upgrade DVD in and clicked on the setup exe. It took over from there.
    Like I said before, I got a window stating I “can’t upgrade windows 7 Ultimate to home premium”
    You must do the custom install.

    Hi Mark,
    During my install Windows 7 didn’t even see the external drive I had hooked up, which was listed as my E: drive and no it did not back up anything from that drive to the “old windows” folder. It just backed up my C: drive, all the music I had in the RC copy’s “my music” folder was now in the “old windows / my music” folder. Everything from my Download folder was moved to “old windows / download” folded, and so on. The one thing I did not check for was I had some tv shows recorded in Media Center since I had already watched them I wasn’t worried about checking to see if they got moved also.
    All your programs are moved to “old windows / program” folder but you must reinstall them for them to work again. After I reinstalled all my programs I deleted the “old windows” folder, it was a total of 14 gigs so it looks like everything from the RC setup on the C: drive was moved to this folder.

  73. Mark Camble

    Ok thank you that answers my question.

  74. Confused

    No sir, this doesn’t work. Unless I’m missing something. In order for this to work, you need to run the setup from another hard drive while you’re in Windows already. I want to do the upgrade from DOS or when I boot from DVD or USB. Can someone post how to do this?

  75. Mark

    I updated my RC to final version no problems. Every thing went very smoothly except no it is asking me for a product key and I have 22 days or it goes to Not full use.
    Where can I get a product key that works

  76. Lukas

    Can I upgrade from Win 7 RTM to Win 7 Pro? I have in my new laptom RTM version but I have license for WIn 7 Pro, too….

    How can I do it?

  77. Craig

    Thanks saved alot of work not having to transfering everything back. Upgrade FTW

  78. TeZ

    Will this upgrade method work with Windows 7 Ultimate (FULL) (Retail & OEM) as well as the Upgrade versions?

  79. Tony

    I had Windows 7 RC and then upgraded to Windows 7 RTM Home Premium and it install without any problem or error.
    Windows 7 RC Ultimate to Windows 7 RTM Home Premium.
    The only solution to this is you must go buy the “FULL” Version of any Windows 7, not the “UPGRADE” Version, that’s what I did and it worked.
    When you buy the “FULL” Version, you must do a clean version of Windows 7.
    For you people who had purchased the “UPGRADE” Version, just follow the steps above, not sure if it’s going to work or not.

  80. bwillb

    I’m having an odd issue here. I’m running Windows 7 RC Ultimate x64, and trying to upgrade to Windows 7 RTM Ultimate x64. I made the change to minclient 7000, burned the disc, and verified that the change was there. So far so good. I went to start the update process, selected x64, and when it got to the compatibility report it gave me two fatal errors. One said you cannot upgrade from x64 to x86, and the other said you cannot upgrade from x86 to x64. I then tried selecting x86 instead and that only gives the error that you cannot upgrade from x64 to x86. I’m really confused here, both options are giving me errors that it is the wrong architecture. Anyone have any ideas?

  81. Lucid REM

    upgrade: Windows 7 RC Ultimate to Windows 7 Home Premium

    you need to be able to run regedit and make windows believe it is “HomePremium” and then the $50 Windows 7 Upgrade will work perfectly .. you should also be able to fake out the system into an “upgrade” of x64 to x86 but you may have potential for an unstable platform

  82. Jorge

    I had the same problem that bwillb. So, I did these steps:

    “Crack registry (regedit) on the release candidate box and navigate to the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version folder. In the right-hand pane, there are two registry entries named EditionID and ProductName.
    Edit these registry entries to report the retail edition of Windows you intend to upgrade to. For example, users looking to upgrade the (RC) Release Candidate to the RTM of Home Premium would use HOMEPREMIUM for the EditionID, and Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM for the ProductName.”

    But I still have the same problem. When I try to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) the installator tells me than I have a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  83. J.Vecino

    Uhh…the upgrade didn’t ask me for a Product Key, so, will Windows 7 still expire after 30 days?

  84. Grant

    I’m having the same problem as bwillb. I am trying to upgrade 64-bit Win 7 Ultimate RC (7100) to 64-bit Window 7 Ultimite RTM. I copied the files to a local directory, changed the cversion.ini file, ran the setup.exe wizard, chose not to download updates, and let it go. It comes back telling me that I can only upgrade the 64-bit version with a 64-bit version or a 32-bit version with a 32-bit version. Except that is what I am doing.

