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Never Run Out of Minutes Again: Make Free VoIP Calls on Android Phones

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Android phones with Google Voice can make and receive calls at an extremely disounted rate, but you still need a voice plan to make these calls. Using Google Voice, Android, and Sipgate, you can get around that limitation and make calls for free.

Using Google Voice you can call any number for free but you are not able to receive calls directly to your Google Voice number on your Android phone without a voice plan with your carrier. Using sipgate you can receive any call for free but cannot place calls without adding money to your account. Combining the two services, we will be able to place calls using Google Voice which will automatically call back your sipgate number connecting you to your intended recipient, and we will do all of this using WiFi, 3G data, or EDGE, meaning you will never run out of minutes again.

Sign Up with Sipgate

Sipgate is an extremely useful tool that will allow you to do a lot of the same things Google Voice can do, but it will also allow you to place and receive calls over Wifi and 3G without a voice plan. Sipgate also offers a softphone for your computer and the ability to place calls directly from their website. We will start by signing up for a free Sipgate account.

Note: This is the only step that requires a phone capable of receiving text messages to verify your number. Sending this invitation to my Google Voice number did not work but sending the text to a friends phone and then keying in the code on the sipgate website did work.

Once you have created and verified your account, log-in and we need to get your SIP credentials of your sipgate VoIP phone. First click on settings and then add a VoIP phone on the right. You can name it whatever will make sense to you and add your E911 information for if you ever have to call 911 from this phone.

Once the new phone has been created, hover your mouse over the phone and then click SIP credentials from the drop down.

A new window will pop up and you will need to write down the SIP-ID and SIP-Password that is provided.

Install and Configure Sipdroid

Search the market for Sipdroid and install Sipdroid VoIP + video calling.

Once it is installed, open it up and open the SIP account settings under menu -> settings for the app. Fill in the authorization username and password with the SIP-ID and SIP-Password we got earlier; then change the sever to

Tap the back button on your phone and then go to the call options to enable Wi-Fi (WLAN), 3G, and EDGE calls if desired.

Once all of this information is filled out, pull down the notification shade and you should see “registered” next sipdroid’s notification along with a green dot showing you are ready to go.

You should double check that you are fully connected to sipgate by logging into your account and checking that the VoIP phone we set up earlier now says online.

Add Sipgate Phone to Google Voice

Log-in to Google Voice and click settings -> add another phone. Enter your sipgate VoIP-Phone number and then click save.

Google needs to verify that you own the number you just added so it will call your sipgate VoIP-Phone and ask you to key in the verification code shown. Because we already set up Sipdroid your Android phone should ring and you can key in the code there.

Once the verification is complete you should see a check box next to your sipgate phone in Google Voice.

Install Google Voice Callback

The last step is to install Google Voice Callback from the Android Market.

Fill out your Google Voice account information, what number you want to call back (your sipgate number), and when you want to use Google Voice Callback (always).

Place a Test Call

You can now place a call using the built in Android phone dialer. When you place the call you will get a popup saying that you are placing the call with GVoice Callback and then your phone will ring because your Google Voice number is calling your Sipgate number.

Answer the phone and then you will be connected through sipdroid to the number you were trying to call.

It took a few steps to get here but now you can send and receive calls with only using data. I am successfully using this on my HTC G1 without a SIM card in the phone over Wi-Fi. I can send and receive phone calls to my hearts content so long as I have Wi-Fi signal and I never have to worry about going over on my minutes again.


Google Voice

Google Voice Callback

Thanks to my friend Dante for helping me figure all this out.

Justin Garrison is a Linux and HTPC enthusiast who loves to try new projects. He isn't scared of bricking a cell phone in the name of freedom.

  • Published 10/4/10

Comments (78)

  1. thrik

    Geek, were you able to set this up without lag between parties?

    Every time I’ve tried to do this, I’ve had 2-3 second lag which made me resort to simply using Gmail to place calls.

  2. Rich

    Is this do-able in the UK?

  3. bemymonkey

    @thrik: Shouldn’t be too much lag – I get less than 100ms with Sipdroid, and that’s with PBXes as an intermediary. You might want to try a different SIP provider (I’ve only had a Sipgate number for a few days myself, so no real experience there) with servers closer to you…

    @Rich: How without Google Voice? :(

    Same or even worse situation here in Germany… still waiting and waiting. SIP providers are bridging the gap a little though… definitely cheaper than cell networks here.

