Looking for a simple light-weight audio player for your computer that will play a large number of file formats? Enjoy audio playing goodness with Eufony Free Audio Player.

Note: Video formats are played as audio only.


The install process is extremely simple with a total of three windows to sort through. As you can see here Eufony Free Audio Player requires very little disk space (nice!).

What Eufony Free Audio Player Looks Like

The first time that you start Eufony up, this is how it will look. On our example system it defaulted to the “C Drive” to begin with. To select the files that you would like to play simply expand the folder system in the left side of the player window.

Note: Each time you start the player it will return to the default drive location.

Here is Eufony Free Audio Player with some adjustments made for the columns displayed on the right side of the window. To hide columns, slide/adjust them towards the left. The columns do reset to the default layout the next time you start the player.


Player controls and volume are all conveniently located together for ease of use in the lower right corner. Notice that you can choose from Repeat, Sequence, and Loop as playlist options.

Note: Our one disappointment was the lack of “Next” and “Previous” buttons in the player controls.

Menus and Options

The menu setup for Eufony Free Audio Player is simple and straightforward. Here you can see the File, Tools, and Help menus.

Right clicking in the Play List area will display the following menu.

The Options Window has drop down menus to select personal preferences for Sample Rate, Bits per Sample, and Channels.


While Eufony Free Audio Player is still in the earlier stages of development, it is gentle on your system’s resources and gets the job done. If you need an uncomplicated and straightforward audio player, then Eufony Free Audio Player is worth taking a look at.


Download Eufony Free Audio Player (version 1.59)

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