    I am guessing that it is looking for a pattern in some string in the registry to determine if the current version of Windows loaded is 64-bit or not. The pattern maybe differs enough between Windows 7 and Windows Vista that it is getting confused. Just a guess on my part. Anybody have any idea how to get around this?

  85. achali

    @michael THANK YOU

  86. Rodrigo

    This how-to worked perfectly fine for me. I did the upgrade yesterday just as the article explains and no issues at all. All of my programs I had under the RC are working perfectly fine with the new RTM I just installed.
    Great tip and thanks a lot :)

  87. antonio8

    I can find the cversion.ini file anywhere in the source folder. I even tried searching for it and no luck.

    Any clue what to do next?

  88. Mayank

    Hey I Cant Find The Cversion.ini File In Source Directory…………???

  89. 18tonne

    Copied the RTM to the hard drive, did the fix and everything is working just fine.
    Can I now delete the copy of the RTM I saved to the hard drive without affecting the programme?

  90. Eric

    Works for me. Perfect upgrade went very smooth.

  91. Dyaln

    Works like a charm. Thanks!!

  92. Yatti420

    As always.. Thanks.. Forgot about this..

  93. Turdy Turdkins

    same prob as “bwillb”

    Trying to install Win7 Ultimate 64bit RTM from Win7 64bit RC 7100. My install DVD has choice of x86 and x64 version, so I choose x64, it checks compatability and this error comes up:

    The following issues are preventing Windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.

    You can’t upgrade 64-bit Windows to a 32-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 64-bit version of the installation disc, or go online to see how to install Windows 7 and keep your files and settings.

    32-bit Windows cannot be upgraded to a 64-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 32-bit version of the Windows installation disc.


    Note: Previously I upgraded my 64bit VISTA to the Win7 RC.

    I’ll probably just have to install a clean copy! Not fun. Any help appreciated!

  94. Martin

    I have tried this and when the installation starts copying the files I get this:

    Windows cannot copy files required for installation. The files may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070241

    Can anyone help?

  95. fbh

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

    i ve installed windows 7 ultimate 32 bit on my laptop.. On browsing the Cversion file, it shows MinClient as 7233 from the DVD i installed,,but after installation on running DXDIAG it shows WINDOWS 7 BUILD 7600….moreover i installed without entering the key, but still it writes WINDOWS IS ACTIVATED,,,,,,but in many of my friends laptops show,,WINDOWS IS NOT ACTIVATED,ACTIVATE NOW,,,or enter serial

    even in the bottom it does not show WINDOWS EVALUATION VERSION ,,,even on running windows tweaker,,it simply displays BUILD 7600,,,,,and also the DVD has both x64(64) bit and x86(32 bit) installations.

    now my problem is,,,,IS THE WINDOWS RTM VERSION,,,,IF NOT,,,,,THEN WILL IT GET DEACTIVATED ?????????????/

  96. digjoh

    I have been running W7RC for a while now on a new but very low-spec machine (think of a netbook that looks like a desktop), and it has been great. So much so that I even spent some real money to buy Ultimate for installation on my main production machine (all-singing all dancing, fast, memory-rich, big HDs, etc etc). Result? Everything went fine, took a VERY long time to upgrade (from Vista), but … the user experience is just not as good as with the RC version. Text resolution in particular is poor (both machines use the same display, so it’s not that), boot-up is slower (!!) than under Vista, stability is dubious. Any thoughts about this? The only difference, AFAI can see, is that the production machine is running 64-bit Windiows while the development box is running 32-bit, but why this should affect the display I can’t fathom.

    Anyway, good article, I might well have a look at upgrading the development box to RTM via this method

  97. Bobber

    I read your article “How to Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to RTM (Final Release) ” and it seems as though there are a few other options available that might allow upgrading to Home or Pro:
    Change the cversion of Win 7 RC install to 6999 before installing RC
    Or, possibly change the cversion of Win 7 RC after it has been installed?

  98. Shane

    HELP! I try to turn off the read only option but it wont let me and i am a administrator.

  99. Aaron

    Hey I have windows 7 starter RTM on my netbook can I use this to trick windows 7 starter into thinking its the Release Candiate, and then upgrade using an ultimate ISO I downloaded?

