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Replace Windows Live Messenger with Emesene

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Tired of Windows Live Messenger bloat and wishing that there was a simpler and cleaner replacement that would let you use your and accounts? Look no further, now you can have all that messenger goodness with Emesene!

Installation & Initial Startup

The nice thing about Emesene is that it is an open source messenger that works on Windows and Linux (cross-platform is always a good thing!).


One point of interest during the install is that Emesene states that it will require 51.4 MB of disk space…but this messenger is more than worth it!


Once you have finished the installation process and started Emesene for the first time, you will see the initial login window. To login you will need to enter your full or address (i.e. You can select to have Emesene “Remember me”, “Remember password”, and “Auto-Login”. As with other messengers, you may also select your Status before fully logging in.


Pre & Post Login Menus

Here is a quick look at the pre-login menus…not too much that you can access at the moment.


Once you do get logged in though, you will have access to the following menus.


Plugins Manager

You may access the Plugins Manager through the Options Menu. To add plugins, select the ones that you are interested in and then click “Load New Plugins”. Notice that a brief description is provided for each plugin selected directly beneath the selection area (very nice!).



The Preferences Window has three tabs to choose from. Here you can see the first one for General Preferences. You can make adjustments for File Transfers, Desktop Settings, and Connection Settings. Notice that one of the Desktop Settings will require a restart if selected.


In the Appearance Tab you can make adjustments for Icon Size, Themes, Smiles, Text Formatting & Layout in Conversations, and Color Schemes. If you need to, you also have the option to “Revert” to the original default setup (wonderful!).


In the Interface Tab, you can make adjustments regarding Tabs in the Conversation Windows, Displaying of Avatars, and the areas that will display in the Main & Conversation Windows. To make changes in the Main & Conversation Windows, click on any of the “Blue Areas”…this performs the same action as “Select” and “Deselect”. This makes it extremely easy to adjust the layout and display for Emesene’s Windows!


Ready To Go

Here you can see Emesene open and ready to go. Notice that in the upper right corner there is a small mail counter. This does a wonderful job of displaying the amount of new e-mails that you have and quickly adjusts to reflect any changes in that number (i.e. you have read some or all of them).


There is a very nice Right Click Menu available as well.


The Message Window has a very nice layout with a Formatting Icon Bar available. Notice that you may also add new people to the conversation (Blue Plus Sign) and control file transfers (Green Arrow Symbol) from here as well.



If you are looking for a very nice, uncomplicated, and “lite on system resources” replacement for Windows Live Messenger, then Emesene is definitely worth taking a close look at.


Download Emesene (version 1.0.2) – SourceForge

Emesene Homepage

Learn More About Emesene – Emesene Wiki

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 08/10/09

Comments (6)

  1. RottNKorpse

    or you could use Meebo which is webbased so works in every operating system and every browser…now that’s what I call cross platform.

  2. obama

    Does it support webcam chat…? especially the if the other person uses only MSN messenger…?

  3. Alf-the-furry-alien

    Another great alternative to Windows Live Messenger or nearly any Instant Messaging client for that matter is Digsby. Try it out if you already haven’t, it works with MSN, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, and other instant messaging services all in one easy to use and extremely customizable application.

  4. QuantumWannabe

    I prefer WLM with Msgplus.

  5. zalina


  6. , Apologist


    XMPP to replace legacy IM clients

    XMPP transports of any server usually can be used by any other JID on any other XMPP server.

    interweb search: xmpp servers

    zero-install xmpp clients: Spark IM (flash), jappix (ajax)


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