  4. Rich

    I don’t have an Android phone so only took a cursory glance at the information which I passed onto a friend.

  5. mangurt

    Setting this up straight will give you some considerable lag unless you have a great connection. I ended up doing the sipsorcery trick, and was able to make and receive phone calls via data on an edge network.

  6. Scott B

    I cant seem to get the google voice part to work verifying the sip phone number. It never rings my cell. I can make a test call out of sip easy enough. Any thoughts?

  7. Justin Garrison

    @thrik There is a bit of lag and on the sending end it sounded a bit hollow. Similar to how all cell phones sounded ~8-10 years ago but when it came to making a call without any plan on a phone (strictly over wifi) it was acceptable. You can also still send txt’s using Google Voice from the phone for free.

    As @BemyMonkey said, currently this won’t work anywhere where there is not GV access.

  8. guest

    i dont feel safe giving them my google voice credentials. are there any other apps instead of callback free?

  9. fellowweb

    Thanks for the nice idea!

    As an addition to your thoughts: At least in some countries, sipgate has started to publish their own branded fork of Sipdroid which should facilitate configuring your Android device on the sipgate end of your setup. Maybe it’s worth checking out.

  10. !Nathan

    Is it too much to hope that something like this is possible with a jailbroken “iDevice”? I don’t suppose Dante would know how to enable a similar set of features for say, an iPod?

  11. raouf

    i am did like complecated ways to fix some free calls..i am using skype p2p free and using some networks for callback ..yes it cost me lettle higher but easy than this way..
    thank you

  12. Nathan

    Makes a call over WiFi but when answered it takes them to voicemail. My phone is stuck at the google voice callback screen. I never hear or see the call being answered. When i place a call to my phone, never rings and goes straight to voicemail. Im in airplane mode with WiFi enabled, SipDroid shows registered in notification bar. Im open to suggestions if anyone would like to assist

  13. DL

    Wouldn’t being in airplane mode cause WIFI not to work at all, since airplane mode turns off all sending and receiving capabilities of the phone ie WIFI, GPS, Cellular??

  14. Jenny

    worked wonderfully! Thanks!!

  15. jkang29

    took some effort but everything set up ok. calling out took some time to get going, but seems to work fine. But when someone calls my GV number, they go to voicemail. I get message that I have voicemail, then about 15 sec later, my phone rings. Of course by then my caller has hung up already…disappointing.

  16. Me

    I have used the above set up with Gizmo and Sipgate + Any Free SIP(Sipdroid, CsipSimple etc). It works fine….I have actually been using it over 3G / EDGE since I use my N1 as a hotspot (no need for DSL), and it works fine…might be choppy in poor reception areas but does work. I think if you’re having trouble receiving you calls if you do the set up wrong. If you enable do not disturb in GV / Call back Apps, then all incoming calls go to VM. BTW, Google owns Gizmo5….as you may have noticed they allow you to forward to a Gizmo phone. You can also search online for Gizmo SIP set up (,…I could be wrong with the port numbers but Sipdroid usually has them inputed for you already. Aren’t we all tired of those capped voice plans? Then they turn around and give you unlimited data..with the exception of (fill in), and expect us not to faithfully make VERY good use of that data.

  17. Tony

    I signed up for sipgate and it says I only have 60 minutes. I thought it was free. Am I missing something?

  18. Scott

    Sipgate also provide me with 60 minutes Free — but looks like after those free 60 minutes run out it’s going to be $0.019 / min. so about 2 cents for calling within the US and Canada. They must have had enough traffic they started charging.

    sipgate to sipgate is free. and so are 800 numbers. ahh well.