  100. MalGee

    I’m running the RC version of Win7 Ultimate (Evaluation copy, build 7100), and am looking to change to the full version. Question – to carry out the procedure for upgrading as described in the main article, do I purchase the full package of Win 7 Ultimate, or just the Upgrade edition? Thank you for a very helpful and informative article.

  101. CF

    Thanks a million for this article. I D/Led Windows 7 Ultimate, changed the file version as described (i put in 6999 as the version, and the upgrade was absolutely simple, one-click to perform the upgrade from the Windows 7 RC (7100) to Ultimate. I now have 120 days to decide whether to buy it …

    also, almost everything remained installed and customised, Media Centre preferences , libraries, shortcuts on the desktop etc… IE8 and Media Player went through initial setup (choose search providers etc) but retained bookmarks..


  102. P007

    I have windows 7 ultimate Build 7100 and it is activated till june. But now also it is showing evalution copy. How I can make my windows with fully activated.

  103. Thomas

    I just want to clarify

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RC can I upgrade using this technique to Windows 7 Home Premium x64

  104. rOcK_oN

    Hello..thanks for the tips , everything seemed to be working great till the time it “finished” upgrading windows after 3-4 hours and it came up with a message “The upgrade was not successful. Your previous version of windows is being restored. Do not restart your computer during this time” and it restored everything back..Am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit Evaluation Copy 7100 and i ran the installer from a dvd..not from my hard drive..any advice on what went wrong would be great..


  105. Erchamion

    I’m having a similar problem to rOck_oN.
    I’m upgrading my Vaio using a DVD that’s been proven to work on 3 other laptops, but when it finishes upgrading, it restarts and goes into recovery tools.
    If anyone can help, I’d greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  106. Jesse

    I’m having the same problem as Progmanos:

    I’m getting the following error:

    “Windows was unable to create a required installation folder.

    Error code:0×80070013″

    Has anyone worked out how to fix this, I’m getting desperate!

  107. Jesse

    Oh, except the error code is not that code, I get 0x80070005. @Progmanos, have you worked it out?

  108. Jesse

    I found out the problem. It’s because I was doing it on a macbook pro… the issue is that you need to go to add/remove programs and features and remove Boot Camp. Strange but true.

  109. rOcK_oN

    am using windows 7 guys theres no boot camp..i think :P can anyone help me anyway? pls

  110. Varun


    I can get it updated !!

  111. Steven

    Great tip! Worked like a charm.

    Now here’s a new problem. I want to UPGRADE my windows 7 build 7100 64 bit multilingual version with a OEM windows 7 64 bit US-English version. I get a similar error message when I attempt it. Is there any patch for the language difference?

  112. Shane

    This really helped me out, I can’t believe it was not possible to simply install 7 from RC anyway but thank you very much for this easy to do fix!

  113. Rasmus

    Is this for upgrading from RTM to the full version you buy?

  114. cvstan

    I want to use this file editing trick to move from RC 7100 to a retail WIN7 64-bit. Can I use the OEM version Ultimate 64 to do this?

  115. Tom

    Orginally I had windows XP on this machine but the hard drive went bad on it. Upon replacing, I installed the RC copy of Windows seven on it to see how it all looked. I really like it and would like to keep it. I’ve followed the instruction to make this RC copy of windows 7 perminent but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I still have showing in the lower right had side of the window that this is an evaluation copy. What I did was to copy the disk to my desktop, follow the instrutions as listed but have not been sucessful. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong?

    Thanks much

  116. Alex

    well.. if i have an rtm key but an RC os will it still expire?

  117. Kattoussa

    Hi Geek,
    I have installed the pre release version of windows 7 back in september and it is running just fine, until today I have a pop up window on the bottom right side of the screen telling me that the pre-release version of W7 ultimate I have in my computer will expire in 14 days, it says I should back up my files and install it again or something. I am lost, what can I do?? I don’t want to go through baking up everything I have in here especially softwares I allready installed and just losts of things… I am not great with the computer, I get by, so what should I do?? Is there a way to get it right without going through the hassle of backing up everything?? I have I think the activation key or whatever, but since it is of the pre-released version, would it work again??? I am lost.
    Thanks for the help.

  118. joe

    my windows 7 upgrade has been sitting at 62% for A LONG time now. like many hours. it’s not frozen, i can still move the mouse and it keeps going from please wait… to like searching for files…so idk

  119. Frandle

    Having the same problem as bwillb and Turdy Turdkins, saying I can’t go from 32 bit to 64 bit and vice versa, even though I’ just trying to update 64-bit Ultimate RC 7100 to Win7 Ultimate Release.

