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How to Make Flash Work in the 64-bit Version of Internet Explorer

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You’re using the 64-bit version of IE 9 Beta and attempt to watch flash videos, and realize they won’t play. Here we look at fixing the problem by installing the new 64-bit version of Adobe Flash.


Getting Started

There are a few things to keep in mind when installing IE 9 Beta with a 64-bit version of Windows 7. First of all it installs both 32 & 64 – bit versions. Just like you had both versions of IE 8 with a 64-bit version of Windows 7.


It replaces both the 32 & 64-bit version of IE 8 with IE 9.


On a 64-bit Windows 7 system, the icon on your Quick Launch bar or Taskbar will default to the 32-Bit version of IE. You’ll need to go into the Start Menu to access the 64-bit version.


Then if you want easy access to the 64-bit version, you can pin it to the Taskbar, create a Desktop shortcut, or use whatever location that works best for you.


Fix Flash Playing in IE 9 Beta

After installing IE 9 Beta and launching the 64-bit version, when trying to play a Flash video on YouTube for example, it will want you to install the latest version of Flash. No matter how many times you try it, it’s not going to work.


In the YouTube example above if you click the link to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player, you’ll see the following message saying 10.1 isn’t available for IE 9 (64-bit). But notice you can download a preview release from Adobe Labs that is optimized for IE 9 32 & 64-bit versions.


You’ll be directed to the Adobe Labs page (link below) and it’s actually called Adobe Flash Player “Square”. If you do use it, keep in mind that you’ll need to manually keep it updated, by installing new updates from the Adobe Labs page as it’s still in the preview stage. First download and install Active-X 64-bit for Windows – IE only.


Also, you’ll need to download and install the plug-in for 64-bit Windows – for all other browsers too.

Important: You need to download and install both Active X and the Plug-in files for it to work.


Make sure you’re closed out of all of your browsers, and installation for both is very straight-forward and quick following the wizards.


Now that both have been installed, re-launch IE 9 Beta 64-bit, and you’ll now be able to play Flash Content. Here we can now watch the video we weren’t able to access before in IE 9. It’s playing successfully after installing Adobe Flash Square.


Again, remember that Flash “Square” is still in Preview Stage and will not update automatically. You’ll need to keep your eye on the page for the latest versions. Also, after the final version is released, they advice you will need to manually uninstall any of the Preview Versions first before using the final version when it becomes available.

Download Adobe Flash “Square” from Adobe Labs

Our Screenshot Tour of Internet Explorer 9 Beta

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  • Published 09/20/10

Comments (20)

  1. Kane

    Does it work on firefox x64?

  2. Nothingman

    or you can dl the beta of 64-bit flash . . . .

  3. Nothingman

    wow wrong site never mind my first comment

  4. nixdagibts

    “Important: You need to download and install both Active X and the Plug-in files for it to work.”

    Thats not right, I think. This is my setup and it works:
    -> IE9 Beta 64-Bit
    -> Firefox/Chrome/Opera 32-Bit
    -> Adobe Flash Player “Square” ActiveX 64-Bit (used by IE9 64-Bit)
    -> Adobe Flash Player Plugin 32-Bit (used by Chrome/Firefox/Opera)

    Youtube works in every browser.
    Only IE9 32-Bit doesn’t play Flash – but thats unimportant.

  5. kmmarti

    This works for Youtube, but not for other sites that use flash….

    I am getting sound and no picture, for example i went to espn,and disney(flash heavy site)

    Then again maybe im asking too much because this is not an official release of flash…so…

  6. Garry

    I installed the Square version of Flash Player and once again, I’m going nuts with all the prompts to install the missing Windows componet Adobe Flash Player. I guess I’ll uninstall the Square and go back to the other version.

  7. TomAmitai

    After installing, I can now use the Pandora sidebar gadget without having to run the 32 bit sidebar, as they instruct you to do at the Pandora site.

  8. kzinti1

    What advantage, if any, is there in using the 64 bit version of IE?
    When I installed Win 7 I went ahead and made 2 desktop shortcuts labled IE 32 and IE 64.
    I’ve noticed no difference between the 2 other than the the Flash incompatability, so I eventually relegated the IE 64 link to my Start page, changed the desktop shortcut to just IE which is, of course, the 32 bit version.
    No worries with Flash. No worries with an unnecessary, non-self-updating program like Flash “Square.”

  9. Rick

    Does the 64 bit Flash work with IE8?

  10. Mysticgeek


    Yep works in IE 8 as well.

  11. Roi

    Why would you even use Internet Explorer?

    What’s the point of knowing this for 64bit IE when everyone reading this blog should be NOT using it :s

  12. Miss andrea Borman.

    I have Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 32bit. And when I had to uninstall my flash player,after that I re-installed an updated version again in Pale Moon(firefox open source browser) and Flock. and it installed without any problems. When I opened Internet Explorer 9 I had to then install Adobe flash player Active X,because Internet Explorer uses a different version of Adobe Flash player than Firefox. Firefox uses Adobe 10.1 and Internet explorer and trident browser than run off of the Ie engine use Adobe flah player active X which is slightly different. I too got a message like you described saying I needede Adobe square player. But you do not have to download this. You can just go the adobe active X page and just download the flash player for Internet Explorer 8 it still works in IE9 without any problems. And as I also have Aol Exploer and Deepnet Explorer,which are Internet Explorer 7 and 8 based browsers. If you have problems downloading the ordinary Active X Adobe flash player with IE9,just download it from your other Internet Explorer based browsers such as Aol Explorer,Deepnet Exploer,Avant browser or Green browser or any other IE based browser you have. This should work as the others such as Green browser or Avant browser are nor beta and the flash player still plays in IE9. Andrea Borman.

  13. JohnB

    When running IE9 64-bit, I second the comment that flash works on Youtube but not all sites. For example video on the Revision3 Tekzilla site doesn’t play. IE8 64-bit now plays all video on all the sites I’ve tried. So if you want to run IE 64-bit, go back to IE8.

    . . . JohnB

  14. motter

    Why can’t I find the 64bit download link on the website adobe provides?
    I only see the 32bit version.
    System: Win7 64bit with IE9

  15. TotoVandam

    thanx man it worked

  16. SallyDollx13x

    You are my hero, Thanks!!!

  17. Binh

    Do all steps and result i can’t see flash on IE 9 64 bit :( Can you help me???

  18. Nicole

    I tried all those steps nothing worked. Great! ….

  19. Daphne L

    I still cannot watch anthing on YOU TUBE after installing Adobe Active X and Plug in for 64 bit…so frustrated

  20. miko

    Thank you sooo much for this information! I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t see ANY videos or games. Thank you!

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