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Xmarks Is Dead, So What Other Options Do You Have?

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It started life as the Foxmarks extension, then they rebranded it to Xmarks and made it work across any web browser—and now it has died a deadly death. The service will be around for a few more months until it’s truly dead, but it’s time to look for other options.

Unfortunately, there’s no perfect option that works across all browsers like Xmarks did, but there’s still plenty of options.

Google Chrome Sync

If you’re using Google Chrome, you’re in luck, because most of the Xmarks features are built right in without any extra add-ons necessary—in fact, you can even sync extensions, apps, preferences, themes, and autofill settings from one machine to another.


In our experience, this sync works really, really well—and it’s almost instant. If you change a setting on one PC, you’ll see the same setting applied to the other PC in a second or two.

Synchronizing Passwords (All Browsers)

The only thing you can’t sync with Google Sync are passwords, and for that there’s the excellent LastPass extension, which stores your passwords for any web browser, and since the passwords are decrypted only on your own PC and using your own password, there’s not much of a security problem.


If you aren’t using LastPass, we highly recommend that you check it out.

Mozilla Firefox

If you’re using Firefox, you’re really in luck, because Mozilla provides a full sync add-on that syncs your history, passwords, bookmarks, and even your open tabs from one machine to another.


Internet Explorer

If you’re using Internet Explorer, you can use the Windows Live Sync beta to sync your bookmarks.

Use Delicious to Sync Bookmarks Across All Browsers

You can use the social bookmarking service Delicious to save your bookmarks online, and they’ve got extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and even Internet Explorer. Not to mention the fact that you can then access those bookmarks from any web browser, including your mobile phone.


There’s probably some other options to share your bookmarks and passwords across the browsers. What sync tool do you use? Let your fellow readers know in the comments.

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  • Published 09/28/10

Comments (38)

  1. Plonk

    What about Opera Link ?

  2. Thomas Brown

    I am definitely going to miss Xmarks and hadn’t thought of Delicious as an alternative. Thanks for that info. Since Chrome is my primary browser now I’ll probably just stick with the Chrome sync for now. Also, you need to fix your Chrome Delicious link, it’s currently pointing to the Firefox extension.

  3. bichopro

    Yes… What about Opera Link ?

  4. Sausage

    These are all nice and helpful but the main thing I want is something that syncs my open tabs. This is very important due to the fact that I regularly use Firefox and Chrome in a Dual Boot Situation. FIrefox isn’t so bad, since I’m sharing a profile between both systems with Portable Firefox, but I would like a neater method for Chrome and Firefox if possible.

  5. Dan

    Do any of these options include a web option? I liked the Xmarks feature of bieng able to from any machine and being able to see my bookmarks. This is helpful when working on a friends PC to reference article I bookmarked to fix problems.

  6. Gary

    This was always the 1st extension i installed after installing firefox. This is truly a dark day.

    Ubuntu users can use Ubuntu One to backup favorites and some other things..i’m not sure on specifics because i haven’t fully utilized it because i was using xmarks. Im sure there are articles about this.

  7. Sanjaya

    Delicious extension for Safari for windows often causes the window to restart this bug needs to be fixed. I have a problem Synchronizing between Safari and Chrome.

  8. Matthew Guay

    Hey, Opera Link is a good suggestion if you use Opera. I use it on my mobile device (which by the way, Opera Mini/Mobile is the best browser for aging Windows Mobile devices right now…), and it lets me see my mobile bookmarks on my PC. That said, I don’t usually use Opera on the desktop…

  9. Mart

    Blog post for Xmarks’ untimely death:

  10. Lymphadenopathy

    I don’t know why “died a deadly death” links to – lastpass had absolutely nothing to do with xmarks deciding to close shop. The two were complimentary if anything. Firefox sync sucks hard, very hard. I’m just going to do some kind of febe to dropbox thing for now but that’s more backup rather than sync. I know you can relocate your mozilla profile directory to your dropbox but it’s kind of hinky. Oh well, I rarely bother with bookmarks anymore anyway – between knowing the URLs, RSS and search engines bookmarks are somewhat obsolete (for me anyway). I hate Chrome. IE 9 is looking more and more inviting – it’s a pretty great browser (much better than Chrome but not as good as Firefox). I just need to find a good solution to ad blocking – guess some kind of proxy…ugh.

  11. Roi

    The link about Xmarks’ death in the beginning of the article points to the homepage. Is that supposed to do that?

  12. Jonathan Duck

    @Mathew Guay
    I agree that Opera Mini is the best Windows Mobile web browser. It is what makes me actually try to browse from my device.

    If you use Chrome. The bookmark sync really syncs to Google docs. For some unknown reason, Google decided to hide these bookmarks but you can get to them.
    1. Open Google Docs
    2. On the right side click where it says, “Hidden”
    3. Find a folder that is named “Google Chrome”
    4. Select that folder (click the checkbox next to it)
    5. Find the “More actions” button, click it, and and click “Unhide”
    6. The Google Chrome folder now appears in your folders. You can see a seperate folder for your bookmarks bar and the Other bookmarks.
    Now the only question is how to make you the owner. I have a bookmarks folder that I keep to show my friend links. I really wish I could share it with him.