  19. JJ

    @Scott Sipgate incoming calls are free… the 60 minutes are for outbound calls

  20. JJ

    @tony … incoming calls are free with sipgate… the whole setup makes it free when google calls out and the call back catches the google call and sends the calls to sipgate which will ring on your cell phone making it totally free. The 60minutes is trial after the trial you still get free incoming calls on sipgate. hope that helps

  21. Jake

    something is amiss… i signed up for Sipgate.. got the invitation via sms and entered the code… verified sipgate… logged in… now the wobbly part…clicked on ‘settings’ but there is no ‘phone’ to hover on… I have ‘booked’ a number… but still, when i click on settings I only have a red banner that says:

    “Your current plan doesn’t support telephony for this user.”

    this is under phone settings…

    under ‘user settings’ i only see my ‘details’ – nothing about adding a voip phone…

    no matter where i navigate i have never seen an option to add a voip phone…

    (415) 707-5404 does not ring any phone click here Free U.S. Phone Number

    no option to add voip phone – but i have an option to buy an add’l line…

    when i go to my inbox it says: your inbox is empty

    You will find your incoming and outgoing calls, faxes, and voicemails here as soon as you start using sipgate. If you have skipped the configuration wizard, please be sure that your account is setup correctly.


  22. Jake

    sorry, didn’t mean to post yet…

    I click on ‘inbox’ and some add’l options pop up:

    Download sipgate softphone
    Download sipgate softphone for free to make calls directly from your pc or mac.

    when i click on that button a new screen opens with a PC software download button.. but when i click on it – it takes me back to the previous ‘inbox’ page with the same notifications “Your inbox is empty”: and this one:

    Place your first call

    Test drive sipgate with a call. Just enter your phone number and the phone number of the person you want to call.

    and :
    Configure your devices

    Configure your VoIP phone or ATA for sipgate. You’ll find configuration manuals for many devices in our help-center. (this takes me to a help page and it chatises me for wanting to pair sipgate with Google Voice!

    then says if i really want to go ahead but doesn’t explain how!

    Using sipgate with Google Voice

    “Think about it: Google Voice does little more than forward calls to your existing phones. sipgate is a feature packed VoIP provider. It boasts thousands of cool additional features and yes, it can also ring your existing phones. So before pairing sipgate with Google Voice you should ask yourself this question: “What is the point in doing this?”.

    Anyway, if you really want to pair Google Voice with sipgate you may go ahead and do so. Please make sure you set up your sipgate account and your SIP enabled phone before taking that confirmation call from Google Voice on your brand new sipgate phone number.”

    then it talks about google taking several weeks to relinquish a phone number (which i thought i already had according to Sipgate and my number i chose…)

    very frustrating…

  23. dude

    I tired this. It works fine; not too hard to set up.

    I have only done one test call but voice quality was kinda poor. we understood eachother fine enough but probably wouldnt be to great for a long call.

    I dont have a data plan; i use wifi and did my test call over wifi.

    issue may be that sipgate only has access codes in california and im on the east coast.

  24. Paul

    Took me a while to set it up and the theory seem sound… If it works that way it’s said to then this is beyond all means the best set of apps to be used on an Android. I got GV a while back but never used it really… I don’t call out much so it wasn’t very useful… If this actually works for me it’s going to save me about $140 a month on my cell bill… Well here goes!

  25. Ryan

    Tested it out on the other phone there is an annoying echo, other then that it works fine.

  26. Ryan

    it works for most numbers but for others it doesn’t, any advice?

  27. Tokolos

    Set this up today and works perfectly.

    I have tested :
    1) over WIFI with reasonable router signal strength, airplane mode on. Works well outgoing and incoming calls, little lag, but clear voice, no issues.
    2) over 3G also works well also for outbound and incoming calls (incoming calls are to my google voice #, which then calls the sipgate # that connects to sipdroid, cool!) also assigned me a San francisco number, I am on east coast, so this does not seem to be an issue.

    I am on Samsung Vibrant with 2.1 loaded, provider is T-Mobile USA.

    The tutorial seems intimidating, but it is actually not that difficult to follow and set up.

    Thank you very much, I have been searching for a couple of days, and this is by far the best out there…good job.

  28. W.JB

    Fantastic!! Works like a charm!! Thanks for the share.