    I really don’t want to do a fresh install of windows 7, but if there’s no solution to the problem it’s what’ll have to happen… :(

  120. Frank Coughlan

    The instructions say it only works for ultimate to ultimate upgrade. So, yes, great for owners of win 7 ultimate.

  121. Marc

    I upgraded my rc to professional and it works very well. but btw, is this procedure legal?

  122. Jack

    I’m having the same problem as bwillb, and many others.

    “You can’t upgrade 64-bit Windows to a 32-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 64-bit version of the installation disc, or go online to see how to install Windows 7 and keep your files and settings.

    32-bit Windows cannot be upgraded to a 64-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 32-bit version of the Windows installation disc.”

    I’m running a 64 bit copy of windows 7 rc, and am attempting to upgrade to windows 7 RTA 64 bit. It seems odd that it tells me the same error twice, but reversed. Does anyone know of something I can change in regedit or something that might fix this?

  123. Kurt Bauer

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, it really saved my system, specially since Microsoft Support told me there was impossible to upgrade from RC.

    Thank you again man =)

  124. Bill Smill

    Soo many noobs!

  125. aziz

    it works…. but still it said it will be expired on march 2, 2010. how it works actually?

  126. TIM

    Worked like a champ! Thank so much for the tip. It was incredibly easy to do.

    Shame on Microsoft for refusing to let people upgrade from the RC when they block it with only a few keystrokes.

    This absolutely works, people. By the Ultimate upgrade and do it now.

  127. Thishan

    I just fallow above steps and it did upgrade, at least setup run without any problems. after reboot, nothing is change !!! does that mean upgrade didn’t happen ?? how am i gonna find out whether it’s still RC or upgrade to RTM ?? and by the way on the right side down it still says ” windows 7 Evaluation Copy. Bild 7100 ??

  128. Lukass

    Another person here having the same problem as bwillb, and the rest… The weird thing about my situation is that the exact same DVD has worked on 3 other machines in my house! Hoping to find some resolution soon as the RC deadline is coming up.

    The error message is:

    “You can’t upgrade 64-bit Windows to a 32-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 64-bit version of the installation disc, or go online to see how to install Windows 7 and keep your files and settings.

    32-bit Windows cannot be upgraded to a 64-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 32-bit version of the Windows installation disc.”

    Any additional info would be appreciated.

  129. DeadlySirius

    Geek – you’re the man. Modified file as per instructions and worked so easily I thought there must be a catch.
    Many thnaks for simplifying what could have been a nightmare.

  130. Jarno

    Thanks, but I get an error while installing. Its an error with the register. After the error recovers the system itselfs to my old beta installation.

    Any suggestions?

  131. Lynny Moore

    I do not have a cversion.ini but I have a compliance.ini with the same information in it with the exception that it says:

    instead. Do I have a bad CD or is this exceptional to Ultimate x64? Please advise anyone? Thanks.

  132. ajh007


    I’ve been running windows 7 RC 64 bit on my macbook pro. I want to upgrade to the final release. Where did you delete bootcamp, on the windows partition or the mac partition? Can you still run mac os? Do all the peripherals work (i.e. touch pad etc)?

    Thanks in advance,

  133. Daniel

    i have evaluation copy. Build 7100 but in the properties it just say activated nothing about expiring or updating. i do get a nag screen at night saying 9 more days or 8 more and so on.

  134. Darrell

    i have tried this 100 times.. and it works fine but after i choose upgrade.. it gives me these errors.. which totally contradict each other..

    You can’t upgrade 64-bit Windows to a 32-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 64-bit version of the installation disc, or go online to see how to install Windows 7 and keep your files and settings.

    32-bit Windows cannot be upgraded to a 64-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 32-bit version of the Windows installation disc.

    Windows needs to be restarted so necessary changes to system files can be made before continuing.

    Please help me.. i dont wann delete my hard drive..

  135. onurg

    I am going to upgrade, but I am not sure about the consequences. I don’t have any space left on my harddrive, is it going to wipe out my Users folder? Anybody tried?

  136. Peter

    Bluescreen after restart, whats wrong??

    I did a copy of all the files from the DVD to a folder on your hard drive.
    I changed and saved MinClient=7233.0 to 7100 and I started with the upgrade.
    Everything went well until to step 3 “windows files were expanded” where I needed to restart the computer. After the restart I got a bluescreen with an error…????

    whats wrong??

    thank you very much for a helpful answer!