  13. Justin Garrison

    I switched from delicious to Diigo for my bookmarks and love it even more. There are really just a few extra features that I care about but I felt like delicious just stopped doing anything with their product a couple years ago.

  14. Jeff

    Last Pass, Xmarks and Ad Block are always the first apps I install and the only ones I considered absolutely essential. I have never tried delicious, but I guess I’ll have to give it a shot. I sure wish Google or Yahoo would take over Xmarks and keep it going. It was one of the very few “perfect” apps. I use Chrome (I can’t believe an earlier poster actually prefers IE to Chrome) more than Firefox, but still used FF enough for cross browser bookmark sync to be useful (before I discovered Xmarks I was constantly forgetting which browser I had placed the bookmark I was looking for). And there are certain things that I have to use IE for also, so losing Xmarks is like Christmas getting cancelled (which is not out of the realm of possibilities with our current administration). Anyway, this just BLOWS!!!

  15. eMcE

    How to synchronize Xmarks browser plugin with WebDAV serwer?
    English and Polish versions of this tutorial here:

  16. Josh

    Opera Link is integrated just like chromes sync it syncs your bookmarks speed dial page notes. search history custom search engines. i cant believe people still use IE or FF at this point. yes FF is quite sad these days especially if you didnt have addons chrome and Opera are much more secure and faster

  17. C_3PO

    Truly a very sad day, I loved Xmarks, but hey I have immediately set up Google sync. I only use Firefox for Amazon downloading MP3’s and Microsoft Office apps, apart from that Chrome works really well in all of my other websites!

  18. cpx

    Unbelievable. The only multi-platform and cross-browser no-only-bookmarks sync tool is dead… Just damn unbeliaeble. The worst about this is that there are NO alternatives as powerful as Xmarks was.

  19. Mike

    When I log into my iGoogle, my chat window works the same no matter where I am. Why can’t Google do the same for bookmarks? I’ll log in at any browser and have my book marks there as a google app.

  20. Stephan

    Link in first paragraph should point to

  21. Javier Ortiz

    Has anyone tried bookmarksync? I just started using it yesterday when I found out that Xmarks was dead.

  22. David

    I had 2 add-ons that went on immediately after installing Firefox; Xmarks & IEtab Plus and at times Adblock Plus (I use MVPS hosts file as well)…

    Such a sad day for me, I absolutely loved Xmarks… Thanks for all of the alternative suggestions though :). I never even knew about lastpass, that sounds nice. I never could get the password function to work 100% of the time with Xmarks.

  23. Dave Jackson

    Until the last few months I thought Xmarks was the best but then I bought a new desktop running win 7 64 bit and I had nothing but trouble – couldn’t delete my account, then when I did, I had trouble creating a new one. I gave up and now I use Firefox Sync. I have had no trouble using it on other computers in Cyber Cafes in several European countries – most offer FF as well as IE and installing the addon has never been a problem either. I would have paid a reasonable sum to use the latest Xmarks but the die is cast it would seem.

  24. Ricky Maveety

    I have used Roboform for my passwords for the past several years. It works on all platforms and is easy to sync.

    I was also wondering about the “died” link to lastpass. I was hoping for a story on what exactly happened to xmarks.

  25. nixdagibts

    Even IE is in your list, but not opera…
    Thats so…

  26. Aarón
  27. Santo

    Xmarks is one of the first add-on that I used to install when ever I install Firefox in any computer. Now I am saddened with the news that Xmarks will be shut down. There is no other add-on that can be compared to Xmarks for Firefox.

    I wish Mozilla takes over Xmarks.

  28. Kev

    can you login to a mobile website or anything with the firefox sync? (I appreciated logging in remotely to view bookmarks, as well as on my mobile)

  29. Michael Baek

    Just found a service called Bookmarksync:

    No Chrome love but it seems a lot of other browsers are supported.

  30. Dan

    @Kev Me too…. I am interested in a mobile feature as well. I have Firefox Home on my iPhone and wil be setting up FF Sync today to begin testing it out and see how i like it

  31. Chris

    What about StumbleUpon?

  32. Rogerio

    Pity that you don’t list Opera having the ability to synchronise most of its features (Speed Dial, bookmarks, notes…etc), for it was the first browser to have it built-in.

  33. Jendral

    Very sad only. Xmarks scores A. Another option scores D, E or F. I want Xmarks keep live, because I simply cant find another option to go.

  34. Why Xmarks died

    Xmarks was a great idea, but it died because of the nuisance it created every time you decided NOT to update the bookmarks. Sometimes, you are in the middle of something and you cannot, at that time, update the links to your favorite pet store, for instance. Also, it messed up all the links in random folders.

  35. Marcus

    Firefox Sync sux big time, it keeps generating sync errors
    The only time it synchs is the first time it’s run.

  36. J

    Love xmarks! And it’s alive again!

  37. ruudster101

    I use for many years …

    Couldnt live without it.It rocks…Ur bookmarks online on the internet whatever browser u have…Just install a

    tiny little download from their site called remark….Great.

  38. David Best

    Xmarks is alive – operated by LastPass.

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