  29. RW


    I have the HTC EVO 4g and I have everything setup (GV/GVcallback/Sipgate/Sipdroid). The issue I’m having is when I’m calling out from contacts using GVcallback to dial Sipgate). It justs keep registering callback, waiting for Google to callback. after 20 sec, I cancel and re-try. It’s the same thing. I have wifi, 4g, gps and mobile on and still no callback. If I call from Sipdroid, it’s successful. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  30. RW

    I see how it works. I have to call/dial from Siproid (used contacts through Siproid)in order for the minutes not to be used. I have the 450 anytime minutes to business/landlines. By using Siproid/Sipgate/GV Callback, none of my anytime minutes are used. Great products other than the delay in talking and no bluetooth capabilities.
    Note, must have the bluetooth function on phone disengaged or GV Callback will not function when dialed back by Siproid.

  31. Oh_No-NoSipgate_N_FL

    So I just signed up for Sipgate’s service and they only have CA numbers? WTF…

  32. Won't Register

    I have a t-mobile mytouch 4g and am not using wifi.. only the 3g and edge option. I cannot get the phone to register, the yellow dot on the phone turns to red. I have rechecked the credentials, and made sure there are no typing errors (other the small case vs. uppercase) and cannot get the phone to register on the T mobile network.. Perhaps VOIP is not allowed on their network?

  33. Karen Hawes

    This worked out beautifully! I had a few hiccups with Sipgate, when I went to get a number assigned.

    The first attempt at getting a Sipgate account, I used a non-SF number for receiving “the text,” but all I got was an error. When I used a friend’s SF-area number, it worked out without a hitch.

    With that out of the way, when I went in to set up my account, I went through all of the steps (including the selection of a Sipgate number) and landed in my new account. When I went looking around, I realized that the number I had selected was not actually assigned; in fact, no number had been assigned to my account. So, I went in to “buy” a number (the first number is free, but they still titled it “buying a number.”) I saw the number I had previously selected, selected it again, and got an error. I tried more than once, always with the same error, then I sent in a ticket.

    Sipgate help got back to me by the next day and told me that all should be ready for me to try again. When I did, I got the same error. So, after a few more attempts at selecting the number I wanted, I tried selecting a new number – which worked!

    I set up my G1 as a device, tested an outgoing call and it worked. So, I went to set it up on Google Voice, only to find out that when I went to call the Sipgate number, it was “not in service” (recorded message, when I called it with a phone).

    I sent in a new help-desk question and tried again 24 hous later… which is when it finally worked!

    Sometimes, when I make calls on my G1, I get a message that says that the application is not working (GV Callback), yet the call goes through just fine. So far, all of my (four) test calls have worked out without any problems!

    All of my outgoing calls are registered in my online GV account too :)

    Thanks for the great write-up!

  34. Kay

    How data intensive is using data to make calls? How much would I need if I made if not all my calls only using data as well as my normal web surfing, fb, etc.
    I want to either get the iphone 4 on the 15/25 plan (on a contract,) the droid x with unlimited data, or do the prepaid data package (100 mb. for 20 bux) with the iphone 4. I will use wifi at my home.
    If it will eat plenty of data I will stick to getting the higher allowance plan. Thanks in advance.

  35. daxaa

    Hi there! I followed the instructions and everything seemed working. However, when placing a call to China, I was told by an automated voice that the call would be charged 2 cent per minute. I checked my Google voice accoutnt and sure enough I was charged. What did I do wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers!

  36. JMG

    So do when setting up the google voice app up on the phone, do you used the actual cell number or the sip phone #

  37. garsh

    @daxaa: You didn’t do anything wrong. Google Voice is only free for calls within the U.S. and Canada. International calls are charged at the rates shown in this table:

    @JMG: Use the SIP number.

  38. Richard

    Unfortunatel only available in US

  39. Bill

    I keep getting registration failed when setting up the sipgate on my htc evo. can anyone help with this?

  40. Vanessa

    I’m getting the same thing as Bill… I’m stuck at setting up the sipgate. T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant.

  41. Pat

    Great writeup and pictures to boot! Not sure if this is still applicable but it definitely works. For newbies, just know you use a computer to get a GV account and sipgate account. On the phone if you just install sipdroid, your calls will use sipgate and you will be charged for outgoing calls (after the first 60 free mins). You need to install the GV Callback so that everything appears to be GV. The sipgate number is never seen by those you call and thus they call you on your GV number which actually routes thru your sipgate number. You do not need to install GV on the phone. On my intercept, I put phone in airplane mode and then manually enable wifi to make sure I am not using the phone network. once you are comfortable that you are not using your minutes, you can re-enable all wireless and still send and receive calls / text to/from the cell phone’s number. Incoming calls are easy to distinguish whether they are coming in thru sipdroid or the cell provider’s number so I just “ignore” and then call them back.