  137. Mark

    Thanks Geek, it worked perfectly!!

  138. Mahesh

    I have followed your steps………… In that not

  139. thatguyoverthere

    “The following issues are preventing Windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.

    You can’t upgrade 64-bit Windows to a 32-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 64-bit version of the installation disc, or go online to see how to install Windows 7 and keep your files and settings.

    32-bit Windows cannot be upgraded to a 64-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 32-bit version of the Windows installation disc.”

    i have a 64 bit version (from dvd copied to hdd) did all the changes necessay… does not work
    it stops after the compability window.

    anyone knows a solution?

  140. MichaelW

    I need to upgrade my windows 7 build 7100 64 bit English version with the Windows 7 64 bit German version (the UK version is more expensive here in Germany, so had to bought the German one :-( ).
    Now I get the message that I can’t upgrade with another language. I already installed and switched the 7100 to German, same result.

    Is there any andvise how to solve this issue?

  141. Astor

    It works! 7100 to 7600, good job! I lost audiodriver which is always problematic: E-MU.
    Also need over 11,2GB free space.
    My Documents are all saved :) (but I do had a backup)
    ***** star!

  142. DanV

    Just to clarify for anyone looking for more confirmation. Yes you can “upgrade” Windows 7 RC to any other version of Windows 7. I for one went from RC to Pro and have no problems at all. Its just as I left it in RC, but now with actual updates.

  143. MAHMOUD

    many regards and thanks to you ,we benefit from the article very much , i ask allah to reward you .

  144. Ruel

    I can’t find cnversion.ini…only compliance.ini :(

  145. Sean

    Thanks for the how to, worked perfectly

  146. Damon

    LIKE A GLOVE ! thanks bro …

  147. Jack

    I did what was suggested and the installation did start. I got past the compatibility issue but then when it started expaning the windows folders, it got abut 20% complete and then I got an error message: “Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of the installation. To install, restart the installation.”

    I did that a number of times wiith the same result. I did some research and most of the posts said that it was a problem with the driver for the SATA drive and suggested various fixes but none that seemed to be applicable to mid-installation. I could not see any way to change or load drivers in the middle of the installation. And besides, since it is an ungrade from RC which is already operating with those drivers (and actually installed without the same problem), I am flummoxed. One post sugggested resetting the BIOS to the defualt settings but when Idid that the whole computer crashed and I had to restore RC from the backup I did onto a different hard drive.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  148. Spence

    My 64 bit CD does not have a cversion.ini file.

    Is there another file that can be modified???

  149. iamchuck

    Thanks, this worked great, and with 1 day to spare on my RC1!

  150. dbomb1

    so can i use the upgrade version or do i have to get the full version…
    please advise which version to buy…. TIA

  151. albert

    Doesn’t work. I did this on two computers. It is still telling me that it is expiring and I have to buy a legal copy.

  152. bec

    Thank you so much for writing this up. I followed your steps to the letter and upgraded without any issues. That’s the first time I’ve ever done an upgrade that worked! For others who may have the same questions I had before I upgraded:

    I had a laptop with Vista Home prior to installing Windows 7 Ultimate RC last year.
    Upon getting the messages that it was going to expire on March 1, I purchased Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade from Amazon. The box says “For Windows Vista upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate”, but I figured it would work ok. It did.
    I followed the steps in this How To: Copied the entire disk to a folder on my desktop. Created a backup of the cversion.ini file and changed the MinClient to 7000 in the original. I checked and the file was not read only. Then I ran the setup.exe from the folder I’d copied to my desktop. Followed the instructions. Made sure to select the “Upgrade” option instead of “Custom”. Then used the key included with my Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade disk and let the installer finish doing it’s thing.

    Not a single glitch. Everything seems to be working perfectly. Thank you again and I hope the writeup of my experience helps someone! Good luck to all.

  153. Jon

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I literally have 150 gb of stuff, and if not for you I would have to spend the whole day backing it up.

  154. alex

    and i find some solution for this problem:

    “The following issues are preventing Windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.

    You can’t upgrade 64-bit Windows to a 32-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 64-bit version of the installation disc, or go online to see how to install Windows 7 and keep your files and settings.

    32-bit Windows cannot be upgraded to a 64-bit version of Windows. To upgrade, obtain a 32-bit version of the Windows installation disc.”

