Lately I’ve noticed an annoying trend on Twitter—people constantly spamming your @replies feed with these posts saying that you were the top story on somebody’s feed. Very irritating, but here’s how to get rid of it.

If you aren’t familiar, here’s the obnoxious social network spamming feature from, who have some sort of service that’s a combination of a personal Twitter newspaper and a spam-generating machine.


For the Love of FSM, Make It Stop!

According to their stop mentions page, all you have to do is tweet out a response to @NewsCrier like this:

@NewsCrier stop mentions

You can just to to the page, click the Tweet button..


And then you’ll be able to quickly make it stop.


One has to assume this will actually make it stop, but who knows if somehow they will add a new feature in the future to spam you.

Dear Owners

Please make your service less annoying. Constantly getting spammed is frustrating, and it’s not a solid way to build a useful service.