  42. Rachel

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! This worked amazingly.

  43. Rachel

    Forgot to note that I’m using a Motorola Droid.

  44. Steve

    Something is not working between the apps or I did the setup wrong. How do you send and receive calls? I used the phone’s dialpad to make a call, then selected “Use GV Callback” or whatever it is instead of the choice for the regular cellphone call. I was able to make and receive calls on wireless, but couldn’t make calls over the 3G network. Sipgate was picking up the calls and used some of my 60 free minutes, and I never got a ring on the phone when doing 3G. When I called a number on wireless it rang through but somehow the call was done as outgoing through Sipgate because as I said it used some of my free minutes. Droid X on Verizon Wireless.

    I followed all the setup instructions and I believe I have all of the settings correct. Except I didn’t select Always for when to use GV Callback, I used choose because sometimes I want to make the call with this method but sometimes I will want to just make a regular cellular call. Do I need to check always anyway for using GV Callback? If I select always in GV Callback will it always place the call using that then? Or will it still give me the choice to use regular cellular or GV Callback to make the call? Thanks for any help anyone can give.

  45. Steve

    Oh, one more note. On the Sipgate setup I didn’t set up a 2nd device, I saw that I already had one device set up by default, so I just used the sip credentials from that. Could that possibly be the reason why the process isn’t working right? Is the 2nd device on Sipgate a vital part of the process? Thanks

  46. hemaromo

    I just complete successfully all the process and thanks a lot HTG.
    It probably sounds goofy, but when I first try calling from the call log in my G1, didn’t work; then I tried the dial pad and worked perfectly. Then I used the old SIM (That my carrier ruined in order to monitor my usage) and it worked fine from the phone call log. I’m doing this out of rage, my carrier jammed my 3G for a week, and I didn’t know what was happening, till I called them and was told to replace the SIM. Now I don’t have unlimited 3G, but 5G a month. It’s outrageous these corporation get away with their crimes.
    Long live HTG.

  47. tomato

    Hi, i’ve been trying to set this up, but i guess i’m doing something wrong. I do all the process exactly, but when someone calls me, i get the ring, answer it, and we never get connected. i don’t hear anything and they get my google voice voicemail. what am i doing wrong?

  48. Steve

    I uninstalled GV Callback and Sipdroid and reinstalled both apps, following the procedure in the article. Things worked fine this time around in the procedure, except for one problem. Calls out over the 3G network worked fine with this setup. But, calls in did not work. When I called my GV number, my Droid X rang right away. I picked up, and all I heard was the sound of a phone ringing but the call never went through. It seems that Sipdroid and Sipgate are not coordinating the call right somehow when someone calls my GV number and GV calls Sipgate. But, you can call the Sipgate number and Sipdroid routes it to the Droid X fine. It was my understanding from the article that this was not how the process was supposed to work, that all calls (outgoing and incoming) with the cellphone were to work through Google Voice and it’s number.

    Now, here is what I did and the results. The author was using his phone over Wi-Fi with the SIM card removed when he made his calls. Here is what I did, and the results

    1 : I put my Droid X into plane mode, shutting down voice & data & Wi-Fi on the phone, then manually re-enabled just Wi-Fi. I placed a call and it went fine, over Wi-Fi. I then used my home phone to call my Google Voice number, again it went fine, rang through to the cell phone as expected. Checked my Sipgate account, it hadn’t used any of my outging free minutes. So far, so good.

    2 : I shut down Wi-Fi on the Droid manually, and took it out of plane mode. When the phone and 3G network were both back up, I placed a call to the same number from the phone, using GV Callback. Worked fine, didn’t use any of my Sipgate free outbound minutes. So far, so good. Then I used my home phone to call my Google Voice number. This time it did not work, when doing it over the 3G network. My cellphone rang quite quickly and I answered. All I heard was the sound of a phone ringing and the call never went through.