    I have this error message when trying to upgrade my 7100 rc to 7600 rtm with x86\x64 ultimete dvd. then i downloaded clean x64 rtm 7600 and it start workink ) try it this way

  155. amesfan

    Thank you this was so helpful, I was on the eve of my RC expiration and I was dreading having to backup and reinstall everything. Worked like a charm. Kept getting the “can’t do 32 to 64 and 64 to 32” error, turned out to be a bad ISO. Make sure to use an actual retail version, or download one that is only x86 or x64.

  156. Jack

    I left the post which shows above about an error message appearing at 21% of the expanding windows files step in the installation, saying that Windows could not prepare the computer to reboot for the next phase of the installation. At one point I even tried the Custom Install (clean install) option and thought I would try to bite the bullet and just reinstall all my programs, but even that ran into the same problem and caused the installation to stop.

    I did a lot of research and tried a lot of things before I discovered from an old post about a Windows ME installation that the problem I was experiencing was caused by the Folder Lock encryption program I had installed. I wanted to leave a description of the suggestions that I tried which did not work for me in order to save others time. And perhaps some of these steps will work for others. The posts I looked at in researching this were both in reference to Windows 7 and prior windows versions installations experiencing similar problems.
    1. Many of the posts said that the problem was with the drivers for the SATA internal drive. I was dubious about this since I was able to install the Windows RC version and did not experience a problem due to the driver. But, I went ahead and I first tried to update the driver and I got a message saying that the driver was the most current driver. I also tried uninstalling the hard drive and driver, and, after getting past a couple of scary error messages, I was able to reinstall the driver and drive, but when I tried the Windows 7 RTM install again, it failed at the same point.
    2. The MS site suggested running their test to see if the computer will run Windows 7, so I downloaded and did the test and not surprisingly, it came back with a message saying I already had Windows 7 RC installed on the machine. No help there.
    3. A post in reference to a prior WIndows OS suggested trying to install it from Safe Mode. I tried that but the installation failed and I got an error message saying that WIndows 7 could not be installed from Safe Mode.
    4. Another series of posts suggested that there was a problem with the hard drive and that I should run chkdsk. It was not easy to figure out how to run chkdsk because you cannot run it from the Windows 7/Command screen. I eventually got to run it by using the Windows 7 Repair disk I created with the original WIndows 7 RC installation. I ran chkdsk and it discovered no problems with the drive. No help for me there either.
    5. WHAT WORKED. In searching MS’s website using the search phrase installation hangs at 21%, I found a post about someone who was trying to install Windows ME and got a similar problem to what I was experiencing, and the poster said that the problem was called by the Folder Lock encryption program he had installed which I also had on my machine. With that, I uninstalled Folder Lock, ran the installation using the suggestions from How to Geek about doing it as an upgrade, and the OS installed without a problem. I am now running Windows 7 RTM happily. Haven’t yet tried to reinstall Folder Lock but will in the next day or two. I also note that after the successful installation of Windows 7 RTM, the desk top no longer shows Evaluation Copy, Build 7100 as some of the above posters have experienced.
    Thank you so much to How to Geek for this excellent suggestion.

    I am also going to let MS and the Folder Lock people know about the problem. Thanks Geek

  157. Babaina Mainali

    i have a problem,i see the notice when i open the computer,that my windows is going to expire in 7 hours,so how can i instle window 7 altimate,in my pc?

  158. Derek

    This DOES NOT work!

  159. James

    Can I use the Windows 7 Ultimate OEM version with this method?
    Can I use the Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade version with this method?

  160. ajmal

    after the compatibility check, the setup aborts with a message saying that there isn’t enough free space for windows to copy installation files. the fact is that the hard drive has over 100 GB free space. anybody experienced the same problem?


  161. James

    Found this on another site. Seems you can upgrade the RC to Home Premium by doing the following:

    Open the registry and navigate to
    HKLM/Software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/Current Version. Change EditionID to HomePremium and Product name to Windows 7 Home Premium. You can then upgrade RC to RMM

  162. Thomas

    I purchased windows 7 ultimate upgrade 64-bit (ISO) and tried to follow your instructions on extracting the files and then modifying the cversion file. The problem is that file is set up as an exe. file and does not allow me to browse, instead it prompts me to transfer the files to a disc. After I transfered the files to a CD I was able to open the files but unable to copy them back to my hard drive…

    Does anyone have a suggestion?