    3 : Additional experimentation. I decided well, let’s try this by calling the Sipgate number from my home phone and see what happens. I dialed it, my Droid X rang and I answered it and the call was connected.

    My conclusions : All applications are working as claimed and expected over the Wi-Fi network. Calls out through Google Voice and calls in through Google Voice are working as the article said and as expected.

    Over the 3G network, calls * out * are working as claimed in the article and as expected, but calls * in * are not working as the article said and as expected through Google Voice. But a call * in * works fine if you call the Sipgate number. This is not how it was explained in the article and not what was expected, and I suspect is probably something to do with Sipdroid.

    At first I suspected maybe it was my cellular carrier, maybe they had done something to keep VoIP from working over the network, but then I remembered VoIP calls * out * work fine over this arrangement of apps (GV Callback and Sipdroid) and services (Google Voice and Sipgate). But calls * in * to the cellphone are not working right for some reason.

    It would seem that Sipdroid is picking up the incoming and outgoing calls fine over Wi-Fi, and it is handling calls out from the cellphone (with GV Callback) fine over the 3G network, but for some reason calls in to the cellphone are not being handled correctedly when it is done over 3G through Google Voice. Again, calls in from the Sipgate number to the cellphone work fine over 3G, but this is not how it was supposed to work – and I suspect it is either something not set up right in Sipdroid, or a problem with Sipdroid itself.

  49. Steve

    I installed cSipSimple on the Droid and set it up and used it instead of Sipdroid. Calls worked incoming and outgoing fine on both the Wi-Fi and carrier networks with cSipSimple. Then I tried it on Sipdroid and it worked fine both ways on it too. I don’t know if installing cSipSimple changed something in the android OS that wasn’t working right and causing a problem with Sipdroid or if this has been a problem with Sipgate for the past few days. I uninstalled cSipSimple and Sipdroid was still working right to receive an incoming call with. Odd. cSipSimple is fairly easy to set up too if someone wanted to use it instead of Sipdroid, just follow the instructions you will find on the cSipSimple link. Follow the instructions as outlined by the developer in the 3rd comment on that page. Also, cSipSimple has STUN checked by default in the settings and it wasn’t necessary in my case with Sipgate and my carrier so you need to uncheck STUN in the settings.

    So anyway, I don’t know if this was an issue between Sipgate and my version of android OS on the phone which installing cSipSimple solved or if it was just a problem Sipgate was having. I uninstalled cSipSimple and the process still worked for an incoming VoIP call to the Droid using Sipdroid.

    The author of this article might want to get with the Sipdroid people and make sure that it isn’t an issue with Sipdroid that needs to be fixed.

  50. David Murdoch

    This is awesome. There is quite a bit of lag and an echo for the person that called you (or that you called); but I’m pretty sure this is an issue with my settings. Thanks!

  51. gilbert

    hey i tried this i requeste my free number but its not showing up anywhere on my account except on my billing info saying i aquierd my free number how can i fix this .. ?

  52. Richard

    This has stopped working for me. I think it is because I integrated my Sprint Number as my Google Voice number. I now receive a message “this number is not available for call return”. Has anyone else had this issue?

  53. Gary

    I am surprised this worked on my Sprint tab. Only addition I made was installing Dialer One from the market since I have no dial pad on the Tab. Great work again!!

  54. Ben

    Hey, When I tried to verify the sipgate number from the google voice website, right after I answered it on my phone, it hung up. Now I can’t use callback. ANY IDEAS?

  55. Jeff

    I used GV Callback with Fring and it worked out perfectly..As the sipdriod didn’t seem to register on a consistent basis with Sipgate. Fring seems to register better as ‘online voip phone’ with sipgate.

  56. john

    wow, this worked for me, I switched my verizon to the smallest voice plan I could, and eliminated my text plan

  57. Jason

    Tried signing up and it said there were no phone numbers available and that I should buy one. Kind of defeats the purpose of free. Anyone else getting this issue? Any suggestions?

  58. Cliff

    I’m going through a really rough time in life financially right now. Unable to pay a phone bill or internet, this has allowed me to have some semblance of normalcy using an open signal in my neighborhood (setup a repeater in my home) and my LG Optimus S. Technology is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

  59. Bill

    Works on lg optimus s and V. I had the issue like Tomato had above in that incoming calls were silent, until i figured out that for some reason the incoming calls will only work on speaker. Havent figured out why yet but other than that it works perfectly.