  163. Vinayak

    I Geek
    I have windows 7 6.1 build 7100 RC DVD. But I want to upgrade it to the RTM Version. But I don’t have the rtm dvd with me. So is there any way to twik the rc cd to rtm or cand I able to upgrade my windows 7 to rtm version with the RC DVD. please help waiting for the reply.

  164. araxireixian

    14 days before my Windows 7 evaluation copy expires.. i become so alarmed. And because dont have any idea about OS installation, it became a huge burden to me. I was supposedly spending almost $100 by sending it to a laptop technician.

    because it is quite expensive, I decided give it a try installing Windows 7 on my drive C.. but it couldnt install. i was ready to lose everything on my drive c after deciding to format it.

    but before i do that, i went to google and look for a solution. it led me to this site. and the i followed every step. and it was really easy for me.

    Thank you so much for posting this tutorial. It made installing Windows 7 Ultimate so easy. i didnt have to format my c and lose everything. so now i am enjoying my new OS and will be enjoying it till WINDOWS 8 comes.

    Whoever made this tutorial will be blessed.

    again thanks a lot.

  165. Taro

    I plan to repartition my harddrive, and do a clean re-install using this tip (dual-booting with Linux). Can I still run the executable after repartitioning? Or will everything go corrupt?

    Note: I plan to expand the Windows partition, rather than shrink it.

  166. MAKs

    My greatest respect to the author of the original post!!!
    Like flick of the wrist – my shitsky RC was transformed to the real Ultimate, though some issues arose, that’s nothing!
    Thanks a lot – you really saved at least a week of my life! The only sorrow – I showed this to my bro too late… He’d reinstalled his Win7 anew…

  167. marvin

    Hi! i know a lot us here might have done this so, is it safe to do an in-place upgrade even after using removewat? i used removewat 2.2.5. i don’t know if it will cause some errors or not, just want to be sure. thnx!

  168. Conor

    When I change the file it doesn’t save and returns to before. How do I keep the number at 7000?

  169. Kenan

    Hello! I have one question is this (steps) help me to solve my problem that I have RC and these days my computer after 2 hours restarts?

  170. Cortes

    Worked. whew! what a time saver! thank you!!!

  171. Conor

    Can someone please help me?! I need to upgrade before my OS expires! I’m running the RC and can’t afford to lose my files. I don’t have time or DVD’s to back them up so I need to do this. Anytime I change the value of the file to 7000 it changes back. Please reply ASAP. Thank you

  172. Jim

    Can someone please help me?! I need to upgrade before my OS expires! I’m running the RC and can’t afford to lose my files. I don’t have time or DVD’s to back them up so I need to do this. Anytime I change the value of the file to 7000 it changes back. Please reply ASAP. Thank you

  173. JAY.p

    Oh my God! Thanks a lot!

  174. DC

    Thanks! And such a simple and straightforward workaround.

  175. Xalu

    Bless your soul :D

  176. Toto

    Yeah it works! Thanks man!!! I was so annoyed with restarts every 2 hrs…

  177. Hedge

    So when I put my ISO disc into my computer do I copy the whole thing to a folder and then changge the file to 7000 or what? This is confusing…

  178. ComputerGuy

    I have the RC of windows 7 64 bit. I also have sitting next to me an upgrade cd for windows 7. Will this work if I follow these steps? Will I need to buy the full version of windows 7 instead of the upgrade cd?

  179. TIGZ

    Great stuff!

    EASY and SIMPLE instructions! (geeze fellas…there are pics also)

    Works a treat…..thx guys

  180. Nikolai_D

    Hi guys,
    I’m also someone who had successfully edited the ini to upgrade from RC to RTM,
    but had a 32 to 64 and 64 to 32 unable error at same time, while doing 64 to 64 actually. As bwillb and alex and others.
    And alex, about your sullution, thats exactly what i was thinking about. To get an 64bit only dvd. :)
    Thanks for sharing the solution. ill go and post it also on two other sites where this (ini editing) methode was explained and where i also asked about that.
    Have fun guys. :)

  181. Nikolai_D

    The issue that i described above about being unable to upgrade with an error – can’t upgrade 64 to 32 and 32 to 64 while actually doing 64 to 64. The fix is to get an 64bit only dvd instead 32+64 all in one like i used.
    Enjoy! :)

  182. mixn

    I’m using an evaluation copy of win7 ultimate v6.1 build 7260. Purchased win7 home premium and have gone through the steps without any success. At first I was getting stuck at the home premium entry in the registry. Read on different sites it had to match what the installation dvd has. Tried HomePremium, HOMEPREMIUM, and then Home Premium (with the space, had to do a fresh installation on a separate hd to get that). The last one seems to have went the furthest since it took the installation from 1.5hrs to about 3hrs. Now instead of failing and giving me a compatibility report, it fails and gives me a message that ‘this version of windows could not be installed’. It then restores ultimate. Has anyone come across this?

  183. David

    Has anyone tried using a Windows 7 upgrade with these directions on an Intel Macintosh running the Windows 7 pre-release version on Boot Camp (Snow Leopard)? I am unwilling to pay over $300 for an operating system, while an upgrade price is a little more reasonable (especially since I thought I was going to receive a free final copy of Windows 7 when I agreed to participate in the beta program).

  184. Frank

    Din Wha / IHW
    (Did/does NOT Work As Advertised) (I Hate Windows)
    Spent 5 hours out of my life trying to make it work — no luck.

    I pray I will see an alternative to MS —– BEFORE I die !
    Frank S

  185. ankit

    in my windows, miniclient value which is showing is 6608.1, nd i hve pre realease version so wat shuld i do?

  186. manish rajhans

    i have win 7 trail version , its restart after 2 hrs , can some body help me out…….

  187. mick

    is there any way u can activate windows 7 after 30 days have expired i had install windows 7 on my computer and wasnt taking any notice of messages because i had genuine copy i have product key but it doesnt work in updating do i have to reinstall windows again or can i do something else

  188. Macca

    Thanks for this, I just finished update with 2.5hrs to deadline.

  189. greywolfdog

    BEfore I die I hope someone comes along and changes computer functions by allowing any new installed operating system take the necessary steps to also reinstall the programs – of every upgrade I have suffered thru since 1985, this bull shit of having to reinstall the programs to satisfy some sort of crap with the functionality is totally unnecessary and useless. what if when I wanted to change my car engine or transmission I was told I would have to change everything so the new engine would worl – stupid I think. Seems once I have installed a program on my computer – some of them years old – I should not have to find the old programs and reinstall all over again. Again, seems one of the biggest waste of time to add new OS.

  190. BACBOSS

    Thanks Geek! Everything went perfect! No problems, nothing lost just as you stated!
    Thank you!

  191. Gaby214

    Thanks! Installation went smoothly. I had Windows 7 RC Ultimate 64bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit RTM. At the end of the installation it will ask you for the Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Key and I activated it afterwards. I had to do it manually. Thanks again!

  192. Rahul D K

    thank you sir

  193. BAAJI

    my current minclient value itself 7000. wot to do?

  194. raghu

    hello brother i have windows 7 ultimate tril version so want to make it into genun version how can i do it.
    and it ask go to online and make it into upgrade. is there any filse to make it into genun

  195. Hans

    I have a question:
    I have Windows 7 RC 64-bit. Do I have to buy the full version of Windows 7 Ultimate to upgrade or can I just buy the Win7 Ultimate upgrade version?

  196. kejamac

    ok, How to remove the “WIndows 7 Evaluation Copy Build 7100” at the bottom right..????

  197. kejamac

    TO ALL PEOPLE who commented from the start:

    We should have understand the Important NOTE: “Whenever possible, you should really backup your files and do a clean install. There are less headaches this way, and you get the benefit of a nice clean profile.”

    There are others who is being lazy backing up their files from Drive C: (the OS drive).
    just always have in mind that we should back-up our important files when doing upgrade especially OS.

  198. ilias

    i have installed windows 7 rc but i can’t set a desktop backround!!!what should i do???

  199. DI

    Can I use my geniune Win 7 Pro key to activate Win 7 Ultimate.

  200. Naz

    My values are
    what to do abt them? how to change them to upgrade to RTM :(

  201. pol

    hi !

    i did all the changes as instructed but it did not change anything…
    i have win7 rc b.7100 , which i edited cversion to your example…
    after instalation i was at the same point as before…
    nothing has changed…
    so your tip is good for nothing…
    unless you did not said everything…?


  202. J. Mathieu

    Can the same trick be used to install Win 7 SP1 RTM over the RC or beta version of SP1.

    If so please instruct how.


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