    Will update when i figure out the speaker phone deal.

  60. Willyum

    Worked great for my sons hand me down droid. As long as he has wifi he can make and receive phone calls. California sipgate number doesnt matter. All calls go through his local Google voice number. Sipgate is spotty and there is a delay here and there, but it works for its use.

    Also Google text messages are slow going out roughly 60 seconds to send compared to an average 10 if he had a plan, but incoming are quick.

    Thanks for the easy to understand instructions. Did it in 10 minutes flat.

  61. asdgwest

    I think the whole idea of this free call is not. sipgate charges 2 cent per minute, 7 cent per international call(for my case to korea).

    the flow of call is like this.

    you call the number.
    google callback calls sipgate.
    sipgate calls you and calls the number you dialed.
    you;re connected.

    So, sipgate makes the outbound call anyway. so you’ll always get charged.

    If then, why do we go so complicate setting up all this thing? just installl sipdroid with sipgate.

    Am I missing something?

  62. Keith

    I set my LG Optimus V up with Csipsimple, GVoice call back and sipgate and it is the only combination that worked for me on both wifi and 3g. Now I have a gvoice number, sipgate and mobile number with Virgin for $25 month. I can use each number for my 3 separate businesses and answer all on my mobile phone!!

  63. adam

    how much data plan i need to make say 1000 minutes this way?

  64. adam

    oops! sipgate stopped giving free number

  65. tiff

    Set up everything and all is working. However, the sound is coming through the speaker phone. When I turn the “Speaker Phone” option ON, the sound becomes louder. When it is OFF, the sound is softer but still coming through the speaker phone. Any solutions for this? (Samsung Intercept)

  66. Saul

    Sipgate is no longer giving free numbers. What can we use now?????

  67. Donald

    Yes I would like some help so does the person I call need sipgate or other such program

  68. Mightyzgirl

    I’ve had the same issues with the speaker only working when placing a call and once it picks up its completely silent?(don’t know what’s going on there). Sipgate is all out of numbers, got another alternative? As a temp solution I’ve tried netTalk on the android market and it seems to work well for my husband’s LG Optimistic V its good for outgoing calls, but nothing more than 30 minutes. This one didn’t work for me I got the Samsung Intercept anywa waiting on Sipgate.

  69. rav

    is there any sip numbers available for new zealand?? or does it work in NZ??

  70. rav

    are calls made outside USA and Canada is free or not??

  71. Mark

    How is it that you can’t simply make a free call from Android’s google Voice? From the browser version of google Voice, the calls you make to US/Canada are free; it seems that’s the aspect that’s worth looking at

  72. desse

    Will it allow me to call any type of phone (cell phones,work phones etc.) Including international ones?, by the way will it work from israel?

  73. desse

    Does anyone knows how to do the same in middle eastern countries such as israel, and will I be able to call international phone numbers?

  74. Anonymous

    Set up Google Voice
    Download SipDroid
    Setup Sip2sip
    Setup IPKall
    Setup PBXes
    (only create the acounts).
    Tree in order:
    Sip2sip> IPKall> PBXes> GV> Sipdroid> Provider,or WIFI on fone. Turn On WiFi (if avalible. Open Sipdroid. Click add gv PBX.
    next Connect IPKall to Sip2Sip. Conect IPKall to GV. You are now ready to make free phone calls and send free text messages (with GV SMS APP INSTALLED.) Have fun. Counterpath is OPTIONAL.
    After this you should be good to go. Good Luck. : – )

  75. shamael Mahmood

    Can I receive international calls through this?

  76. diane chouinard

    look for 2 free cell phones and mins

  77. Mark

    Will this work on the boost network? If i had a boost account and wanted a “CDMA” nework based phone to get this working on . What phone would you suggest ? i realy need something like this in my life . So if you could help me i would appreciate it.

    Mar Atkinson

  78. luckychuck777

    I went to sign up for sipgate today (11/08/2011) and was sent to a page that say they are currently out of number and are waiting to receive a new block of numbers.


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